Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'll admit it... Sometimes I'm tempted to join a gym (I workout in a home gym) just so that I can go shopping for new workout outfits!! If I'm going to a gym I'm going to be snazzy and coordinate even more than I do now!!

Yes. Even my workout outfits are usually color coordinated.

I may have a little touch of OCD.... When it comes to certain things!

A New Week; A New Plan

I've been talking a lot about how I need to get on-track with some ST or something new to my routine. I'm training for my half marathon, so the only schedule I seem to be following is a running schedule. On my non-run days I either bike or walk the dogs. Toward the end of last week I did start adding in some ST again, but since it was late in the week, that was only for one day. 

Yesterday I was sick (some stomach bug... that included making my belly so bloated I looked a good three or four months pregnant...talk about a fat day!) so despite my plan to either walk or bike, and do some ST, I did....Nothing. I am feeling better this afternoon (other than a little tired) so I'm ready to start fresh. Today is a running day (30 minutes) so I'll be doing that followed by something else. I decided that I really like my BB DVDs. As of now I only have two programs, BBL and Rockin' Body. I asked a friend her opinion on programs, which she shared with me, as well as giving me info about hybrid programs. I didn't even consider that possibility! I thought that I'd have to do one program or the other, which is why I tend to tire of them so quickly. Both came with a plan to follow but I was trying to not do those workouts on run days (BBL was before training began, I believe so I was running and then walking for longer periods of time).

I found this hybrid plan that incorporates the programs that I have, which I'll be starting - today!!

Due to recent lack of weight loss, I know I need to make some changes. I know strengthening is necessary and will be a huge factor in getting my loss moving again. I get tired of doing the same things over and over again, which is why I think a hybrid plan will be a great idea for me.

I decided to revamp my entire workout thought process/plan.

First, I need to get back into twice daily workouts. There is no reason I cannot get up in the morning and do something (whether it be a 30 minute DVD or a 30 minute run) and then do something else later/after work. Not everything has to be done at once. When I did two-a-days I really enjoyed them.  My sleep pattern has been better lately, so I should be able to get up without much difficulty. I've been getting to bed toward the earlier end of my bedtime range and haven't been waking much during the night.
I'm saying that this is my first week, even though I'm already a day behind in starting. I don't want to wait until next week. I find that saying "I'll start....next week...tomorrow...next month..." whatever is an easy way to allow myself to procrastinate or forget. Just because there is a set plan and I'm starting a day late doesn't mean it should be pushed off for another week! It would be very easy to wait and start tomorrow since I did not do a workout this morning and today is a run day. I don't want to do that either. If anything, I feel like I should ADD yesterday's workout to today's plan! However, I might add that in tomorrow or even Friday when I don't have a run scheduled. It looks like today's workout will take up enough of my evening.

I still need to sit down and look at the workout descriptions on the DVD cases to see what the time frames look like. I will then decide how and where I'll fit them into my day, based on what's going on. I think that at times it's going to be best/easiest to do as much as I can in the morning....Which is not my best workout time. . I like to sleep. I am not a fan of getting up early. BUT... There will be days I'll have to. I have a goal to reach by the end of the year so I'll have to work even when I don't want to. I usually feel better after I do, especially on those days!

On the days that I don't run, I might just block off an hour or more in the evening for a workout, and can sleep in on those mornings.  The days that I run though, I will either get up and do my run or a workout and do the other later. Life happens so I'm sure I'll revise things along the way, but I think it's good to have an overall plan to start out.

For example, tomorrow evening I'm going out for Halloween with my cousin and her daughter. This means that I won't have the time to workout after work. I want to workout though, and I need to. So? Depending on the length of the workouts on the schedule, I'll be getting up and doing them in the morning.  Tonight will be a longer workout session because I need to run and then have two DVD workouts to do.... Three if I decide to add in last nights (depending on time!). If my DVDs are going to be an hour and the run is 30 minutes, I likely will not do the workout from yesterday. If the DVDs are under an hour, I'll probably do the one from yesterday too.

I suppose since I have a bit of work to do, I should get to it! I'm going to start with a run then do the DVD work. After that it's a shower, dinner, and time to sit down and really look at this plan and come up with what will work best for me. I'm pretty excited to do that and would actually love to start on it now, but my workout is my priority at this point!

Hope your week has been off to a great start!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume 5K Recap

I celebrated Halloween a little early this weekend, which is always fun for me. I love Halloween, especially the costumes and make-up... So much fun!!  With this early celebration brought another 5K. Having done two last weekend and going back to my regular training plan and only having ran twice during the week, I honestly was not feeling ready. I thought for sure I'd not only not meet my last time, but probably do even worse!

The race was in the evening, and there were not many participants.  Just about everyone was in some kind of costume. I was a little bummed that we weren't given bib numbers and it was clock-timed rather than chip-timed. I enjoy collecting my bibs as much, if not more, as I do collecting my race shirts!

First was the one mile fun run for kids. When they were all done, the 5K started.  It was a pretty easy route, up one street, over to the cemetery, through one of the cemetery loops, then out and down another street, before one final turn up the final street.  It was kind of nice going in a big rectangle. There were signs and people directing us along the way, but it would have been pretty easy anyway.  The cemetery, and knowing which way to go, would have been the only confusing part.

It was definitely the coldest outdoor run I've done.  It took me a lot longer to warm up than it did when I ran the previous two 5Ks. There was also a little wind, which made the first part a little difficult for me. Between the wind and the cold, I had a hard time getting my breathing where I needed it to be, which set me up to struggle for the rest of the race. With not very many participants it was kind of hard to judge where I was. I kept track of my time by my heart rate monitor but the miles weren't marked so I wasn't sure how I was doing. I passed someone, who had an arm band on so I could see the distance on her phone,  at almost 1.5 miles and realized that I was actually doing a lot better than I thought. I guess most of the participants were just faster runners than I am! I didn't want to be last, and I wasn't. Actually I knew the last place finisher and it happened to be a Mom and her young son! I know she's been running for  a while and it was awesome to see her getting her son involved in a healthy activity. What a great family bonding experience!!

Anyway, I was toward the end of the middle, so that wasn't too bad. I was probably the last of the middle finishers, as I was a short distance behind the others and quite a distance in front of the back of the pack.  I was happy with the middle. It's where I feel most comfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised with my time!! I thought for sure that my running was terrible and that I was going to have an awful time. Even though I felt like I was doing okay while I was monitoring it, I was still concerned. I know at one point I Thought "am I going to finish this in four minutes," which was my goal time. I started doubting myself but pushed. I pushed the last mile pretty hard, and not only did I beat my goal time, also setting a new PR! I took just under 2.5 minutes off of my final time from the timed 5K from last week! I guess I was right when I wrote about feeling like I'm going faster... I AM faster! It's nice to be down in the next time number group.

I definitely feel like I accomplished something by achieving a new PR, with so much time off the old one. Now I have a time goal in mind for the half marathon I'm going to do, based on this new time. I also have a new PR goal in mind.  I'm not out to reach that on my next run, because that goal would be taking almost four minutes off of my current time. I should say that's my ultimate goal.  My next goal time is taking just over a minute off of my latest.  Of course, achieving a new PR is always an awesome thing!!

The friend who ran the costume 5K also reached a PR!! She did such an awesome job, and her time landed her in the under nine minute mile group. She's amazing!!! I hope to be that fast in the future!

My next scheduled run is the five miler on Thanksgiving morning. I'm excited for it! This will be the my longest race, so far. I'm really hoping to find a 10K between then and February just to help build up some more race experience before my half marathon. A fellow blogger is also doing the Thanksgiving day run, so it'll be awesome to meet up! As of now I'm driving up solo, but since it's my Mom's holiday to work, I don't know that we'll be doing a whole lot during the day. We may have our Thanksgiving dinner later, after she gets out of work. Or maybe we'll just have something earlier, without her. Who knows... That's almost a month away. I don't think anyone has really planned that far ahead.  I have a small family so our holiday dinners usually include my parents, grandparents, and me. It's usually not hard to coordinate something for the five of us. Anyway, it should be a quiet day for my family, so sneaking away in the morning should work out wonderfully. I might see if my Dad wants to ride up there with me. SOMEONE has to be there to get pictures of me in my turkey suit! It will definitely be a moment that I'll want to have documented! It's nice to not be completely alone, although I'd do it.

Overall, it was a good weekend...Lots of fun, but not toooooo busy. Saturday was pretty relaxing. I didn't do a whole lot before the run. Sunday was eventful, but not crazy busy.  It was nice to have a weekend that was fairly relaxed. I don't have much going on this week so I should be able to get  some decent workouts done.  I'm looking forward to more strength training.  I probably will not do anything this evening. UGH! I'm not feeling well... Some kind of stomach bug is going around and I seem to have caught it. My tummy is bloated/swollen (seriously  I look three to four months pregnant!), painful, and I've been nauseated today. Yuck...Looks like tonight will be spent resting and recovering. Hopefully that will be gone by tomorrow so I can do my run and some ST. Wednesday I am going with my cousin to take her daughter out trick-or-treating. That's around six, so I'll most likely try to get up early in the morning to workout.... Hopefully my sleep schedule will cooperate!!!

Next weekend should also be fairly quiet... I have a couple things going on but no major running around to do. My cousin's little girl's birthday party is on Saturday and I'm making the cake. I may head up there on Friday evening because my decorating space is limited, and it'll be a shorter distance to travel with the cake too! I'm going to enjoy the casual flow of this week - hope you all are able to do the same!!

If you're an East Coaster, stay safe!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Day Cleanse: Completed.

I completed my cleanse last night, and while I did not stick to it 100%, it went well. There were a couple times when I didn't resist temptation and had a few pieces of popcorn but I didn't think they'd be too significant.  I intentionally ingested some carbs yesterday because I was not feeling well.  I realize the cleanse is to get the toxins out of the body, but when something effects my health in a negative way, I'm going to fix it. 

I recognized the signs as typical of when I don't eat enough... Shaky, headache, and some nausea. I ate some mini graham crackers and felt much better.  All of my ailments resolved and I was back to normal.  I advocate for health so even if I am knowingly doing something like a cleanse, I'm going to make myself feel better.

Overall, the cleanse wasn't bad. At times I was tired of the shakes and just wanted it to be over. At other times, I didn't mind the conveniece of it. By last night I was tired of the same ol' dinner. Now that I don't HAVE to have them, guess what I had for breakfast... A shake, with a cup of sliced strawberries in it (what I had for lunch yesterday).  I did go back to my typical morning cup of coffee rather than tea though.

I do feel good.... Healthy.  I don't know if that's just where I am right now, a combination or factors, or due to the cleanse.  I wasn't doing this for weight loss, but I did see some loss in the last few days. It could be partially due to water retention from last weekend. On Wednesday, day two, I was two pounds lighter than the day before the cleanse. Yesterday I remained the same. Today I was another two pounds lighter. Over the course of the week, I lost four pounds. Results show that people can lose between three and six pounds.  I'm assuming some of mine is due to loss of fluid retention from the weekend, so I may have lost only a pound or two on the cleanse. I can't say for sure. I'm really not that concerned with weight loss related to the cleans because my belief is that weight should be lost through healthy eating and exercise. Period.  I don't typically agree with shakes, pills, or other "miracle" products (that likely result to gain later on). 

I will continue to drink my shakes, and they actually work well for me as a breakfast item. They're convenient and healthy, so I'll continue to drink them off and on for breakfast. I generally use the shakes as a post-workout protein boost. They will probably continue to be my main source of protein after  a workout.

This cleanse is meant for only three days... If you try the cleanse, please do not do so as a means of weight loss.  And definitely do not carry it on for longer than you should.  I added fruit to my shakes so that I could reach my daily caloric intake. Fruit is optional and only if you "need" the extra calories. Because I was still working out, I added fruit. I also didn't like the idea of being below 1200 calories a day and had I not worked out, I still would've added the fruit.

Some people wrote about using the bathroom frequently. I took this to mean that they had to have a BM rather than just pee. The way I read it, sounded like these poor people were having major issues. I did not experience those. I probably went a little more than usual, but I had no emergency situations arise. I think that from the extra water in the shakes, I probably peed al ittle more than usual but that's about it. If anything they helped me clear toxins that way and kept me well hydrated!!

I will probably do this again. It seems like a good way to clear the system of toxins. It's recommened to do a cleanse once every three months.  I think I can handle that. Hopefully next time I can follow it exactly.... No tempting popcorn in the house (in my defense it was from Garrett - have you had that stuff?! It's like crack!!! Okay, so I don't personally know what crack is like, but I imagine that comparision comes from the addicitve quality...You get my point). I will snack on some pre-workout carbs though, if I feel sick. I feel good; healthy, so my thought is that it worked. I haven't done anything else differently than normal so it's likely that's the reason I feel a little better than normal.

So... That's that. You can read more about my experience in my Cleanse Diary

Waiting on Weight... To Drop!

I know that I've accomplished a lot. I know that I'm healthy. I know that I shouldn't worry about the numbers on the scale as much as I do. But? I do.

I've been having a horrible time with my weight since the beginning of summer.  After surgery I gained between 15 and 20 pounds.  A great deal of this was fluid retention/swelling following surgery. I'm sure some of it was due to inactivity and eating a little differently than normal.  After a couple weeks, as the swelling went down I started losing weight. Soon I was back to my pre-surgery weight, and shortly lost an additional couple pounds.  I was glad to finally be on the weight loss road again.

Then something happened.

Here's where I'm going to talk about female issues so if you don't want to hear about them, stop reading.

I went to the pharmacy one day in June to pick up my birth control. When I got there the pharmacist told me that for some reason it was switched from one generic to another. He assured me that it has the same ingredients, so I thought I'd be fine.


In addition to a longer TOM than normal (like two weeks each of the three months I was on it), I was in a horrible mood (worse than usual), had worse cravings and even more of an increased appetite, and gained weight.  The main reason I'd gone on birth control in the first place was to help with my TOM and all of the factors that go along with it (mood, being the number one concern).  I thought that after the first month maybe I would adjust to it. Nope. I had problems the next two months as well. I spent most of the summer feeling fat and wanting to cry.

I knew that I had a doc appointment coming up in October so in August I decided to stick it out until then. September came and...I was switched back to my other generic.  After a month in my system, my TOM was back to being short (shorter than usual at a whopping one day). I wasn't quite as crabby or depressed feeling. I still experienced my typical symptoms, particularly water retention but not nearly as bad, or as long, as when I took the other pill.

I did a little online research and found that others have had similar issues when they were switched from/to the same meds.  I also found that others had issues when switched in the opposite way.  It goes to show that not all meds are the same for everyone, and that it really is important to work with your physician to find what works for you.

I went to my doc last week and even though things seemed to be back on track, I mentioned it to her anyway. She said that some pills can have the same ingredients but can cause different side effects. I had talked with some nurse friends and my mom and they all thought the same thing that I did... While the pill was "the same" the formulation may have been different and caused different side effects. Apparently we were on the right track.  My doc told me that if the pharmacy does that again, to call her right away and she'd try something different. I'm nervous about trying something different because who knows what side effects that med will have.  UGH...I just want to get the same stinkin' pill, the one that works for me, every month. Is it really so hard for that to happen?!

Okay, on to my weight...

So I gained about ten pounds (nine, to be exact, but at that point it might as well be ten!) within a short time of starting on that particular pill. It seemed like it was overnight! The scale creeped up, a few pounds at a time.  I'd lose a little weight, but one meal out and the sodium alone would make me retain fluid like crazy.  I have to believe it has something to do with my hormone levels.  I could gain three pounds over a weekend, and then drop it by Tuesday.  I was staying the same though. I continued to track my foods. I continued to workout. I added ST. I increased cardio time/calories burn. I changed what I was taking in...I upped it and lowered it. And still, no change.

I've been off of the pill I had a bad experience with for a month now and am hoping that my weight will start going down. I'm tracking everything I eat, and try to stay around 1300 calories a day, no less than 1200.  I had lost a couple pounds, stabilized for a week, but then I went out of town last weekend and gained a few back. I really worked my muscles, running a cross country style 5K and then a street 5K like I'm used to. I could feel the difference in my muscles after that first run.  In addition to working out, being that I was out of town, I was also eating out.  I watched what I ate, and stayed within my calories, but as I know, restaurant foods are fairly high in sodium.... So despite watching my calories in and burning some with my running, and other walking, I came home a couple heavier than I was during the week before. By Tuesday I was back down two pounds... As of today I'm down another two pounds. SO... I'm back to being five pounds heavier than I was on the day I had surgery. I will be happy when I get to that point, and then hope that my loss continues.

Weight is SO frustrating.  Sometimes I think I shouldn't worry about it.  Or my BMI, which puts me into the "overweight" category. I know that I am still overweight and obviously am working to lose some more weight but BMI annoys me. I hate that it's based only on height and weight. My body fat percentage is lower than it was months ago, which is great! I'm in the healthy range as far as that's concerned. Of course, having had liposuction, that makes sense.  I measured my waist so that I could make my Halloween costume accurately and got a smaller waist measurement than whenever I had last measured. Again, with having had surgery (skin removed) that makes sense... When, by the way, did my waist go below 30 inches?! That hardly seems accurate but considering I was around 30-31 prior to surgery, it has to be true.  I guess I just look at myself and think I'm bigger around the middle than I actually am. I never thought I'd have 20-something inch waist!!

I've also been struggling lately with my body image. I feel like I should weigh loss; be farther than I am right now. I see so many people who have reached weight loss goals and who talk about how "fat" they were before. These are not people I know. I just see them on Pinterest, My Fitness Pal, or other sites.  They were my size, or a little bigger (some even smaller!) in their "before." They drop 50 pounds and are (in my opinion) tiny.  Sometimes they whine about gaining a few pounds.... Because obviously 126 is too heavy.  Sarcasm.  I will admit I do not know their height but unless they're super, super short, I think they're fine at 126. Of course, it is about them and how they feel. My opinion of their weight makes no difference than their opinion of mine. I don't know other factors... Like their height and body fat percentage. They might be shorter and have a higher fat percentage than I do. I work hard, and I like to think I have some good muscle tone going on. I particularly like my calves. Maybe they don't have calves like mine.

Honestly? It doesn't matter. When it comes down to it, this is about me. Not them. I need to change my thinking. Again. This is about me; my issues. Not anyone else. Their journey isn't mine.

I feel like I'd look too thin at 126 pounds. In fact, based on my height, that's underweight.  I don't even want to weigh 130.  My ultimate awesome weight would be 140 and I feel like that could be pushing it. My current goal weight is not a singular number at all. It's a range. 150-158; 158 being the top of my healthy BMI range.  I suppose if I had to choose a specific number I'd go with 155.

My problem is that when I see these people I look at myself and lose sight of my progress. I see someone start at 160, for example, and drop to 130 and it makes me feel a bit like a failure. I think I've been at this weight for so long now that I sometimes forget where I started.  It's hard though to embrace the work I've done when I see so many other people writing about being "fat" at my current weight... Or even at my goal weight!! I think I'll be healthy and look good in the 150s. Other people start in the 150s because they're "fat." 

It's hard to see people start at a weight that's around my weight drop weight so fast and reach their goals quickly.  I know that because I'm farther along in my journey, and I'm not just starting out, it's harder for me to lose. The more you lose and the closer you get to your goal, the more difficult it is to lose weight.  Me trying to get smaller than where I am, after having lost so much weight, is a much different situation than someone starting at the same weight.

I know this. I understand it. I still let it frustrate me.  It's awful working hard and making changes and not seeing the results I want to see, while other people seem to drop like crazy.  I know it's all about perception. I know that we are all different. I just have a hard time feeling like I've done so well when someone else thinks they're a cow when they start at my weight. I look at myself and think maybe I need to work harder. I think that maybe I don't look as good as I think I do. In the past I would see myself as being not as fat as I actually was.  Maybe I'm doing that now too?

Sometimes I wonder what's "wrong" with me that I can't seem to lose, despite keeping healthy. I'm continuing to make small changes that will, hopefully, help me reach my ultimate goal. I'm going to change a few more things and hopefully those will help. 

I try to stay away from negative thoughts and try not to read things that will make me feel bad. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone finishes somewhere. We are not all the same. If we were, life would be very boring. I have achieved a lot of goals and have worked hard to do so. I need to stay positive and remember this.

Right now I hope to drop 10 pounds by the end of the year. Given that it is the end of October, and where I currently am, I feel like that is a bit of an ambitious goal.  I'm going to work hard to reach it and right now I'm not going to say that if I don't reach it that's okay... If I happen to not reach it, I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but I'll keep working. Right now though, 10 is the magic number... The number of pounds I want to work my arse off to achieve. I'm waiting for my efforts to finally pay off and my weight to start dropping again.... As I wait, I'll work. Hard.

Game on.

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Run Day Decision

Today is my 30 minute run for training. I thought that this Saturday was a five mile run day. Since I decided to do a 5K, I was going to be two miles short.  I had decided that I'd do five outside today because it's warm. I just looked at my calendar and Saturday is only a two mile run day. Woohoo! I'll be doing an extra mile thanks to the 5K. 

Now I'm not sure what to do. I SHOULD do only a 30 minute run since I'm on day three of the cleanse and not eating much. Then again, last week I did a 5K so I was a mile short of the four miles that I was supposed to do. I suppose averaged out, last week and this week are the same. I SHOULD run outside since the 5K will be outside. Of course, I did two 5Ks last weekend and had only been running on my treadmill. I'm sure that will be fine.

I'm torn as to what to do. I'll likely go back and forth on this decision the entire length of this post, and probably after, until I settle on something. I have a slight headache, probably from my allergies, so going outside does not sound very appealing. I'm thinking that, whatever I decide, I'll stick to the treadmill today. I guess that solves that part of it.

I can't decide though...

I am leaning toward sticking with a short run since I'm still doing the cleanse and don't want to overdo it, or make myself sick. I know how I get when I burn too many calories for what I eat, and generally it's not good.  I usually feel weak, tired, light-headed, and often very nauseated. That doesn't sound like much fun to me. For the sake of safety I'm thinking that's what I should do. I don't want to risk anything before the 5K this weekend.

I'm also feeling a bit tired so a longer run sounds tedious.

There's part of me wants to tackle a longer run. I always feel so accomplished when I'm done with something a little longer.

I will most likely wait and see how I feel when I hit my 30 minute mark. If I decide to keep going, I will.  If I decide to be done, I'll be okay with that.

Oh my gosh!!

I think I just made a decision.

My ST has been lacking for a while now. I honestly haven't done ANY in two or three weeks. I'd have to look back to be sure, but I'm sure the last workout was a Rockin' Body DVD, about three weeks ago. That's not good!! I really need to get back on track with my ST routine.  I know my body NEEDS it, and it will likely help me bust through this plateau. 

ST is coming back into my routine - TODAY.

I'm going to run for 30 minutes and then do some ST. I'm not sure if I'll do a DVD or some free weight stuff. I haven't done a BR workout in ages. I like the BR ST workouts I've done before, so maybe I'll dig one of those out and do that. It's not a typical timed BR workout, but instead lists moves to go through. Squats, flies, planks, and such sound kind of nice right now! I definitely prefer full body routines to targeting certain areas. I guess I'd rather feel the burn everywhere rather than in one location. I look at it as a little generalized soreness is better than having non-functional arms the following day!

Yes! That's what I'll do... A 30 minute run followed by a ST routine.

I'm kind of amazed that I just solved my mini dilemma, headache and all, in the time that it took me to write this. I can be pretty indecisive sometimes and though I'd be mulling over this decision for another hour. I'm glad I decided! Now I can start, and finish, my workout earlier.

I don't have any major plans tonight... Actually no plans at all.  After dinner I'll probably just relax for a while.  I could add some finishing touches to my costume and dig around and see what extra flair I can find to add to my cousin's daughter's costume too.  I can't stand just relaxing, so I'll feel as though I've accomplished something too. I will relax, and only relax around eight. I'll be consumed by my nerds (Big Band Theory) for half an hour! I'm tempted to rent "Magic Mike" because I haven't seen it and have heard that it's so good.  What I haven't figured out yet is if it's good because it actually has a good storyline or if it's just the amount of man candy in the movie. I suppose the only way to find out for sure is to watch it.  I might do that after BBT, depending on what else I decide to do.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and I'm super excited for the weekend! I can't wait to dress up and run on Saturday evening! It looks like the weather will be okay... Chilly but no rain or major wind is in the forecast. I'll take it! I proved last weekend that I can survive running in the cold, so I have no worries.... At least not about the current level of cold.  I still fear winter running. Brrrrr!!


Three Day Cleanse Diary.

I talked about this in a previous post. I'm keeping a diary of the cleanse that I'm doing. I'll jot notes on paper throughout the day and then type them all up in summary form in the evening.

Day One:

7:45 AM: Forgot about drinking tea in the morning. Fired up the Keurig and made coffee instead. I'm not wasting a k-cup, therefore I will have a cup of coffee instead of the tea. Wonder if I should start tomorrow.... I'm already off-track with the cleanse. I don't think one cup of coffee on day one will be all that harmful to the cleanse results though, so I'm starting today as planned. Well, I planned to start yesterday but forgot and wasn't prepared.

Noon: Not so bad so far. I am just now starting to feel hungry. Debating on whether I'm going to lunch shortly or wait until around 1:00. I have a meeting at 12:45 so I could go at either time. I'm not super hungry yet and would rather go later and have a shorter afternoon.  Eating a little later may help me get through until dinner or my next shake. I'm going to do 30 minute run so I'm thinking I will save the extra protein for post-workout. After that will be dinner. Plus I run horribly after eating/drinking something heavy. I also have to go to the store to pick up a few things before I go home so I will definitely need the lunctime shake to keep me full a little longer. Yup...Later lunch it is.

12:30 PM: Definitely hungry. Probably because I am preoccupied with this cleanse. I'm drinking my lunctime cup of tea now.  Maybe the extra fluid will make me feel full until shake time. Starting to feel like this is going to be a long three days. Hopefully it's just because this is day one and I'm adjusting to it.  Nuts and Teddy Grahams are starting to look very tempting. 

1:12 PM: Home for lunch. Not looking forward to the shake. Actually does not sound appetizing. I want actual food.

1:20 PM: I think my blender is starting to die on me. I had trouble getting it to work, leaving chunks of ice in my shake. Despite being a little runny (due to the ice not breaking up like it should), my shake was good.  I may have eaten (did eat) a spoonful of rice too. Not a full spoon; just enough to get a taste. Shake tasted good; wasn't unappealing like I thought it would be. I think it was just the idea of having to drink it.

2:47 PM: Still feeling full from lunch!! I was afraid I would get hungry early. As long as I stay full until after a light jog, I'll be happy. Feeling pretty good... No issues so far.

5:30 PM: Still not hungry like I thought I would be.

6:00 PM: Starting to get hungry. Started my 30 minute run

7:00 PM: Started dinner. Super hungry.

7:15 PM: Ate a couple pieces of popcorn. Stopped myself. Drank a big glass of water.

7:40 PM: Dinner! Finally! Wondering when I'm going to manage to have another shake. This dinner is big for me.

8:34 PM: Could not finish all of my dinner. Still munching on some of
the veggies. Making a shake at 9.

9:17 PM: Finished my shake. I really don't like them so runny but it's not bad. One more big cup of water today and then I'm done.

Day Two:

Although I am not doing this for weight loss, and did not weigh yesterday, I am down two pounds from what I was Monday morning. I honestly think it's just typical reduction of fluid from eating out over the weekend.

7:00 AM: Feeling good this morning; not hungry. Making tea.

7:44 AM: Blender is broken; comes on and makes noise but is not blending. I'm having to put my arm on the lid and push down really hard in order to get it to work. Shake is runny with chunks of banana that didn't blend like they should have.

9:10 AM: Hungry.  Drink shake.

9:27 AM: Co-worker's bagel smells amazing. Tempting.  Almost done with shake and starting to feel full.

11:32 AM: Marketing rep from an organization stops in; gives us Halloween candy. Stressed at work + candy = major temptation. I hide the little goody bag and resist.

11:45: Eat apple for my snack.

1 PM: Hungry. Having my lunchtime shake. Can't wait until Friday when I can eat normally again.

1:10 PM: Ate some popcorn as I struggled with the blender, because it was taking SO long. Popcorn is a definite weakness. Not so good for a cleanse but did not eat more than a few bites. Again. I think I'll be fine.

3:30 PM: Drinking tea that I didn't have time to drink at lunch due to poorly functioning blender.

6:00 PM: Walking the dogs.

7:10 PM: Dinner - left overs from yesterday, which I'll eat again tomorrow. I'll be happy to be done with eating only (mostly, despite a couple snacks) cleanse-approved foods.

10:30 PM: Getting ready for bed; realize I didn't drink my third shake of the day. Oops.  Between that and the few bites of non-cleanse food I'm thinking I'm not doing so great at this. Everything I've read say it sould be followed exactly. I get that's how a cleanse works - to rid your body of toxins of course you have to follow the plan.  I still think I haven't done too bad and, overall, I must be getting rid of something!

Day Three:

My final day! At times, I am THRILLED about not having to forego food and drink so many shakes. At other times, I think I'll miss them. I'll still drink them sometimes but not as often. Of course now that I don't HAVE to drink them, I'll probably want them!

7:00 AM: Weight is the same as yesterday.  Good thing I'm not doing this for loss. Feel hungry.

7:45 AM: Make shake. New blender works wonderfully - so much faster than yesterday!

7:50 AM: Warm up water for tea, and throw tea bag into cup before leaving for work.

8:45 AM: Finish sipping tea.  Not feeling all that hungry.

9:00 AM: Drink my shake.

11:45 AM: Hungry!!

12:00 PM: Finally eat my apple.

12:3 PM: Really getting hungry.

1:04 PM: Head to lunch; have another shake and water. No time for tea (or room in my belly!) too.  Will have it this afternoon instead.

2:39 PM: Noticed that today (mostly this afternoon) my stomach has felt.... different; not quite right. I'm not feeling sick. I'm not sprinting to the bathroom as others have noted.  It is a little painful, but maybe that's just gas or something moving around.

3:24 PM: Tea time. Have a headache.

4:11 PM: Not feeling well; feeling like I need to eat. Snacked on mini graham crackers so that I can workout.

4:33 PM: Feeling better. It must have been that I needed to eat. Time to write then workout.

5:12 PM: Started workout. Running followed by ST.

7:00 PM: Dinner. Just a salad tonight... Not feeling like eating the chicken or steamed veggies.

9:00 PM: Shake time.

**** for those of you questioning weight. I'm down four pounds from Monday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Blender and Fairy Wings

This morning I realized that my blender is in fact ready for the trash. It would not properly blend, unless I pressed down really hard on the lid. Seriously, I had to lay my arm down on it and push as hard as possible.  I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

At lunch I tried to use the small, single serving size blender I had bought for something. It's a cheapie and not equipped to do what I need it to do.  It would hardly crush my ice (no function buttons; just   a power button) or frozen strawberry slices. I'm glad I didn't use whole strawberries (frozen). I had to let it sit for a while and then finally got it to work a little better. By the time I added more water and a scoop of Shakeology, the cup was full to the top. As I blended, shake decided to come out of the top.

I decided I need to buy a new blender. After work, I went to the store and got a new one. Hopefully this will work the way I need it to.  It's very frustrating trying to do a cleanse when your equipment does not function properly.  I think that's why I had a few pieces of popcorn at lunch. I was super hungry and frustrated with trying to make my shake. I was ready to throw in the towel because it was taking so long and I was running out of time.  Luckily I was able to make a shake that turned out better than the one I made this morning, but not up to my usual standard.

I know I'm updating on my cleanse diary post, but I wanted to add that other than a few pieces of popcorn, the cleanse is going pretty well.  I'm ready to eat "normal" food again, but it's pretty easy to plan out shakes for breakfast and lunch. Considering I need to get groceries, this is a good time for me to do it.

I've not yet experienced what others have regarding the way that the toxins come out of the body. Translation? I'm not running to the bathroom frequently, as described by others. Maybe that's because I'm only on day two. I doubt that a few pieces of popcorn did that much damage to the cleanse. I mean, I know I'm not "supposed" to be eating other things, because that counteracts the cleanse idea. BUT... I really don't think it's been much to be damaging. Add the fact that I'm still working out, and I think I'm good.

Anyway... So I have a new blender.

Do you know how difficult it is to find fairy accessories? Well, at least in green!! I was at a Halloween store last weekend and could not find green wings... Not a single shade of green. I was looking for light green but would've settled for something darker. 

I'm going to be Tinker Bell for Halloween and can't seem to find adult wings sold on their own in the color I'd like. I know that Tinker Bell's wings were not green but I was hoping for green, since most wings are colored and because it would match the rest of the costume. I guess to be authentic some clear wings would be perfect, but I suspect those are even more difficult to find than green! I imagine most people don't want transparent, glittery fairy wings. I see wings in Tinker Bell costume kits but because I'm making the costume, I only need accessories... Wings and a pixie dust wand. I'm sure I can make both but didn't want to have to take the time... Especially on the wings. I've not yet made wings and I don't have the time this week to do all that needs to be done. 

I decided that if, at worst, I would get some green spray paint and paint an old pair of angel wings I have from a few years ago. I wore them out one Halloween, and someone in a bar burned a hole in one, but they'll work if I have to use them.  That is if my spray painting idea works out. I'd leave them white, to be more authentic, but they're textured like angel wings. I'm not sure how to go about decorating them to cover the texture without making them look horrible. I have zero ideas for that. I consulted Pinterest but all I found were directions on making wings.

I thought that since I was out shopping for a blender anyway, I'd try my luck at another store.

The result?

I found wings and a wand (and some fun sparkly eyelashes)! I went to a small store thinking I wouldn't find them.... And there they were!

I'm off to enjoy the nice day. I'm still keeping activity light because of the cleanse. I'm going to change and then walk the dogs. I'd love to run too, but I'm really trying to only run three days a week and do other activity other days. I also don't want to burn too many calories. I can't wait until I can do more intense activites again! I miss them!!
This evening, after dinner, I'll be finishing the bottom part of my costume and maybe adding a little extra to the Cinderella style costume I made for my cousin's little one.

Hope your week is going well!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Cleanse.

I decided to try a three day cleanse.  I'm on day one and am feeling a bit conflicted. I like the idea of cleaning toxins out of my body and I see nothing wrong with doing this now and then. The cleanse that I'm following suggests doing it once every three months. I'm willing to give it a try to see if it improves my overall feeling of health.

Please note that I am NOT doing this cleanse to lose weight. People lose three to six pounds during the time of the cleanse (too fast of a rate of loss in my opinion; likely some water and from what I read, the waste). It will likely come back as the toxins build back up in the body and a person eats normally again.

I am not an advocate of any kind of diet or this type of a cleanse for weight loss. I do not agree with severe calorie restrictions. I am an advocate for health.... Eating healthy and exercising. This is partly why I'm having conflicting feelings about this cleanse.

I do have concerns that this cleanse isn't the healthiest because of the caloric intake for the day.  In reading the posts of others, they take in between 800 and 1300 calories a day. I'd like to know how those who are at 1200 or over achieved that. With my entire day tracked I'm only at 997 for the day. I do not like this. I try not to go below 1200 because it is not healthy.

In reading about this cleanse, others are saying that it's "okay" to eat such a restricted diet because it's only for three days.  I'm not sure how I feel about that. I do not agree with ever eating under 1200 calories in a day. I'm not sure how I will address this in my day. I've read blogs where people have eaten a little more than recommended. Some have had an extra salad and some have had almonds.  I may add another healthy snack like that (not sure how that will impact the cleanse though) because I'm not sure I want to eat so few calories. We shall see what happens.

A second concern is the fact that because it's a cleanse, I can expect to be using the bathroom frequently. I'm not sure how I feel about doing that throughout the day at work, especially if the cleanse really makes my body process things quickly. Drinking water will be important so that I do not dehydrate. I drink a lot of water anyway but depending on elimination of toxins, I'll be increasing my intake.

The other issue with this cleanse (for me) is that because of the restricted caloric intake, I am not supposed to do any major cardio.  I'm guessing that this is because the body isn't getting enough calories to function normally so supporting exercise would be difficult.  My problem is that no matter when I do this it will fall on at least one training day.  I was going to start yesterday but didn't get ready like I wanted to. Plus football resulted in dinner out, and that wouldn't have worked.

I don't mind taking a few rest days, but if I do that with training I'll be set back. I will have to do my training on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, rather than Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I don't think it's a good idea to try to squeeze it into a few days with no recovery.  I will not skip training so I'm thinking I'll do what others have done and add in some extra snacks or a salad with lunch.... Although that still won't be enough calories with the workout.

I'm going to create a post about my experience with the cleanse that I will add too daily rather than writing a long post for each day. I'm going to do it diary style, so I'll be jotting things down throughout the day so that I don't forget them! Then I'll summarize in the evening.

I'm not sure how long I'll make it considering I have some reservations about it.  I really want to do my training runs today and Thursday so if I'm feeling the need for a snack before or after, I am going to have one. Just something like a banana or a salad for some extra calories. My shakes will give me lots of protein and other nutrients.

In all honesty I'll be surprised if I make it through all three days. It's going to depend on how I feel. If I feel at all sick I am going to stop immediately.

I am doing the Shakeology Three Day Cleanse.

Here is the plan:

Early morning: One cup of green tea.
Breakfast: Shakeology shake with water and ice (fruit optional if needed for the calories)
Snack one:  A piece of fruit.
Lunch: Shakeology shake with water and ice (fruit optional if needed for the calories) and one cup of green tea.
Snack two: Before or after dinner; Shakeology shake with water and ice.
Dinner: Large salad and three servings of greens and other veggies, four ounces of poultry or fish, no more than two tablespoons of a low-fat dressing.

***I am reading this has the salad plus more greens or veggies (because it says "and"). I've read other places that some people seem to just have a salad with a total of three servings.

I am eating all of the allotted fruit and I am eating a salad plus three more servings of veggies with dinner. This is a perfect time for me to do a cleanse because I am in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. I picked up a few things today but haven't done a major shopping trip in a while.

Because I am not doing this for weight loss, I did not weigh myself this morning so I am likely not going to update those loss results as some people do. I'll admit that I am curious as to what I may lose (even with the knowledge that it will probably come back), but I'm not sure if I'll weigh myself the next two mornings or not.

Well, I'm off to do my 30 minute run.  I do not run fast enough to do four miles in 30 minutes so I will not be doing the longer distance to make up for only doing three miles on Saturday. In fact, because of the cleanse I'll likely run at a slower pace. I want to keep my training consistent but I also do not want to burn too many calories and exhaust myself.

Small secret: I wouldn't mind skipping the run today but I really don't want to get off-track with training. I'm pretty exhausted from staying up late and watching football last night. My team won though so it was worth it! A nap still sounds like a better idea than running to me though. Oh well.. I'll survive!

Hope your week is going well!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Race Weekend Recap

I didn't get time to post this weekend as I had hoped. I had some free time (and my ipad) on Saturday evening but I was just too worn out to sit and blog.  Relaxing after dinner sounded like a better plan. Sometimes when I'm tired my writing isn't that great, and I did not want to write a poorly written post.

I have an appointment (chiropractor....I think my back needs it today!) and a football game to watch (GO BEARS!) so this will probably just be a quick recap of the races.

Saturday: Hope's Harvest 5K Walk/Run.  This was to benefit a food bank.

Saturday morning was a bit chilly! I was a little concerned about running because my toes were so cold. I'd say "freezing" but we all know that's an exaggeration. I think that the wind is what really made it seem cold (for me anyway). It was warm in the sun though. By the time the race started I had warmed up a bit, plus I was also wearing lots of layers. I was wearing running tights, shorts, a t-shirt, a zip up running hoodie, and gloves. Oh and hot pink knee socks. :)

I actually warmed up enough during the run that I took my gloves off. I'm not sure why but as my hands warmed, the gloves were annoying. I stashed them in my hoodie along the way.  Other than that, I stayed pretty warm. 

I started out running and after a few minutes I got a side stitch.  I go in streaks with getting them, and Saturday was one of those days. I thought I was well hydrated and I had a breakfast bar in the morning, so who knows. I'm thinking I was running too hard at first.  I decided I'd make it a run/walk combo and slowed down to walk when I needed to. When I say walk you should know that my walking pace is pretty fast.  One girl who did it was jogging and thought she'd catch me because I was walking. She did not. My walk was faster than her jog.  I suppose it is more like speed walking when I walk during a race, which I think is good.

The race was on a course that was partly paved and partly a dirt type of trail. I do not run outside often but when I do it's on the pavement.  The only time I've done any trail running was during the mud run I did in August. This was different for me! I could definitely feel the difference in my body when I finished. 

The one negative thing about the race was that it wasn't all that well organized and the event was in an area full of hills.  I didn't mind running up and down them. It was when I was passing walkers on my second lap (they started after the runners) that was a problem. There seemed to be more walkers than runners and some of the walkers were not all that courteous of the runners. Some of them spanned the trails in masses so I had to do a lot of passing, which isn't typically a problem. It is when you're working with limited space though. I almost tanked it down a hill (that would've been nice and embarrassing!) at one point when I tried to pass someone.  I was actually running kind of on the side of the hill rather than the top because of that particular group of walkers was taking up the trail and didn't hear me say "excuse me," "passing on the left" or chose to ignore me. I didn't fall though, and that's what's important.

Other than the side stitches and the annoyance of passing people in limited space, the race went well. Oh, except my shoes didn't want to stay tied and I had to stop to tie them four times. UGH!  Despite the all of that, I managed to get a new PR for my 5K time. YAY! I actually shaved two minutes off of my previous 5K (that I ran, not walked or not an adventure race) in June. I was not in as good of condition at that time (due to it being one month after surgery and not training for long) but I had beaten the previous year's time by like 20 seconds.  I'm pleased with my faster time. I definitely run faster outside than on the treadmill, which is good to know!  I can't help but wonder how fast I'd have gone if not for the shoe tying and the people to pass.  I decided that it was okay that a few seconds were added for the tying and such. Although, with all of the tying and trying to pass/getting caught up in groups of people, I may have been 30 seconds faster.  That's okay though... I'm not going to worry about it because I set a PR and that will make the next one even easier to achieve!!

I did feel a little ill after the race. I think it was due to the time and not having had enough to eat.  I passed on the post-run lunch (hot dogs, chips, cookies, bananas) and waited for lunch. I did drink water, but it wasn't enough.  After I ate, showered, and rested for a bit I felt a lot better. Luckily I was well taken care of! I shouldn't feel sick from a 5K. Knowing how I feel when I don't eat soon enough, I'm sure that's what it was.

Sunday: Monster Dash Chicago.

What a fun race! A friend and I dressed up 80s style for this race and had a lot of fun.  There were people in costumes handing out candy a few times along the route. I did not take candy.  Since I was running and not just walking for fun, I decided candy negated my work!

This race was not officially timed but I wore my heart rate monitor to keep time.  I'm pretty sure that my time was similar to what it was on Saturday. I pushed my button before I actually crossed the official starting line, so the walking (huuuuge group of people that had to move forward) added a good two or three minutes to my time.  When I subtracted that, it was a little better than my time on Saturday.  Because it wasn't official, I am not counting it as a PR... That and I don't know my actual time thanks to the walking.

My side stitches started up again but not too bad.  They didn't start until the first water station, and slowing down to slug down some water seemed to help. The nice thing is that there were two stations on the course, and I've only ever done 5Ks that have had one (or none, like Saturday, the Color Run, and the Mud Run).  I also had to stop and tie my shoe, but only once!

Also? I bought laces that don't tie. I think those will work much better for me. I don't like having to go over to the side to tie shoes, especially when the clock is ticking!!

The race was very crowded so again I was running through grass and wet leaves to pass walkers. I think that a lot of the walkers did not follow directions and did not line up as they should've.  It was by time (and there were flags to mark the time areas!) and the walkers should've been last.  The majority of the walkers just got in line, paying no attention to the flag markers. 

I think some of them got annoyed with being passed (sorry if I bumped you, but you should have followed directions!), especially because those of us who were running had to weave in and out of people, off to the side and then back on, sometimes coming very close to the walkers.  It seemed that those of us who lined up according to our average time, as directed, had to fight to get by the walkers at some points. 

I know it wasn't a timed race, but some of us time ourselves and like to push and strive for better things.  Maybe I should've done the 10K instead of the 5K. I think that it would've been more runner-friendly.  Other 5Ks I've done have a lot more space so it hasn't been an issue. 

The plus side is that is was a ton of fun and was better organized than the race on Saturday. Of course, it's a bigger race and those are generally more professionally directed than other, smaller races.  Oh! And I didn't walk at all. I did slow my pace a couple times, but refused to walk. I'm happy with the fact that I ran the whole thing (also why I suspect I was a little faster than on Saturday).  I saw a few people run, then walk, then hurry up and run real fast, and then walk.  Basically they probably averaged out because I kept passing them when they walked and then if I slowed down they passed me, and so on. Of course the one guy who seemed to have a problem with me passing him had really long legs, so his stride was bigger than mine.

What was really important though is that both days I was happy with what I did. I didn't place, but didn't expect to. I'm not a fast runner and I've accepted that. As long as I keep doing my best, challenging myself, and reaching new goals, I'm happy. I kept up with who I thought appeared to be "real" runners yesterday and that made me feel good. They looked like they would be much faster than I and like they were more athletic.  I'm starting to think that maybe I'm more athletic and better than I give myself credit for.  It's time to change that thinking... I'm celebrating all of my athletic achievements, no matter how small!!!

Both days were a lot of fun and I'm happy with my performance. I have new goals set and am ready for the next one!! Hopefully I will set a new PR on the next one!

I suppose I should wrap this up... Off to get adjusted and get ready to watch some football!! It'll be a late Monday night, but hopefully my Bears make it worth it!

Have a great week!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh, How Times Have Changed

I had my meals for today all planned out, and tracked on MFP, last night. I went to work with my oatmeal packet, fruit, and nutrigrian bar - breakfast and snacks for the day. I planned on left over chili and a small salad for lunch, and pizza for dinner (this was pre-planned, so I built the rest of the day around it).  I hadn't eaten yet when my co-worker arrived and the smell of her asiago cheese bagel from Panera took over. As I went to make my oatmeal I said to her "your bagel is killin' me!" She had extras and offered me one. Normally I'd stick to my oatmeal but decided that the bagel (and cream cheese!) sounded ten times better today. 

This choice and the knowledge that dinner is going to be pizza changed my day a bit.  I knew that I would no longer be snacking on my nutrigrain bar, but that I'd still eat fruit. I decided not to eat chili for lunch and opted for a bigger salad.

My food choices were also dependant on the fact that I wasn't sure I'd be able to work out at all today (since I forgot to turn my alarm on this morning!). I usually try to stick to around 1200 calories on days that I don't workout.  I know that I will probably have some salad with my pizza tonight, which has not yet been tracked (because I don't know what it will include). After tracking everything I still have about 41 calories to eat to reach 1200 so I'm not worried. My side salad won't add on many extra calories; I'll end the day with no more than 1300 pre-workout. I do not like to eat back the calories that I burn during a workout so I won't be adding any snacks to the list (although a Starbucks skinny something or another does sound tempting right now). There's conflicting info on whether or not you should eat back what you burn. I've done both and haven't noticed a difference in terms of weight, so I don't. It's less to worry about!

My plan for this evening included a stop at the Under Armour outlet to pick up some running tights. This is stop is a bit out of the way so I decided I'll just go to a regular sporting goods store, or even Target, to pick up what I need for the weekend. By making this change in shopping, I can squeeze in at least a 30 minute bike ride before I go wild with running. I don't generally work up a major sweat when I bike so I can do this workout and not worry about smelling bad (or needing to shower!) after. 

By the way... How is it that some of you can workout over your lunch hour and go back to work? I certainly wouldn't have time to workout and shower. I sweat an awful lot when I do intense cardio, like running. Maybe I have a sweating problem? Or it's the type of exercise that I'd be doing. If I had the time (I only have 30 minutes to get home/let the dogs out/eat/get back to work) I still wouldn't be able to workout without showering. Not to mention the clothing change time and everything else.  Those of you who manage to do lunchtime workouts amaze me!!

I did manage to do squats for a minute at my desk today (fitness challenge), with no sweating issue. That's not exactly a workout, but given the running I've done this week, I could feel the burn (yes, even just doing a minute!!).

I feel so much better when I have things planned out. I can plan on being healthy but can also give myself some room for treats (like two pieces of pizza, which may change to one, who knows!). I kind of like trying to figure out changes and what will work, knowing which treats (in this case a bagel and pizza) I want to include. This is a change, even from when I started this journey. I hated writing everything down (at that time I kept a journal; no online tracking). It was kind of a pain to get into it, but then after a while it wasn't as bad.  It's funny to think back because then, just changing my habits would've resulted in some loss.  I wouldn't have had to track then like I do now.  For me, I think it's more important to track now than it was then.  I am still striving for a little more loss and because I have plateaued, it's super important to be sure to track everything. My body is resisting and I can't let myself get away with any little "extras" that I don't track.

At any time in weight loss or just healthy eating in general, I think it's important to track. It's good to see what you're taking in and what you're burning!

I've noticed lately that I'm posting a lot more fitness related stuff on my (personal) facebook page. My other page is for the purpose of health/fitness so that's about all I post there. I have found several races coming up and keep posting links to try to convince some of my friends to join me. I am having fun finding races that I want to do. I'm also having fun trying to recruit my fit-minded friends! Even those friends who just want to walk, I'll ask to join me.

In the past I'd be trying to figure out which friends I could convince to join me for a night out... Usually involving dinner, drinks with dinner, and then drinking (probably followed by some kind of unhealthy snack/meal after).  It's interesting how my perspective on what's fun to do with friends has changed. I'm sure part of it is age and the fact that many of my friends are married and/or have children. I also think that my healthy lifestyle is part of it.  Now the idea of going to do some kind of a race with a friend (even if we don't run together) sounds more exciting to me than getting ready for a crazy night out.  I do partake in nights out now and then, but I can honestly say that I get more excited for a race.  I think the biggest thing I enjoy about a night out is the getting ready part.... Choosing an outfit, hair and make-up, and accessorizing. I LOVE getting all dressed up and looking good.  That's probably the best part of a night out for me.  Races are not quite as fun to get ready for when it comes to the appearance portion of it.  Well, they weren't... Until now.  I've discovered how FUN it can be to have some sort of a theme or outfit for a run. 

For the color run, the theme was white with a colorful tutu.  The mud run? Something practical. I puffy painted on my tank for that one.  This weekend's dash is Halloween themed so I'll be going 80s style.  I decided that because it's October, and even though it isn't a cancer fundraiser race, I'm going to go with a pink (breast cancer awareness) theme for the food bank run on Saturday. That's a no-brainer for me because I love pink. I'll be going dressed as Cinderella for the half marathon.

Outfits!!! Outfits make races so much more fun! As long as you can run (or do whatever challenging thing you need to do) in an outfit, it should be fun! As someone who loves getting dressed up (and fashion in general; shopping addict? Maybe.), this is the perfect way for me to keep races interesting. Even if I'm going alone or no one else is dressing up, I'm going to find a way to make my race outfit fun. 

Next on my race agenda is (possibly) a Thanksgiving morning race.  It will likely be cold, so whatever I decide to do will have to include a warm base layer.  I'm not sure what I'll wear. I thought of a turkey costume but in the limited time I've searched I haven't found anything.  My Party City search resulted in Big Bird, a peacock, a penguin, a fire bird, and Angry Birds.  A penguin would be fun for a winter race of some kind. Not for Thanksgiving though. Oh! I should note that there is one adult costume but it appears to be for a man. And it's 50 dollars. That's more than race registration. I'm not sure I'd get enough use out of a turkey costume to spend 50 dollars on it. Maybe I'll just get a fun turkey hat or headband to wear. I really like the Big Bird costume but I'm pretty sure Bird is not a turkey. Possibly a relative of a turkey but I don't think Bird and Thanksgiving go together well enough.

Any ideas?

Scratch that.

I just multi-tasked and found the same turkey costume online somewhere else that I can get for $30 (including shipping!).  The costume was cheaper to begin with, but also qualified for a 35% discount. Hmmm.  That might very well be the deciding factor in this Thanksgiving morning race I'm looking at!! I want to do the race anyway, but the crazy turkey costume is an extra incentive.

I'm pretty sure that this Turkey Costume will be comfortable enough to run in (as long as I get the right size and it isn't too big!).

I'm not sure what it is that's making me so into races all of the sudden. Maybe it's the two that I'm doing this weekend. Maybe it's the fact that I'm training for a half marathon so more race experience would be good, even if it's just a 5K.  Or maybe I'm just on a major fitness kick right now and I want to share my passion for fitness with others. 

There is also a slight possibility (or maybe more than slight) that the race swag is very tempting! I was thinking the other night about the race shirts and bibs I'm accumulating. Honestly, I feel kind of "cool" with the collection that I have. I have done two local 5Ks, a color run, and a mud run.  Now I'm going to add another small/local 5K and a fun Halloween themed run to my collection. A few years ago I never would've thought of even walking a 5K. I know that's only a few miles but actually signing up to participate in something would have been MUCH different than just walking a few miles on my own. As large as I was, I could have done it, but the thought of walking with a bunch of other people prevented me from doing so.

Races have become one of my new hobbies.  They give me something to work toward, even the 5Ks... I strive to be faster and set new PRs.  Of course, the color run was walked and not timed, and the mud run was a completely different thing, so I only have two timed 5Ks under my belt. It's a starting point and I hope to set a new PR at one of the races this weekend.  The Monster Dash isn't officially timed, but I will time myself (as I mentioned yesterday, as long as I push the button on my HRM!). And if I don't? That gives me something to work on for the next one! Not only are the runs fun to do on race day, but I also have to prepare for them.  My workouts help me do that...I guess races help me stay motivated to do my regular workouts.

My growing collection of t-shirts to reflect this new hobby make me feel pretty rad too.

Yes, I said "rad."  I'm getting into 80s mode for my run on Sunday.

I suppose that's it for now.  I can't wait to post race recaps, hopefully with a picture or two! I've at least got to share my fun outfit pictures if nothing else.

No matter what you're doing, find some time for a little fitness this weekend - make it a good one!!

So much for getting up to run early.... One must remember to turn her alarm on I order to do that. :(

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ready to Run!

This will be a fairly short post as I have been busy getting ready for my two runs this weekend, one of which includes an overnight in the city. I spent some time packing, making sure I have everything need, and doing a few household things.... Laundry, dishes.

I also really, really want to get up early tomorrow morning to at least run for 30 minutes. As I have mentioned before that depends on how well I sleep. I can already feel the excitement for the weekend building which usually means I don't sleep well. I'm hoping that by heading to bed early I'll have time for my body to relax so that I can drift off to sleep at a decent time. The way I've been sleeping lately, I'll need to in order to get up early!

I am definitely ready for these 5Ks. They're not long races but I love doing them. One benefits a charity. One is a costume race, which I am super excited for. Actually that one isn't even a race. The 5K for the event isn't timed. I'm a little bummed about that but oh well. I'll have my HRM so as long as I remember to hit the button I will time myself.

I am hoping that by running tomorrow morning I'll have time to recover for Saturday morning. I am feeling the soreness tonight. My legs have been working hard this week! I'm sure I'll be just fine but it's better to have some space between these things. I'd like to set a new PR this weekend but if I don't, that's okay. I will strive for that on Saturday. With no official time for Sunday's run, I (probably) won't feel as much pressure but I will still try my best.

After tomorrow's run I'll be back in track with my half marathon training. The weekend run should be a four mile run so I will be a little short but that's okay. I'm getting an extra run so I decided that works for me. Depending on how early I drag myself out of bed, I might have time for a four mile run in the morning. I'm not holding my breath but we shall see!

I suppose that's it for now. I was going to ramble about something but maybe I will save that for tomorrow. I'll try to post run recaps as soon as I can. Being that I'll be in the city on Saturday night those may not come until Sunday or even Monday. Hopefully sooner than later! :)

Hope you've all had a great week thus far! I for one am so glad (for multiple reasons) that the weekend is almost here! I'm ready for it... My runs, fun in the city, and to be away from the craziness that has been work this week!

Do something fun and healthy this weekend! It's good for your physical and mental health!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back from Vaca!

I cannot believe I haven't posted since the 8th - wow! That might be the longest I've gone.  Last week was busy, after Monday, so I didn't get much time to sit and write. I worked Tuesday then had vacation days the rest of the week.  My cousin and her daughter came down on Tuesday night spent the night. Wednesday morning was spent with them, then in the afternoon I packed for my mini-vacation, did some laundry, and then went out to do some errands and spend some time with my Mom.

Thursday my cousin's daughter and I left for a little vaca. My cousin worked but also house sat for me, so that was nice.  Due to her work schedule and other things going on, it was easiest for her if I took the little one with me. We had a great time, and she travels the best of any child I've ever traveled with!! She's not even two yet and was SUCH a good girl in the car. 

Our day started out fine, but then a couple hours into our trip I missed a turn off and went a little out of the way. We then had to turn around and go back to the correct route, which added a little over an hour to our trip. We then stopped at the typical "half way point," and our stop was longer than usual because we had to go into Target to buy baby wipes. I had stopped to get gas earlier and later realized I left the baby wipes in the bathroom at the gas station. I had gotten distracted by the fact that someone stole some electronic device and hid the package in the baby change station in the bathroom. I wasn't sure what to do so I moved it (I didn't want anyone thinking I had stashed it there after changing her!!). When I did that I must've moved the wipes, thinking I put them back in my purse and left them. Anyway I decided to give her a break and let her stretch her little legs for a while so we walked around Target for a bit. Then we went and ate lunch... Almost two year-olds don't eat that fast, especially when there are so many people to distract them. That stop ended up being about an hour.  We were officially over two hours behind schedule. 

I thought we were back on track with no more difficulties to arise. We drove and made it around a big city along the way. Then we were on another interstate and I saw a bunch of black smoke ahead.  I turned to a random radio station and learned that there was a fire on the opposite side of the interstate and it was closed.  I didn't realize that our side of the interstate was going to be closed to, and I didn't know of an alternate route, so we kept going.  We had to get off and take some detour, which caused us to sit in a long line of traffic.... Only to learn that we couldn't go that way because of the fire. I should've gone the opposite way, NOT followed the crowd. Oh well.  We turned around and I ended up following a truck back to the other side of the interstate and took some back roads and FINALLY made it to an area past the fire where we could get back on. At one point, I lost the truck so I had just kept following roads that looked like they went the correct direction. Before we got on the expressway, we ended up on a road that lead into a parking lot of a casino! That was pretty funny... As I pulled in I thought "WHAT the heck did I do now!?" Then I saw the on-ramps for the interstate and we were on our way again. At this point I expected that we'd be getting there about three hours late.

The rest of the way, we had no difficulties.  I must've been off with my calculations of time because we only ended up being (just under) two hours later than I expected.  Of course, I was planning an eight hour trip based on a starting point 20-30 minutes north of where we actually started, so that was a time saver. I guess the time in the car wasn't as bad as I thought. Our eight our trip turned into 10....And I thought giving myself eight hours was a little generous.

On the way home, we had no difficulties and made it back in a little less than eight hours, with a 30 minute lunch/leg stretch stop, as well as another gas station stop. Oddly, the trip home seemed a bit longer than the trip there.  Maybe it was the fact that we had some rain and it was a little dreary. Or maybe the excitement on the way made the easy parts of the drive seem much faster. Who knows!!

I didn't get any workouts done over the weekend. I took a couple outfits and had the intention of running outside but there really wasn't much time for that.  On Friday the cousin I was staying with, and her husband, worked, so the little one and I had a relaxed morning. I was up around 7:30 and she slept until about 8.  We met up with my Aunt a little after 10 and we went out shopping. My cousin took a half day, so we met up with her, my other cousin's girlfriend and her friend for lunch and then went to the mall and shopped for a while.  After we got home, the kids ran around and played, then we had dinner (my Uncle smoked some meat and we had other stuff with hit - SO good!).  Despite not getting a workout in that day, we did a lot of walking while we shopped, so there wasn't much sitting throughout the day.

Saturday was also spent doing a few hours of walking. We went over to Mt. Sterling for Court Day (a big flea market, craft, street fair type of thing) for most of the day. I'd say we had another four to five hours of shopping/walking that day. Again we got home and the kids played for a while, then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. Because we'd been gone all day, we had pizza and/or left overs from the night before.  We relaxed and played with the kids before we went back to my cousin's and put them to bed.

Sunday was the day we left to come home, so after we got up and got ready, we had breakfast and then hit the road.  We got home around six that evening and I made dinner, unpacked, did some laundry, and played until it was time to give the little miss a bath and get ready for bed.

I'm glad I was able to do some walking but wasn't so thrilled about missing several workouts.

On Monday I had some stuff to catch up on and things to get done so I didn't workout then either! I could've gotten up early and done it before work but I was so tired that I chose to sleep instead. I've been doing that a lot lately... Sleeping. I've been to bed a little earlier but that doesn't really make me want to get up any earlier! I guess I've needed the sleep lately... With all of the running around, I'm not surprised!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to workout.  I hadn't done so in a week! This means that I lost a couple days of my half marathon training, but I decided it wasn't a huge deal. I plan on doing a lot of running this week, so I'm sure it'll even out somewhere along the way. The training plan calls for three days of running so I missed a 30 minute session and a three mile run. 

Here's how my plan will pretty much even out...

Tuesday: Made up 30 minutes from last Thursday.
Wednesday: Will make up three mile run from Saturday.
Thursday: Will make up 30 minutes from Tuesday.
Friday: Will either rest or make up 30 minutes from Thursday.
Saturday: Should be a 4 mile run, however I am doing a 5K this day so it'll be 3.1 miles. This will either be the week's usual run or I will make up the 30 minutes from Thursday (if not done on Friday).  If it counts as the normal Saturday run, I'll be a little short but it's less than a mile so I'm not all that concerned, plus I'll have an extra run in on Sunday.
Sunday: I'm doing another 5K, which will either be an extra run or will be a make-up from Saturday's run (still not four miles but that's okay).

I am really hoping to get to bed early enough on Thursday night so that I can get up and run on Friday morning, so that I'll be back on track for Saturday.

I'll be back on track for my regular run days next week.

SO...That's the workout plan for this week. I may sneak in a walk with the dogs or some type of DVD for some ST, but since I hadn't ran in almost a week I really want to focus on that, especially before these 5Ks.

I'm hoping to find another race in November, toward the end of the month....Hopefully a 10K. I'd really like to get one of those done before my half marathon, and before too much snow flies! With my training plan, I should most definitely be ready for a 10K in a few weeks. The one race I've found is on Thanksgiving morning, not far from my hometown. My Mom is an ER nurse and that's her holiday to work, so I won't be missing any morning activities if I do that run. The only problem is that it is not a 10K... It's a five miler, so it's a mile less than a 10K. I suppose that's better than doing  a 5K. I'm going to continue to look to see what I find and see if there's a 10K somewhere in there. If not, I'll probably do the five mile race.

Oh! Here's where I'll try to solicit a donation... The race I'm running this Saturday is a charity race. It benefits the North West Indiana food bank.  I thought if anyone is feeling extra generous, I'd let them know about a donation opportunity. I do not expect anyone to donate, but thought I'd put this out there in case anyone would like to.


Of course, I'd also encourage you to look at charitable donations in your own area, if you can afford to give a little!

I suppose, it's time to go get some work done!! I can't wait to run! I also have to get some stuff done before another busy weekend arrives!

I hope you're having a great week!! Stay healthy! :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've been on a little vaca and am catching up with life.... Blog coming soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

What a Weekend!

I had quite the weekend... It was not at all how I planned it would be! It wasn't all bad; definitely had good moments. There definitely some bad parts though.  I think that because I'm short on time (errands to run, an appointment, and I want to get a walk in before it gets dark) I'm just going to do a quick recap post.

Friday - I had dinner with friends and then did some babysitting. All went well there. My cousin's little one spent the night so I was able to get a few things done after she went to bed. I prepped our meals for the next day and cleaned up a little. I didn't workout because... I was tired. Yup, I skipped doing a DVD because I was too tired. However, I DID walk with my cousin before dinner... So it's not like I did nothing. I like to do at least a walk if I can't get anything else done - it makes me feel like I accomplished something, and it's fun - especially when I get to socialize while doing it!

Saturday - I had my cousin's daughter all day, so I spent time playing, coloring, dancing, and of course cooking lunch. I also worked on her Halloween costume while she colored, for a few minutes anyway. We did laundry and dishes in the morning. She's a pretty good little helper.

I also asked my Dad to check out what I'd done in the bathroom because I was afraid something wasn't right.  He looked at it and said I did a fine job. He finished the rest of it for me though because I thought he'd do it quicker. The plan was do sand it down and prime it after that. When he finished he decided to check things over in the basement.  When he went down there he found a big puddle of water on the floor.  My drain pipe had to be cleaned out (stupid tree roots). I think it was interesting that it happened when he was there.... I hadn't noticed it at all before. I also haven't ran the dishwasher, washing machine, and tub all at the same time in a while though. Maybe it was able to work its way through before, but when so many things were running it overloaded it? I don't know. He rented some contraption (I don't know the name) to clear the drain of roots. While he was gone, and the little one was sleeping, I did my run. I didn't think it'd take very long for him to clean the pipe out, which I was totally wrong about.  The rental place gave him a defective piece....After 3 1/2 hours he said that was it, he'd try again the next day so that he could fix something. By this point it was after 6:00 and I still hadn't showered. Soooo I packed up, and we headed up to my parents' house.

My cousin and her sister came over for dinner. We had cousin time after her daughter went to sleep and her sister went home.  We were supposed to stop by a friend's birthday gathering but because I was running so late, that didn't happen. We were going to go earlier and be back by like 9:30....Just to stop by and celebrate with her, but didn't want to be out too late. I'm bummed that it didn't happen but things for me were just too hectic.

Sunday - My Dad was able to get the roots busted up and clear the drain pipe. I was happy to know that I would be able to return home and do average things like being able to shower, and laundry. I did not enjoy not being able to use my water on Saturday!! I was going to sand, clean, and prime the spots on the bathroom when I got home but I was just too tired.  I guess the events of the weekend wore me out, and not sleeping in my own bed on Saturday night wasn't so great for me either. I didn't get good sleep, or much of it.  I did some grocery shopping and a few other things, then I just relaxed (meaning I'd go between watching TV and doing little things around the house). I took a workout rest day (which was needed since I was dozing off on the couch at 7:30!).

It was just an odd weekend... Things seemed "off" for some reason.

Today life is back to normal. I won't get a major workout in but plan on doing about an hour long walk after I do my errands. I have a chiropractor appointment so I don't do a lot on those days anyway. I'm pretty sure that just walking won't cause me any damage.

I suppose I should get going and get my errands done... These things won't wait!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Running: A Headache Cure. Seriously.

I had such a headache yesterday that I did not want to run. I wanted to lay around and use it as an excuse for missing a workout. I try not to miss workouts unless I'm feeling really yucky... Generally it's allergy related respiratory stuff that's impacting on my breathing, or something worse. I know that, for me, a headache is not a reason to miss a workout. I know that I can take a couple pain meds, give it half an hour, and my headache will at least be relieved a little, if not gone.  I didn't take anything yesterday... Instead I just got ready, stretched, and started running.

As I ran, my headache diminished.  Then I realized it was gone. Completely gone. No more headache. Running, the one thing I did NOT want to do, made my headache go away. I felt SO much better after my run...Energized, as usual.  I was also feeling "runner's high." My run yesterday was the best of the week. The two days I ran earlier in the week were not so great... I didn't stretch well enough so I had to stop and stretch. I ran slow, and at my faster pace I felt like I tired out so easily.  Yesterday, I was feeling tired. Combined with the headache I thought I'd have an awful run.

My run was great! My body must be adjusting to getting back into the swing of things.  I ran faster than I did earlier in the week. In fact, my slow pace yesterday was my faster pace earlier in the week.  I struggled with it on both Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday the pace seemed too slow for me.  My heart rate wasn't as high as it had been at my slowest pace earlier in the week. Not only is my body adjusting but I think that by doing some CT on Wednesday (biking and a DVD), it gave my body a little break from what I'd been doing.  I also think that stretching longer than I had been before my workout helped!

By the time I finished my run, the rain stopped. Instead of doing a DVD I got ready and walked the dogs for an hour. I was glad to get out! It was a little chilly, but that was okay.  We kept up a good pace at our walk too and I managed to do the usual route in less time and I burned a few more calories. Of course, I did make them run with me a couple times (it was definitely cool enough for that). We didn't do long periods of running... Just enough to make them tired.  I knew that when poor Buddy (my big guy) started lagging behind, it as time to give him a break from the running. I think we ran a total of three times... I'd say no more than a half mile each time. It wasn't far or long, but it was a little extra running and it felt good. 

I had intentions of getting up early to workout this morning (just a half hour DVD - BBL), but of course I couldn't sleep last night. Ugh! Sleep is just as important as working out, so I opted for a bit more sleep. Sleep always wins.  Not just because I want to be lazy (although some days that's the case). There's a lot of research that shows how sleep can impact on your weight, and your overall health. Seriously, look it up sometime.

I'm doing some walking this evening; about an hour I'm sure. I am babysitting again tonight/tomorrow for my favorite little girl, so she, her Momma, and I will walk. Then the three of us are meeting some friends for dinner.  After that, the little one and I are headed back to my house for a fun no-rules kind of night/day. Well, there are kind of rules because I'm not going to let her run wild and be naughty. But we focus on having fun. Generally there's some amount of spoiling involved - whether it be what we do, or what we buy! I will probably do my half hour of BBL after she goes to sleep tonight.  I can pull the curtains and do it in the living room instead of downstairs in my mini-gym. Or I guess I could go down there...I'd still be able to hear her. Either way; I'm squeezing that extra 30 minutes in tonight... As long as she goes to bed on time like a good girl!

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a two mile training run. I'm not sure how we're going to work that out yet. I'll either get up super early and go downstairs and do it before she gets up (FYI, I am doing 30 minutes even though two miles does NOT take me 30 minutes), I'll put her in the stroller and run with her, or I'll do it when she's napping. I'd like to do it outside, but I don't have a jogging stroller which can be problematic. I also see that the weather might be fairly "yucky" tomorrow. When I looked last night, it was supposed to be fairly chilly and rainy. I am not going to take her out in the stroller in that kind of weather. Soooo we'll see... I'll fit it in somewhere. That might be the only fitness I get in tomorrow. I'm seriously considering getting up early and doing it. Then when she's napping I can do a light DVD workout or two. If it ends up being nice, I'll take her for a walk outside.

I'm not sure what Sunday will bring yet. I know I'll be finding some meals for the week and getting groceries. I'd also like to be able to paint the bathroom. I can't wait to have it done!!  I'm going to see if I can get some help with the rest of the fixing of the wall tomorrow. I'm doing okay with it, but I think someone with more experience could get it done faster...And I am anxious to paint! I've given it a good effort. I'm just not as fast as I need to be in order to decorate. Those poor accessories have been sitting in a bag for nearly a week, awaiting their new home in the bathroom. I really need to get it done - for the sake of the accessories, of course!

I suppose that's the update for now. I'm ready to go walk and burn some calories so I can enjoy dinner! As much as I'd love something fairly unhealthy, I'm going to stick to a healthier option tonight. Well... That's the plan right now anyway. I know that can always change later on, but I'd really like to have some calories left over at the end of the day, soooo I'm going to be good.

Have a great Friday evening!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tired Thursday

I don't know if it's just me, but as the week goes on I get really tired. I can always tell when Thursday is here. It must just be my day that all of the business of the weak starts to set in. I could nap right now, but it's a run day so I will be doing my 30 minutes after this.  Then I'll be off to walk to the dogs. I hope anyway. This afternoon was one of those nice, warm, sunny fall days. When I went out at lunch time I didn't want to come back to work. I would have loved to spend the day outside.  Now that I'm out of work? It's dreary. It looks like it could rain again.  I really want to get out for a walk and I'm sure the dogs would like to walk too. I like them to get exercise at least a few days a week... This week it's only been two days. Ugh. Hopefully it will clear up a bit and we can go. If it's not raining, I'll at least get started and see what happens. If the rain starts, we'll just turn around and head home.

I'm tired and have a headache, but I'm ready to run... A nap sounds better (thanks, headache) but a run will make me feel better. Laying around does nothing for the body (unless you're sick and you NEED to rest). It should perk me up so that I can power through the rest of my day. It was nice cross training yesterday but I'm glad that today is a running day. Biking was a nice change of pace but that hour seemed to pass so slowly. Even with varying my speed and resistance, it didn't pass quickly.  I was getting bored with music (time to update the playlist). At the 35 minute mark I took a quick break to run upstairs and grab a season of Sex and the City. I was able to watch one episode while I finished biking, which really helped the time pass.

 I'm a bit nervous about running, as I've been getting sore shins during my runs. Shin splints are no fun! I really need to remember to stretch better before today's run. The last two times I've had to stop about stretch about halfway through. That annoys me; and makes the run seem longer. Then again, on some days it's kind of nice to sneak a break (although not effective or good for training). I think my problem is that I'm not stretching long enough.  I'm hoping that a longer period of stretching today will help me to not have to stretch during my run. I suppose it could also be my body re-adjusting to running again since I was pretty much just walking for a week or two.

Depending on the weather and how I feel after running, I may do a DVD. I'm thinking I'll do Brazil Butt Lift for 30 minutes.  If it's raining, I'll add in some biking for a while... Or another DVD workout. Whatever I decide.  I think that 30 minutes of running, 30 minutes of BBL, and then an hour walk (heck, I'll take 30 minutes!) sounds like a great workout.

Then it'll be shower, dinner, cleaning, and relaxation time.  Last night I cleaned out three of four storage spaces in the bathroom. Not bad! I threw away quite a bit. I SHOULD tackle that last one tonight, but we'll see what I feel like doing after my workout.  Getting some stuff ready for etsy sounds like more fun!

We'll see...

It started raining. Lightly. Unless it stops all of my workout will be done inside. I hope it stops. A 30-60 minute walk outside doesn't seem like a workout. I think of my workout as what I do before the walk. The walk is just that.. A walk. It just happens to burn a few hundred extra calories.

I suppose, it's time to go get started on the workout....