Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Blender and Fairy Wings

This morning I realized that my blender is in fact ready for the trash. It would not properly blend, unless I pressed down really hard on the lid. Seriously, I had to lay my arm down on it and push as hard as possible.  I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

At lunch I tried to use the small, single serving size blender I had bought for something. It's a cheapie and not equipped to do what I need it to do.  It would hardly crush my ice (no function buttons; just   a power button) or frozen strawberry slices. I'm glad I didn't use whole strawberries (frozen). I had to let it sit for a while and then finally got it to work a little better. By the time I added more water and a scoop of Shakeology, the cup was full to the top. As I blended, shake decided to come out of the top.

I decided I need to buy a new blender. After work, I went to the store and got a new one. Hopefully this will work the way I need it to.  It's very frustrating trying to do a cleanse when your equipment does not function properly.  I think that's why I had a few pieces of popcorn at lunch. I was super hungry and frustrated with trying to make my shake. I was ready to throw in the towel because it was taking so long and I was running out of time.  Luckily I was able to make a shake that turned out better than the one I made this morning, but not up to my usual standard.

I know I'm updating on my cleanse diary post, but I wanted to add that other than a few pieces of popcorn, the cleanse is going pretty well.  I'm ready to eat "normal" food again, but it's pretty easy to plan out shakes for breakfast and lunch. Considering I need to get groceries, this is a good time for me to do it.

I've not yet experienced what others have regarding the way that the toxins come out of the body. Translation? I'm not running to the bathroom frequently, as described by others. Maybe that's because I'm only on day two. I doubt that a few pieces of popcorn did that much damage to the cleanse. I mean, I know I'm not "supposed" to be eating other things, because that counteracts the cleanse idea. BUT... I really don't think it's been much to be damaging. Add the fact that I'm still working out, and I think I'm good.

Anyway... So I have a new blender.

Do you know how difficult it is to find fairy accessories? Well, at least in green!! I was at a Halloween store last weekend and could not find green wings... Not a single shade of green. I was looking for light green but would've settled for something darker. 

I'm going to be Tinker Bell for Halloween and can't seem to find adult wings sold on their own in the color I'd like. I know that Tinker Bell's wings were not green but I was hoping for green, since most wings are colored and because it would match the rest of the costume. I guess to be authentic some clear wings would be perfect, but I suspect those are even more difficult to find than green! I imagine most people don't want transparent, glittery fairy wings. I see wings in Tinker Bell costume kits but because I'm making the costume, I only need accessories... Wings and a pixie dust wand. I'm sure I can make both but didn't want to have to take the time... Especially on the wings. I've not yet made wings and I don't have the time this week to do all that needs to be done. 

I decided that if, at worst, I would get some green spray paint and paint an old pair of angel wings I have from a few years ago. I wore them out one Halloween, and someone in a bar burned a hole in one, but they'll work if I have to use them.  That is if my spray painting idea works out. I'd leave them white, to be more authentic, but they're textured like angel wings. I'm not sure how to go about decorating them to cover the texture without making them look horrible. I have zero ideas for that. I consulted Pinterest but all I found were directions on making wings.

I thought that since I was out shopping for a blender anyway, I'd try my luck at another store.

The result?

I found wings and a wand (and some fun sparkly eyelashes)! I went to a small store thinking I wouldn't find them.... And there they were!

I'm off to enjoy the nice day. I'm still keeping activity light because of the cleanse. I'm going to change and then walk the dogs. I'd love to run too, but I'm really trying to only run three days a week and do other activity other days. I also don't want to burn too many calories. I can't wait until I can do more intense activites again! I miss them!!
This evening, after dinner, I'll be finishing the bottom part of my costume and maybe adding a little extra to the Cinderella style costume I made for my cousin's little one.

Hope your week is going well!


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