Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Cleanse.

I decided to try a three day cleanse.  I'm on day one and am feeling a bit conflicted. I like the idea of cleaning toxins out of my body and I see nothing wrong with doing this now and then. The cleanse that I'm following suggests doing it once every three months. I'm willing to give it a try to see if it improves my overall feeling of health.

Please note that I am NOT doing this cleanse to lose weight. People lose three to six pounds during the time of the cleanse (too fast of a rate of loss in my opinion; likely some water and from what I read, the waste). It will likely come back as the toxins build back up in the body and a person eats normally again.

I am not an advocate of any kind of diet or this type of a cleanse for weight loss. I do not agree with severe calorie restrictions. I am an advocate for health.... Eating healthy and exercising. This is partly why I'm having conflicting feelings about this cleanse.

I do have concerns that this cleanse isn't the healthiest because of the caloric intake for the day.  In reading the posts of others, they take in between 800 and 1300 calories a day. I'd like to know how those who are at 1200 or over achieved that. With my entire day tracked I'm only at 997 for the day. I do not like this. I try not to go below 1200 because it is not healthy.

In reading about this cleanse, others are saying that it's "okay" to eat such a restricted diet because it's only for three days.  I'm not sure how I feel about that. I do not agree with ever eating under 1200 calories in a day. I'm not sure how I will address this in my day. I've read blogs where people have eaten a little more than recommended. Some have had an extra salad and some have had almonds.  I may add another healthy snack like that (not sure how that will impact the cleanse though) because I'm not sure I want to eat so few calories. We shall see what happens.

A second concern is the fact that because it's a cleanse, I can expect to be using the bathroom frequently. I'm not sure how I feel about doing that throughout the day at work, especially if the cleanse really makes my body process things quickly. Drinking water will be important so that I do not dehydrate. I drink a lot of water anyway but depending on elimination of toxins, I'll be increasing my intake.

The other issue with this cleanse (for me) is that because of the restricted caloric intake, I am not supposed to do any major cardio.  I'm guessing that this is because the body isn't getting enough calories to function normally so supporting exercise would be difficult.  My problem is that no matter when I do this it will fall on at least one training day.  I was going to start yesterday but didn't get ready like I wanted to. Plus football resulted in dinner out, and that wouldn't have worked.

I don't mind taking a few rest days, but if I do that with training I'll be set back. I will have to do my training on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, rather than Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I don't think it's a good idea to try to squeeze it into a few days with no recovery.  I will not skip training so I'm thinking I'll do what others have done and add in some extra snacks or a salad with lunch.... Although that still won't be enough calories with the workout.

I'm going to create a post about my experience with the cleanse that I will add too daily rather than writing a long post for each day. I'm going to do it diary style, so I'll be jotting things down throughout the day so that I don't forget them! Then I'll summarize in the evening.

I'm not sure how long I'll make it considering I have some reservations about it.  I really want to do my training runs today and Thursday so if I'm feeling the need for a snack before or after, I am going to have one. Just something like a banana or a salad for some extra calories. My shakes will give me lots of protein and other nutrients.

In all honesty I'll be surprised if I make it through all three days. It's going to depend on how I feel. If I feel at all sick I am going to stop immediately.

I am doing the Shakeology Three Day Cleanse.

Here is the plan:

Early morning: One cup of green tea.
Breakfast: Shakeology shake with water and ice (fruit optional if needed for the calories)
Snack one:  A piece of fruit.
Lunch: Shakeology shake with water and ice (fruit optional if needed for the calories) and one cup of green tea.
Snack two: Before or after dinner; Shakeology shake with water and ice.
Dinner: Large salad and three servings of greens and other veggies, four ounces of poultry or fish, no more than two tablespoons of a low-fat dressing.

***I am reading this has the salad plus more greens or veggies (because it says "and"). I've read other places that some people seem to just have a salad with a total of three servings.

I am eating all of the allotted fruit and I am eating a salad plus three more servings of veggies with dinner. This is a perfect time for me to do a cleanse because I am in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. I picked up a few things today but haven't done a major shopping trip in a while.

Because I am not doing this for weight loss, I did not weigh myself this morning so I am likely not going to update those loss results as some people do. I'll admit that I am curious as to what I may lose (even with the knowledge that it will probably come back), but I'm not sure if I'll weigh myself the next two mornings or not.

Well, I'm off to do my 30 minute run.  I do not run fast enough to do four miles in 30 minutes so I will not be doing the longer distance to make up for only doing three miles on Saturday. In fact, because of the cleanse I'll likely run at a slower pace. I want to keep my training consistent but I also do not want to burn too many calories and exhaust myself.

Small secret: I wouldn't mind skipping the run today but I really don't want to get off-track with training. I'm pretty exhausted from staying up late and watching football last night. My team won though so it was worth it! A nap still sounds like a better idea than running to me though. Oh well.. I'll survive!

Hope your week is going well!


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