Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A New Week; A New Plan

I've been talking a lot about how I need to get on-track with some ST or something new to my routine. I'm training for my half marathon, so the only schedule I seem to be following is a running schedule. On my non-run days I either bike or walk the dogs. Toward the end of last week I did start adding in some ST again, but since it was late in the week, that was only for one day. 

Yesterday I was sick (some stomach bug... that included making my belly so bloated I looked a good three or four months pregnant...talk about a fat day!) so despite my plan to either walk or bike, and do some ST, I did....Nothing. I am feeling better this afternoon (other than a little tired) so I'm ready to start fresh. Today is a running day (30 minutes) so I'll be doing that followed by something else. I decided that I really like my BB DVDs. As of now I only have two programs, BBL and Rockin' Body. I asked a friend her opinion on programs, which she shared with me, as well as giving me info about hybrid programs. I didn't even consider that possibility! I thought that I'd have to do one program or the other, which is why I tend to tire of them so quickly. Both came with a plan to follow but I was trying to not do those workouts on run days (BBL was before training began, I believe so I was running and then walking for longer periods of time).

I found this hybrid plan that incorporates the programs that I have, which I'll be starting - today!!

Due to recent lack of weight loss, I know I need to make some changes. I know strengthening is necessary and will be a huge factor in getting my loss moving again. I get tired of doing the same things over and over again, which is why I think a hybrid plan will be a great idea for me.

I decided to revamp my entire workout thought process/plan.

First, I need to get back into twice daily workouts. There is no reason I cannot get up in the morning and do something (whether it be a 30 minute DVD or a 30 minute run) and then do something else later/after work. Not everything has to be done at once. When I did two-a-days I really enjoyed them.  My sleep pattern has been better lately, so I should be able to get up without much difficulty. I've been getting to bed toward the earlier end of my bedtime range and haven't been waking much during the night.
I'm saying that this is my first week, even though I'm already a day behind in starting. I don't want to wait until next week. I find that saying "I'll start....next week...tomorrow...next month..." whatever is an easy way to allow myself to procrastinate or forget. Just because there is a set plan and I'm starting a day late doesn't mean it should be pushed off for another week! It would be very easy to wait and start tomorrow since I did not do a workout this morning and today is a run day. I don't want to do that either. If anything, I feel like I should ADD yesterday's workout to today's plan! However, I might add that in tomorrow or even Friday when I don't have a run scheduled. It looks like today's workout will take up enough of my evening.

I still need to sit down and look at the workout descriptions on the DVD cases to see what the time frames look like. I will then decide how and where I'll fit them into my day, based on what's going on. I think that at times it's going to be best/easiest to do as much as I can in the morning....Which is not my best workout time. . I like to sleep. I am not a fan of getting up early. BUT... There will be days I'll have to. I have a goal to reach by the end of the year so I'll have to work even when I don't want to. I usually feel better after I do, especially on those days!

On the days that I don't run, I might just block off an hour or more in the evening for a workout, and can sleep in on those mornings.  The days that I run though, I will either get up and do my run or a workout and do the other later. Life happens so I'm sure I'll revise things along the way, but I think it's good to have an overall plan to start out.

For example, tomorrow evening I'm going out for Halloween with my cousin and her daughter. This means that I won't have the time to workout after work. I want to workout though, and I need to. So? Depending on the length of the workouts on the schedule, I'll be getting up and doing them in the morning.  Tonight will be a longer workout session because I need to run and then have two DVD workouts to do.... Three if I decide to add in last nights (depending on time!). If my DVDs are going to be an hour and the run is 30 minutes, I likely will not do the workout from yesterday. If the DVDs are under an hour, I'll probably do the one from yesterday too.

I suppose since I have a bit of work to do, I should get to it! I'm going to start with a run then do the DVD work. After that it's a shower, dinner, and time to sit down and really look at this plan and come up with what will work best for me. I'm pretty excited to do that and would actually love to start on it now, but my workout is my priority at this point!

Hope your week has been off to a great start!


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  1. Goodluck with new plan. I hope that shaking things up a bit is exactly what you needed. ;)