Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back from Vaca!

I cannot believe I haven't posted since the 8th - wow! That might be the longest I've gone.  Last week was busy, after Monday, so I didn't get much time to sit and write. I worked Tuesday then had vacation days the rest of the week.  My cousin and her daughter came down on Tuesday night spent the night. Wednesday morning was spent with them, then in the afternoon I packed for my mini-vacation, did some laundry, and then went out to do some errands and spend some time with my Mom.

Thursday my cousin's daughter and I left for a little vaca. My cousin worked but also house sat for me, so that was nice.  Due to her work schedule and other things going on, it was easiest for her if I took the little one with me. We had a great time, and she travels the best of any child I've ever traveled with!! She's not even two yet and was SUCH a good girl in the car. 

Our day started out fine, but then a couple hours into our trip I missed a turn off and went a little out of the way. We then had to turn around and go back to the correct route, which added a little over an hour to our trip. We then stopped at the typical "half way point," and our stop was longer than usual because we had to go into Target to buy baby wipes. I had stopped to get gas earlier and later realized I left the baby wipes in the bathroom at the gas station. I had gotten distracted by the fact that someone stole some electronic device and hid the package in the baby change station in the bathroom. I wasn't sure what to do so I moved it (I didn't want anyone thinking I had stashed it there after changing her!!). When I did that I must've moved the wipes, thinking I put them back in my purse and left them. Anyway I decided to give her a break and let her stretch her little legs for a while so we walked around Target for a bit. Then we went and ate lunch... Almost two year-olds don't eat that fast, especially when there are so many people to distract them. That stop ended up being about an hour.  We were officially over two hours behind schedule. 

I thought we were back on track with no more difficulties to arise. We drove and made it around a big city along the way. Then we were on another interstate and I saw a bunch of black smoke ahead.  I turned to a random radio station and learned that there was a fire on the opposite side of the interstate and it was closed.  I didn't realize that our side of the interstate was going to be closed to, and I didn't know of an alternate route, so we kept going.  We had to get off and take some detour, which caused us to sit in a long line of traffic.... Only to learn that we couldn't go that way because of the fire. I should've gone the opposite way, NOT followed the crowd. Oh well.  We turned around and I ended up following a truck back to the other side of the interstate and took some back roads and FINALLY made it to an area past the fire where we could get back on. At one point, I lost the truck so I had just kept following roads that looked like they went the correct direction. Before we got on the expressway, we ended up on a road that lead into a parking lot of a casino! That was pretty funny... As I pulled in I thought "WHAT the heck did I do now!?" Then I saw the on-ramps for the interstate and we were on our way again. At this point I expected that we'd be getting there about three hours late.

The rest of the way, we had no difficulties.  I must've been off with my calculations of time because we only ended up being (just under) two hours later than I expected.  Of course, I was planning an eight hour trip based on a starting point 20-30 minutes north of where we actually started, so that was a time saver. I guess the time in the car wasn't as bad as I thought. Our eight our trip turned into 10....And I thought giving myself eight hours was a little generous.

On the way home, we had no difficulties and made it back in a little less than eight hours, with a 30 minute lunch/leg stretch stop, as well as another gas station stop. Oddly, the trip home seemed a bit longer than the trip there.  Maybe it was the fact that we had some rain and it was a little dreary. Or maybe the excitement on the way made the easy parts of the drive seem much faster. Who knows!!

I didn't get any workouts done over the weekend. I took a couple outfits and had the intention of running outside but there really wasn't much time for that.  On Friday the cousin I was staying with, and her husband, worked, so the little one and I had a relaxed morning. I was up around 7:30 and she slept until about 8.  We met up with my Aunt a little after 10 and we went out shopping. My cousin took a half day, so we met up with her, my other cousin's girlfriend and her friend for lunch and then went to the mall and shopped for a while.  After we got home, the kids ran around and played, then we had dinner (my Uncle smoked some meat and we had other stuff with hit - SO good!).  Despite not getting a workout in that day, we did a lot of walking while we shopped, so there wasn't much sitting throughout the day.

Saturday was also spent doing a few hours of walking. We went over to Mt. Sterling for Court Day (a big flea market, craft, street fair type of thing) for most of the day. I'd say we had another four to five hours of shopping/walking that day. Again we got home and the kids played for a while, then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. Because we'd been gone all day, we had pizza and/or left overs from the night before.  We relaxed and played with the kids before we went back to my cousin's and put them to bed.

Sunday was the day we left to come home, so after we got up and got ready, we had breakfast and then hit the road.  We got home around six that evening and I made dinner, unpacked, did some laundry, and played until it was time to give the little miss a bath and get ready for bed.

I'm glad I was able to do some walking but wasn't so thrilled about missing several workouts.

On Monday I had some stuff to catch up on and things to get done so I didn't workout then either! I could've gotten up early and done it before work but I was so tired that I chose to sleep instead. I've been doing that a lot lately... Sleeping. I've been to bed a little earlier but that doesn't really make me want to get up any earlier! I guess I've needed the sleep lately... With all of the running around, I'm not surprised!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to workout.  I hadn't done so in a week! This means that I lost a couple days of my half marathon training, but I decided it wasn't a huge deal. I plan on doing a lot of running this week, so I'm sure it'll even out somewhere along the way. The training plan calls for three days of running so I missed a 30 minute session and a three mile run. 

Here's how my plan will pretty much even out...

Tuesday: Made up 30 minutes from last Thursday.
Wednesday: Will make up three mile run from Saturday.
Thursday: Will make up 30 minutes from Tuesday.
Friday: Will either rest or make up 30 minutes from Thursday.
Saturday: Should be a 4 mile run, however I am doing a 5K this day so it'll be 3.1 miles. This will either be the week's usual run or I will make up the 30 minutes from Thursday (if not done on Friday).  If it counts as the normal Saturday run, I'll be a little short but it's less than a mile so I'm not all that concerned, plus I'll have an extra run in on Sunday.
Sunday: I'm doing another 5K, which will either be an extra run or will be a make-up from Saturday's run (still not four miles but that's okay).

I am really hoping to get to bed early enough on Thursday night so that I can get up and run on Friday morning, so that I'll be back on track for Saturday.

I'll be back on track for my regular run days next week.

SO...That's the workout plan for this week. I may sneak in a walk with the dogs or some type of DVD for some ST, but since I hadn't ran in almost a week I really want to focus on that, especially before these 5Ks.

I'm hoping to find another race in November, toward the end of the month....Hopefully a 10K. I'd really like to get one of those done before my half marathon, and before too much snow flies! With my training plan, I should most definitely be ready for a 10K in a few weeks. The one race I've found is on Thanksgiving morning, not far from my hometown. My Mom is an ER nurse and that's her holiday to work, so I won't be missing any morning activities if I do that run. The only problem is that it is not a 10K... It's a five miler, so it's a mile less than a 10K. I suppose that's better than doing  a 5K. I'm going to continue to look to see what I find and see if there's a 10K somewhere in there. If not, I'll probably do the five mile race.

Oh! Here's where I'll try to solicit a donation... The race I'm running this Saturday is a charity race. It benefits the North West Indiana food bank.  I thought if anyone is feeling extra generous, I'd let them know about a donation opportunity. I do not expect anyone to donate, but thought I'd put this out there in case anyone would like to.

Of course, I'd also encourage you to look at charitable donations in your own area, if you can afford to give a little!

I suppose, it's time to go get some work done!! I can't wait to run! I also have to get some stuff done before another busy weekend arrives!

I hope you're having a great week!! Stay healthy! :)


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