Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume 5K Recap

I celebrated Halloween a little early this weekend, which is always fun for me. I love Halloween, especially the costumes and make-up... So much fun!!  With this early celebration brought another 5K. Having done two last weekend and going back to my regular training plan and only having ran twice during the week, I honestly was not feeling ready. I thought for sure I'd not only not meet my last time, but probably do even worse!

The race was in the evening, and there were not many participants.  Just about everyone was in some kind of costume. I was a little bummed that we weren't given bib numbers and it was clock-timed rather than chip-timed. I enjoy collecting my bibs as much, if not more, as I do collecting my race shirts!

First was the one mile fun run for kids. When they were all done, the 5K started.  It was a pretty easy route, up one street, over to the cemetery, through one of the cemetery loops, then out and down another street, before one final turn up the final street.  It was kind of nice going in a big rectangle. There were signs and people directing us along the way, but it would have been pretty easy anyway.  The cemetery, and knowing which way to go, would have been the only confusing part.

It was definitely the coldest outdoor run I've done.  It took me a lot longer to warm up than it did when I ran the previous two 5Ks. There was also a little wind, which made the first part a little difficult for me. Between the wind and the cold, I had a hard time getting my breathing where I needed it to be, which set me up to struggle for the rest of the race. With not very many participants it was kind of hard to judge where I was. I kept track of my time by my heart rate monitor but the miles weren't marked so I wasn't sure how I was doing. I passed someone, who had an arm band on so I could see the distance on her phone,  at almost 1.5 miles and realized that I was actually doing a lot better than I thought. I guess most of the participants were just faster runners than I am! I didn't want to be last, and I wasn't. Actually I knew the last place finisher and it happened to be a Mom and her young son! I know she's been running for  a while and it was awesome to see her getting her son involved in a healthy activity. What a great family bonding experience!!

Anyway, I was toward the end of the middle, so that wasn't too bad. I was probably the last of the middle finishers, as I was a short distance behind the others and quite a distance in front of the back of the pack.  I was happy with the middle. It's where I feel most comfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised with my time!! I thought for sure that my running was terrible and that I was going to have an awful time. Even though I felt like I was doing okay while I was monitoring it, I was still concerned. I know at one point I Thought "am I going to finish this in four minutes," which was my goal time. I started doubting myself but pushed. I pushed the last mile pretty hard, and not only did I beat my goal time, also setting a new PR! I took just under 2.5 minutes off of my final time from the timed 5K from last week! I guess I was right when I wrote about feeling like I'm going faster... I AM faster! It's nice to be down in the next time number group.

I definitely feel like I accomplished something by achieving a new PR, with so much time off the old one. Now I have a time goal in mind for the half marathon I'm going to do, based on this new time. I also have a new PR goal in mind.  I'm not out to reach that on my next run, because that goal would be taking almost four minutes off of my current time. I should say that's my ultimate goal.  My next goal time is taking just over a minute off of my latest.  Of course, achieving a new PR is always an awesome thing!!

The friend who ran the costume 5K also reached a PR!! She did such an awesome job, and her time landed her in the under nine minute mile group. She's amazing!!! I hope to be that fast in the future!

My next scheduled run is the five miler on Thanksgiving morning. I'm excited for it! This will be the my longest race, so far. I'm really hoping to find a 10K between then and February just to help build up some more race experience before my half marathon. A fellow blogger is also doing the Thanksgiving day run, so it'll be awesome to meet up! As of now I'm driving up solo, but since it's my Mom's holiday to work, I don't know that we'll be doing a whole lot during the day. We may have our Thanksgiving dinner later, after she gets out of work. Or maybe we'll just have something earlier, without her. Who knows... That's almost a month away. I don't think anyone has really planned that far ahead.  I have a small family so our holiday dinners usually include my parents, grandparents, and me. It's usually not hard to coordinate something for the five of us. Anyway, it should be a quiet day for my family, so sneaking away in the morning should work out wonderfully. I might see if my Dad wants to ride up there with me. SOMEONE has to be there to get pictures of me in my turkey suit! It will definitely be a moment that I'll want to have documented! It's nice to not be completely alone, although I'd do it.

Overall, it was a good weekend...Lots of fun, but not toooooo busy. Saturday was pretty relaxing. I didn't do a whole lot before the run. Sunday was eventful, but not crazy busy.  It was nice to have a weekend that was fairly relaxed. I don't have much going on this week so I should be able to get  some decent workouts done.  I'm looking forward to more strength training.  I probably will not do anything this evening. UGH! I'm not feeling well... Some kind of stomach bug is going around and I seem to have caught it. My tummy is bloated/swollen (seriously  I look three to four months pregnant!), painful, and I've been nauseated today. Yuck...Looks like tonight will be spent resting and recovering. Hopefully that will be gone by tomorrow so I can do my run and some ST. Wednesday I am going with my cousin to take her daughter out trick-or-treating. That's around six, so I'll most likely try to get up early in the morning to workout.... Hopefully my sleep schedule will cooperate!!!

Next weekend should also be fairly quiet... I have a couple things going on but no major running around to do. My cousin's little girl's birthday party is on Saturday and I'm making the cake. I may head up there on Friday evening because my decorating space is limited, and it'll be a shorter distance to travel with the cake too! I'm going to enjoy the casual flow of this week - hope you all are able to do the same!!

If you're an East Coaster, stay safe!!!!


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