Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here I Go!

Today is the first day of my half marathon training. I can't believe it's already here! I can't believe that my first half marathon is just under 21 weeks away. Wow! Time flies! I feel like it was just the summer and I was contemplating signing up for it. Here I am... Ready to start!

This will be my biggest fitness challenge, thus far. 13.1 miles... On foot, in one morning. By me? By me!! I mean, and thousands of other women, but I'm most concerned with myself (and my friend Kasey, who will also be running it).  I'm excited, nervous, and a bit scared for this event! Just a few years ago I was an overweight girl who had no desire to walk a mile. Now I'm training to run 13.1 of them....I'm sure there will be a couple walking breaks in there somewhere....Definitely standing in line breaks (photo ops with Disney characters)... Even so, it's amazing how much a person can change.

I have moments of great pride in myself. I'm going to do a half marathon. How many people can say that? I never in a million years thought I'd lose weight or I'd be preparing for this accomplishment. I feel so happy that I keep tackling new challenges. So much of this is being prepared mentally. I know that I can achieve these things, but there are times when I wonder what I've gotten myself into.

At those times I feel like I am tackling too much. I wonder if I really can do this. I worry that I won't make it. I've published this on the Internet. I'll feel embarrassed if I don't finish. I'll publish it anyway, because now anyone in the world could know that I'm training for it. I try not to think negatively. I think positively... I'll finish this, even if it takes me every second of the three-and-a-half hour time limit.

I may need that time if I wait in line for photo ops. Three-and-a-half hours for 13.1 miles is an average
pace of about a 16 minute mile. Many people can walk that... I know I can walk a mile in less than that. I can run a mile in less than that. My current mile is between 12 and 13 minutes. Yes, I am slow. Yes, I am hoping to increase my speed a little by the time race day comes. My first concern, though, is endurance. I'll worry about making sure I can go the distance, even at my slower pace, before I'll worry about increasing my speed. That might even be a goal for my next half (if there is one...).  If I am able to maintain my current pace, of around 12 minutes per mile, I'll finish the race in under three hours...Even with doing 12:something that will happen. I'm sure I'll ran faster at some points and slower at others. I'll for sure be wearing my heart rate monitor to help me monitor my time! I'll know what I need to adjust if I do that.  As of now I plan on stopping for character photos... That will depend on how I'm doing though. I have read that some of the lines have a wait of five minutes - or more! I definitely don't want to get disqualified or be unable to finish because I waited in line for too many pictures. I don't think I'll take pictures with all of them anyway; probably just the ones I really like.

Today is only a 30 minute run, which I did yesterday - plus a five minute cool down walk.  Of course I was technically working a bit longer than that. I had to take a break at the 15 minute mark to stretch. My shins were getting super tight. I realized that I got distracted before my workout and completely forgot to stretch. Not good! It's no wonder I felt so tight.

Anyway, day one should be nice... I can handle 30 minutes. 

Oh! I haven't decided if I'll do weekly or daily updates, but I'm creating a training page to chronicle my training workouts.

I'll also walk the dogs for an hour after the run.  I wish my burn today would be as high as it was yesterday! Of course, anytime I'm off from an activity for a couple days (longer in the case of the running), my body has to re-adjust, so my burn on day one is always higher. My burn for my walk was higher too... Which is what happens if your heart rate is already up from running. It stays up a little higher for longer, especially while doing other activities. 

Well, I'm off to finish watching Dr. Phil (I have special interest in this episode; I don't often watch his show) and working on a workout plan/calendar...Something pretty and organized. After the show, I'll get ready and run, then I'll probably take a short break before walking the dogs. I'm not sure how much of a break since it's getting darker earlier and earlier. YUCK!!! I miss summer when I could walk at 9 in the evening and it would be light! I'm getting hungry but will likely walk and then come home, shower, and have dinner.

 I'm particularly excited for dinner this evening - I'm making a cauliflower crust cheese pizza. I'll snap some photos for a food/photo post, if I remember. It sounds sooooo good!!! I'd eat it now if I could, but then I won't want to run right away, which will make me be completely off-track for the evening. That's never a good thing!

Hope your week is off to a healthy start!!!


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