Monday, October 1, 2012

Ode to my Allergies...

...You suck!

That's all.

Okay, so that wasn't so much an ode as it was two short statements.  Short and to the point though. My allergies are acting up, in full force, once again. Both yesterday and today I have felt so, so tired. I honestly just want to nap. Today is worse than yesterday. I have a sore throat, more of a headache, I'm stuff and dry, and one ear hurts. Oh and I can feel the swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  I am getting really tired of not feeling well with what seems like any weather or wind change.  Maybe I should have allergy testing done to narrow down exactly what things I'm allergic to.

I didn't do much yesterday (my cousin ended up not working because her daughter was sick - like vomiting and diarrhea sick, not just a cold).  The weekend was so busy that Project Bathroom wasn't completed. I did some work on it yesterday but just felt SO tired all day. I did a little more spackling and sanding so I should be ready to paint soon... As soon as I get the paint anyway. Hopefully that will happen later in the week or this coming weekend. I did manage to do the fun part - shopping for new bathroom accessories. One trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and I was done with that! I'm excited to get the walls done so I can put up my new decor!

Today, as tired as I am feeling I need to do something....Something more than sitting around or napping, which is exactly what I want to do. I'm going to do a short run; just 30 minutes because I need to get back into the running groove.  Every part of me does not want to run today but 30 minutes isn't that long. I also plan on walking the dogs for an hour. I haven't decided yet if I'll take the little bit longer route or not. Probably not. If  I spend half an hour running and then an hour walking, my calorie burn should be just fine.

I have a 5K to do in a few weeks and would like to beat my previous time. I am, for sure, doing it with one friend. She plans on walking it. I haven't decided if I'll walk it with her or if I'll run. I should run.  They added a 10K, which is what I REALLY should do, but I haven't found out about upgrades. Yet. I need to look that up. Also? My run for that Saturday is 4 miles... A 5K is too few but a 10K is more than needed. I guess I'd rather do 2.2 extra miles instead of 0.9 miles less. We'll see what I decide. If I don't do the 10K, I'll survive.

Also, half marathon training starts...TOMORROW. I can't believe how quickly that's come up! I thought about skipping a run today and waiting until tomorrow but tomorrow is just day one...and is only 30 minutes. I don't think running 30 minutes two days in a row is any big deal. I'm glad that this time has come. I need to get back on a good workout schedule and this training plan is just the way to do it. When I don't have a plan I do this or that, here and there. I don't like anything super strict but I also need some kind of structure. I am going to try to stick to running only the three days a week. I've had a problem with running too often in the past, and then I burn out. On the other days I'll continue my walking and biking, as well as add in some DVD workouts - haven't done those in a while.  Now, if only my body would cooperate with feeling well-rested.... Back to a scheduled bedtime I guess!!

While I've been "on-track" I need to get a better plan...More than a week or two at a time, which is what I've been doing. Time for a new planner!!

Well, I'm off to run, while I'm feeling semi-decent.

Hope you've had a great Monday!


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