Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh, How Times Have Changed

I had my meals for today all planned out, and tracked on MFP, last night. I went to work with my oatmeal packet, fruit, and nutrigrian bar - breakfast and snacks for the day. I planned on left over chili and a small salad for lunch, and pizza for dinner (this was pre-planned, so I built the rest of the day around it).  I hadn't eaten yet when my co-worker arrived and the smell of her asiago cheese bagel from Panera took over. As I went to make my oatmeal I said to her "your bagel is killin' me!" She had extras and offered me one. Normally I'd stick to my oatmeal but decided that the bagel (and cream cheese!) sounded ten times better today. 

This choice and the knowledge that dinner is going to be pizza changed my day a bit.  I knew that I would no longer be snacking on my nutrigrain bar, but that I'd still eat fruit. I decided not to eat chili for lunch and opted for a bigger salad.

My food choices were also dependant on the fact that I wasn't sure I'd be able to work out at all today (since I forgot to turn my alarm on this morning!). I usually try to stick to around 1200 calories on days that I don't workout.  I know that I will probably have some salad with my pizza tonight, which has not yet been tracked (because I don't know what it will include). After tracking everything I still have about 41 calories to eat to reach 1200 so I'm not worried. My side salad won't add on many extra calories; I'll end the day with no more than 1300 pre-workout. I do not like to eat back the calories that I burn during a workout so I won't be adding any snacks to the list (although a Starbucks skinny something or another does sound tempting right now). There's conflicting info on whether or not you should eat back what you burn. I've done both and haven't noticed a difference in terms of weight, so I don't. It's less to worry about!

My plan for this evening included a stop at the Under Armour outlet to pick up some running tights. This is stop is a bit out of the way so I decided I'll just go to a regular sporting goods store, or even Target, to pick up what I need for the weekend. By making this change in shopping, I can squeeze in at least a 30 minute bike ride before I go wild with running. I don't generally work up a major sweat when I bike so I can do this workout and not worry about smelling bad (or needing to shower!) after. 

By the way... How is it that some of you can workout over your lunch hour and go back to work? I certainly wouldn't have time to workout and shower. I sweat an awful lot when I do intense cardio, like running. Maybe I have a sweating problem? Or it's the type of exercise that I'd be doing. If I had the time (I only have 30 minutes to get home/let the dogs out/eat/get back to work) I still wouldn't be able to workout without showering. Not to mention the clothing change time and everything else.  Those of you who manage to do lunchtime workouts amaze me!!

I did manage to do squats for a minute at my desk today (fitness challenge), with no sweating issue. That's not exactly a workout, but given the running I've done this week, I could feel the burn (yes, even just doing a minute!!).

I feel so much better when I have things planned out. I can plan on being healthy but can also give myself some room for treats (like two pieces of pizza, which may change to one, who knows!). I kind of like trying to figure out changes and what will work, knowing which treats (in this case a bagel and pizza) I want to include. This is a change, even from when I started this journey. I hated writing everything down (at that time I kept a journal; no online tracking). It was kind of a pain to get into it, but then after a while it wasn't as bad.  It's funny to think back because then, just changing my habits would've resulted in some loss.  I wouldn't have had to track then like I do now.  For me, I think it's more important to track now than it was then.  I am still striving for a little more loss and because I have plateaued, it's super important to be sure to track everything. My body is resisting and I can't let myself get away with any little "extras" that I don't track.

At any time in weight loss or just healthy eating in general, I think it's important to track. It's good to see what you're taking in and what you're burning!

I've noticed lately that I'm posting a lot more fitness related stuff on my (personal) facebook page. My other page is for the purpose of health/fitness so that's about all I post there. I have found several races coming up and keep posting links to try to convince some of my friends to join me. I am having fun finding races that I want to do. I'm also having fun trying to recruit my fit-minded friends! Even those friends who just want to walk, I'll ask to join me.

In the past I'd be trying to figure out which friends I could convince to join me for a night out... Usually involving dinner, drinks with dinner, and then drinking (probably followed by some kind of unhealthy snack/meal after).  It's interesting how my perspective on what's fun to do with friends has changed. I'm sure part of it is age and the fact that many of my friends are married and/or have children. I also think that my healthy lifestyle is part of it.  Now the idea of going to do some kind of a race with a friend (even if we don't run together) sounds more exciting to me than getting ready for a crazy night out.  I do partake in nights out now and then, but I can honestly say that I get more excited for a race.  I think the biggest thing I enjoy about a night out is the getting ready part.... Choosing an outfit, hair and make-up, and accessorizing. I LOVE getting all dressed up and looking good.  That's probably the best part of a night out for me.  Races are not quite as fun to get ready for when it comes to the appearance portion of it.  Well, they weren't... Until now.  I've discovered how FUN it can be to have some sort of a theme or outfit for a run. 

For the color run, the theme was white with a colorful tutu.  The mud run? Something practical. I puffy painted on my tank for that one.  This weekend's dash is Halloween themed so I'll be going 80s style.  I decided that because it's October, and even though it isn't a cancer fundraiser race, I'm going to go with a pink (breast cancer awareness) theme for the food bank run on Saturday. That's a no-brainer for me because I love pink. I'll be going dressed as Cinderella for the half marathon.

Outfits!!! Outfits make races so much more fun! As long as you can run (or do whatever challenging thing you need to do) in an outfit, it should be fun! As someone who loves getting dressed up (and fashion in general; shopping addict? Maybe.), this is the perfect way for me to keep races interesting. Even if I'm going alone or no one else is dressing up, I'm going to find a way to make my race outfit fun. 

Next on my race agenda is (possibly) a Thanksgiving morning race.  It will likely be cold, so whatever I decide to do will have to include a warm base layer.  I'm not sure what I'll wear. I thought of a turkey costume but in the limited time I've searched I haven't found anything.  My Party City search resulted in Big Bird, a peacock, a penguin, a fire bird, and Angry Birds.  A penguin would be fun for a winter race of some kind. Not for Thanksgiving though. Oh! I should note that there is one adult costume but it appears to be for a man. And it's 50 dollars. That's more than race registration. I'm not sure I'd get enough use out of a turkey costume to spend 50 dollars on it. Maybe I'll just get a fun turkey hat or headband to wear. I really like the Big Bird costume but I'm pretty sure Bird is not a turkey. Possibly a relative of a turkey but I don't think Bird and Thanksgiving go together well enough.

Any ideas?

Scratch that.

I just multi-tasked and found the same turkey costume online somewhere else that I can get for $30 (including shipping!).  The costume was cheaper to begin with, but also qualified for a 35% discount. Hmmm.  That might very well be the deciding factor in this Thanksgiving morning race I'm looking at!! I want to do the race anyway, but the crazy turkey costume is an extra incentive.

I'm pretty sure that this Turkey Costume will be comfortable enough to run in (as long as I get the right size and it isn't too big!).

I'm not sure what it is that's making me so into races all of the sudden. Maybe it's the two that I'm doing this weekend. Maybe it's the fact that I'm training for a half marathon so more race experience would be good, even if it's just a 5K.  Or maybe I'm just on a major fitness kick right now and I want to share my passion for fitness with others. 

There is also a slight possibility (or maybe more than slight) that the race swag is very tempting! I was thinking the other night about the race shirts and bibs I'm accumulating. Honestly, I feel kind of "cool" with the collection that I have. I have done two local 5Ks, a color run, and a mud run.  Now I'm going to add another small/local 5K and a fun Halloween themed run to my collection. A few years ago I never would've thought of even walking a 5K. I know that's only a few miles but actually signing up to participate in something would have been MUCH different than just walking a few miles on my own. As large as I was, I could have done it, but the thought of walking with a bunch of other people prevented me from doing so.

Races have become one of my new hobbies.  They give me something to work toward, even the 5Ks... I strive to be faster and set new PRs.  Of course, the color run was walked and not timed, and the mud run was a completely different thing, so I only have two timed 5Ks under my belt. It's a starting point and I hope to set a new PR at one of the races this weekend.  The Monster Dash isn't officially timed, but I will time myself (as I mentioned yesterday, as long as I push the button on my HRM!). And if I don't? That gives me something to work on for the next one! Not only are the runs fun to do on race day, but I also have to prepare for them.  My workouts help me do that...I guess races help me stay motivated to do my regular workouts.

My growing collection of t-shirts to reflect this new hobby make me feel pretty rad too.

Yes, I said "rad."  I'm getting into 80s mode for my run on Sunday.

I suppose that's it for now.  I can't wait to post race recaps, hopefully with a picture or two! I've at least got to share my fun outfit pictures if nothing else.

No matter what you're doing, find some time for a little fitness this weekend - make it a good one!!


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  1. I'm totally with ya on the hour lunch break workout. I can't see fitting in a good work with what little time there is between driving to the gym, changing clothes, working out, showering, then heading back to. Someone that can do all that within the hour is pretty amazing, indeed!
    I've been follwing your blog for a while now but I could never comment. My work internet blocks blog pages to where I can view them but not write on them. I found that if I get onto the visitor wifi here at work then I can comment as well. So, now I have my own weight loss blog and I comment on other blogs. WOoHOo!!! :0)