Friday, October 5, 2012

Running: A Headache Cure. Seriously.

I had such a headache yesterday that I did not want to run. I wanted to lay around and use it as an excuse for missing a workout. I try not to miss workouts unless I'm feeling really yucky... Generally it's allergy related respiratory stuff that's impacting on my breathing, or something worse. I know that, for me, a headache is not a reason to miss a workout. I know that I can take a couple pain meds, give it half an hour, and my headache will at least be relieved a little, if not gone.  I didn't take anything yesterday... Instead I just got ready, stretched, and started running.

As I ran, my headache diminished.  Then I realized it was gone. Completely gone. No more headache. Running, the one thing I did NOT want to do, made my headache go away. I felt SO much better after my run...Energized, as usual.  I was also feeling "runner's high." My run yesterday was the best of the week. The two days I ran earlier in the week were not so great... I didn't stretch well enough so I had to stop and stretch. I ran slow, and at my faster pace I felt like I tired out so easily.  Yesterday, I was feeling tired. Combined with the headache I thought I'd have an awful run.

My run was great! My body must be adjusting to getting back into the swing of things.  I ran faster than I did earlier in the week. In fact, my slow pace yesterday was my faster pace earlier in the week.  I struggled with it on both Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday the pace seemed too slow for me.  My heart rate wasn't as high as it had been at my slowest pace earlier in the week. Not only is my body adjusting but I think that by doing some CT on Wednesday (biking and a DVD), it gave my body a little break from what I'd been doing.  I also think that stretching longer than I had been before my workout helped!

By the time I finished my run, the rain stopped. Instead of doing a DVD I got ready and walked the dogs for an hour. I was glad to get out! It was a little chilly, but that was okay.  We kept up a good pace at our walk too and I managed to do the usual route in less time and I burned a few more calories. Of course, I did make them run with me a couple times (it was definitely cool enough for that). We didn't do long periods of running... Just enough to make them tired.  I knew that when poor Buddy (my big guy) started lagging behind, it as time to give him a break from the running. I think we ran a total of three times... I'd say no more than a half mile each time. It wasn't far or long, but it was a little extra running and it felt good. 

I had intentions of getting up early to workout this morning (just a half hour DVD - BBL), but of course I couldn't sleep last night. Ugh! Sleep is just as important as working out, so I opted for a bit more sleep. Sleep always wins.  Not just because I want to be lazy (although some days that's the case). There's a lot of research that shows how sleep can impact on your weight, and your overall health. Seriously, look it up sometime.

I'm doing some walking this evening; about an hour I'm sure. I am babysitting again tonight/tomorrow for my favorite little girl, so she, her Momma, and I will walk. Then the three of us are meeting some friends for dinner.  After that, the little one and I are headed back to my house for a fun no-rules kind of night/day. Well, there are kind of rules because I'm not going to let her run wild and be naughty. But we focus on having fun. Generally there's some amount of spoiling involved - whether it be what we do, or what we buy! I will probably do my half hour of BBL after she goes to sleep tonight.  I can pull the curtains and do it in the living room instead of downstairs in my mini-gym. Or I guess I could go down there...I'd still be able to hear her. Either way; I'm squeezing that extra 30 minutes in tonight... As long as she goes to bed on time like a good girl!

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a two mile training run. I'm not sure how we're going to work that out yet. I'll either get up super early and go downstairs and do it before she gets up (FYI, I am doing 30 minutes even though two miles does NOT take me 30 minutes), I'll put her in the stroller and run with her, or I'll do it when she's napping. I'd like to do it outside, but I don't have a jogging stroller which can be problematic. I also see that the weather might be fairly "yucky" tomorrow. When I looked last night, it was supposed to be fairly chilly and rainy. I am not going to take her out in the stroller in that kind of weather. Soooo we'll see... I'll fit it in somewhere. That might be the only fitness I get in tomorrow. I'm seriously considering getting up early and doing it. Then when she's napping I can do a light DVD workout or two. If it ends up being nice, I'll take her for a walk outside.

I'm not sure what Sunday will bring yet. I know I'll be finding some meals for the week and getting groceries. I'd also like to be able to paint the bathroom. I can't wait to have it done!!  I'm going to see if I can get some help with the rest of the fixing of the wall tomorrow. I'm doing okay with it, but I think someone with more experience could get it done faster...And I am anxious to paint! I've given it a good effort. I'm just not as fast as I need to be in order to decorate. Those poor accessories have been sitting in a bag for nearly a week, awaiting their new home in the bathroom. I really need to get it done - for the sake of the accessories, of course!

I suppose that's the update for now. I'm ready to go walk and burn some calories so I can enjoy dinner! As much as I'd love something fairly unhealthy, I'm going to stick to a healthier option tonight. Well... That's the plan right now anyway. I know that can always change later on, but I'd really like to have some calories left over at the end of the day, soooo I'm going to be good.

Have a great Friday evening!


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