Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Day Cleanse: Completed.

I completed my cleanse last night, and while I did not stick to it 100%, it went well. There were a couple times when I didn't resist temptation and had a few pieces of popcorn but I didn't think they'd be too significant.  I intentionally ingested some carbs yesterday because I was not feeling well.  I realize the cleanse is to get the toxins out of the body, but when something effects my health in a negative way, I'm going to fix it. 

I recognized the signs as typical of when I don't eat enough... Shaky, headache, and some nausea. I ate some mini graham crackers and felt much better.  All of my ailments resolved and I was back to normal.  I advocate for health so even if I am knowingly doing something like a cleanse, I'm going to make myself feel better.

Overall, the cleanse wasn't bad. At times I was tired of the shakes and just wanted it to be over. At other times, I didn't mind the conveniece of it. By last night I was tired of the same ol' dinner. Now that I don't HAVE to have them, guess what I had for breakfast... A shake, with a cup of sliced strawberries in it (what I had for lunch yesterday).  I did go back to my typical morning cup of coffee rather than tea though.

I do feel good.... Healthy.  I don't know if that's just where I am right now, a combination or factors, or due to the cleanse.  I wasn't doing this for weight loss, but I did see some loss in the last few days. It could be partially due to water retention from last weekend. On Wednesday, day two, I was two pounds lighter than the day before the cleanse. Yesterday I remained the same. Today I was another two pounds lighter. Over the course of the week, I lost four pounds. Results show that people can lose between three and six pounds.  I'm assuming some of mine is due to loss of fluid retention from the weekend, so I may have lost only a pound or two on the cleanse. I can't say for sure. I'm really not that concerned with weight loss related to the cleans because my belief is that weight should be lost through healthy eating and exercise. Period.  I don't typically agree with shakes, pills, or other "miracle" products (that likely result to gain later on). 

I will continue to drink my shakes, and they actually work well for me as a breakfast item. They're convenient and healthy, so I'll continue to drink them off and on for breakfast. I generally use the shakes as a post-workout protein boost. They will probably continue to be my main source of protein after  a workout.

This cleanse is meant for only three days... If you try the cleanse, please do not do so as a means of weight loss.  And definitely do not carry it on for longer than you should.  I added fruit to my shakes so that I could reach my daily caloric intake. Fruit is optional and only if you "need" the extra calories. Because I was still working out, I added fruit. I also didn't like the idea of being below 1200 calories a day and had I not worked out, I still would've added the fruit.

Some people wrote about using the bathroom frequently. I took this to mean that they had to have a BM rather than just pee. The way I read it, sounded like these poor people were having major issues. I did not experience those. I probably went a little more than usual, but I had no emergency situations arise. I think that from the extra water in the shakes, I probably peed al ittle more than usual but that's about it. If anything they helped me clear toxins that way and kept me well hydrated!!

I will probably do this again. It seems like a good way to clear the system of toxins. It's recommened to do a cleanse once every three months.  I think I can handle that. Hopefully next time I can follow it exactly.... No tempting popcorn in the house (in my defense it was from Garrett - have you had that stuff?! It's like crack!!! Okay, so I don't personally know what crack is like, but I imagine that comparision comes from the addicitve quality...You get my point). I will snack on some pre-workout carbs though, if I feel sick. I feel good; healthy, so my thought is that it worked. I haven't done anything else differently than normal so it's likely that's the reason I feel a little better than normal.

So... That's that. You can read more about my experience in my Cleanse Diary

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