Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Day Cleanse Diary.

I talked about this in a previous post. I'm keeping a diary of the cleanse that I'm doing. I'll jot notes on paper throughout the day and then type them all up in summary form in the evening.

Day One:

7:45 AM: Forgot about drinking tea in the morning. Fired up the Keurig and made coffee instead. I'm not wasting a k-cup, therefore I will have a cup of coffee instead of the tea. Wonder if I should start tomorrow.... I'm already off-track with the cleanse. I don't think one cup of coffee on day one will be all that harmful to the cleanse results though, so I'm starting today as planned. Well, I planned to start yesterday but forgot and wasn't prepared.

Noon: Not so bad so far. I am just now starting to feel hungry. Debating on whether I'm going to lunch shortly or wait until around 1:00. I have a meeting at 12:45 so I could go at either time. I'm not super hungry yet and would rather go later and have a shorter afternoon.  Eating a little later may help me get through until dinner or my next shake. I'm going to do 30 minute run so I'm thinking I will save the extra protein for post-workout. After that will be dinner. Plus I run horribly after eating/drinking something heavy. I also have to go to the store to pick up a few things before I go home so I will definitely need the lunctime shake to keep me full a little longer. Yup...Later lunch it is.

12:30 PM: Definitely hungry. Probably because I am preoccupied with this cleanse. I'm drinking my lunctime cup of tea now.  Maybe the extra fluid will make me feel full until shake time. Starting to feel like this is going to be a long three days. Hopefully it's just because this is day one and I'm adjusting to it.  Nuts and Teddy Grahams are starting to look very tempting. 

1:12 PM: Home for lunch. Not looking forward to the shake. Actually does not sound appetizing. I want actual food.

1:20 PM: I think my blender is starting to die on me. I had trouble getting it to work, leaving chunks of ice in my shake. Despite being a little runny (due to the ice not breaking up like it should), my shake was good.  I may have eaten (did eat) a spoonful of rice too. Not a full spoon; just enough to get a taste. Shake tasted good; wasn't unappealing like I thought it would be. I think it was just the idea of having to drink it.

2:47 PM: Still feeling full from lunch!! I was afraid I would get hungry early. As long as I stay full until after a light jog, I'll be happy. Feeling pretty good... No issues so far.

5:30 PM: Still not hungry like I thought I would be.

6:00 PM: Starting to get hungry. Started my 30 minute run

7:00 PM: Started dinner. Super hungry.

7:15 PM: Ate a couple pieces of popcorn. Stopped myself. Drank a big glass of water.

7:40 PM: Dinner! Finally! Wondering when I'm going to manage to have another shake. This dinner is big for me.

8:34 PM: Could not finish all of my dinner. Still munching on some of
the veggies. Making a shake at 9.

9:17 PM: Finished my shake. I really don't like them so runny but it's not bad. One more big cup of water today and then I'm done.

Day Two:

Although I am not doing this for weight loss, and did not weigh yesterday, I am down two pounds from what I was Monday morning. I honestly think it's just typical reduction of fluid from eating out over the weekend.

7:00 AM: Feeling good this morning; not hungry. Making tea.

7:44 AM: Blender is broken; comes on and makes noise but is not blending. I'm having to put my arm on the lid and push down really hard in order to get it to work. Shake is runny with chunks of banana that didn't blend like they should have.

9:10 AM: Hungry.  Drink shake.

9:27 AM: Co-worker's bagel smells amazing. Tempting.  Almost done with shake and starting to feel full.

11:32 AM: Marketing rep from an organization stops in; gives us Halloween candy. Stressed at work + candy = major temptation. I hide the little goody bag and resist.

11:45: Eat apple for my snack.

1 PM: Hungry. Having my lunchtime shake. Can't wait until Friday when I can eat normally again.

1:10 PM: Ate some popcorn as I struggled with the blender, because it was taking SO long. Popcorn is a definite weakness. Not so good for a cleanse but did not eat more than a few bites. Again. I think I'll be fine.

3:30 PM: Drinking tea that I didn't have time to drink at lunch due to poorly functioning blender.

6:00 PM: Walking the dogs.

7:10 PM: Dinner - left overs from yesterday, which I'll eat again tomorrow. I'll be happy to be done with eating only (mostly, despite a couple snacks) cleanse-approved foods.

10:30 PM: Getting ready for bed; realize I didn't drink my third shake of the day. Oops.  Between that and the few bites of non-cleanse food I'm thinking I'm not doing so great at this. Everything I've read say it sould be followed exactly. I get that's how a cleanse works - to rid your body of toxins of course you have to follow the plan.  I still think I haven't done too bad and, overall, I must be getting rid of something!

Day Three:

My final day! At times, I am THRILLED about not having to forego food and drink so many shakes. At other times, I think I'll miss them. I'll still drink them sometimes but not as often. Of course now that I don't HAVE to drink them, I'll probably want them!

7:00 AM: Weight is the same as yesterday.  Good thing I'm not doing this for loss. Feel hungry.

7:45 AM: Make shake. New blender works wonderfully - so much faster than yesterday!

7:50 AM: Warm up water for tea, and throw tea bag into cup before leaving for work.

8:45 AM: Finish sipping tea.  Not feeling all that hungry.

9:00 AM: Drink my shake.

11:45 AM: Hungry!!

12:00 PM: Finally eat my apple.

12:3 PM: Really getting hungry.

1:04 PM: Head to lunch; have another shake and water. No time for tea (or room in my belly!) too.  Will have it this afternoon instead.

2:39 PM: Noticed that today (mostly this afternoon) my stomach has felt.... different; not quite right. I'm not feeling sick. I'm not sprinting to the bathroom as others have noted.  It is a little painful, but maybe that's just gas or something moving around.

3:24 PM: Tea time. Have a headache.

4:11 PM: Not feeling well; feeling like I need to eat. Snacked on mini graham crackers so that I can workout.

4:33 PM: Feeling better. It must have been that I needed to eat. Time to write then workout.

5:12 PM: Started workout. Running followed by ST.

7:00 PM: Dinner. Just a salad tonight... Not feeling like eating the chicken or steamed veggies.

9:00 PM: Shake time.

**** for those of you questioning weight. I'm down four pounds from Monday.

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