Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to Clean

I'm feeling a bit better today, but not great...Not like doing much. It's also a bit dreary out today so I'd really love to sit on my couch and do nothing.  That is not what I'm going to do though. I'm going to tackle today's workout and then accomplish something around the house - another step toward getting the bathroom done would be wonderful.

For the workout...

Since I am training now, this is a cross-training day. I am definitely looking forward to it, as I become a little burnt out on running when I do it too often. I plan on biking (inside; stationary bike) for an hour. I am also going to do one of my Rockin' Body DVDs. I'd like to walk the dogs too but it's raining. They don't like anything to do with the rain.

As far as working on getting my bathroom done, I realized that the painting is not the difficult part. While it'll be the most physical and messy, it's easy. I know what to do.  What I really need to get started on is cleaning out my "stuff."  I have many bottles of lotion that are less than 1/4 full. I don't want to throw them away because it's a waste.  I have a lot of jewelry (the cheap stuff) that I don't wear. Why do I have it? I'm mostly organized but could use a bit more space.  I need to get rid of some stuff. I honestly have more beauty products in my cabinets than I use (or need!).  I'm sure some of it must not be good anymore. 

That's my entertainment this evening... Purging the bathroom of stuff that I don't need. I was going to do this last weekend but didn't have the time. It will be nice to get it done. After that, I will probably spend time relaxing (likely doing something crafty).

I need to do this with more rooms in my house.  I have way too much stuff... And that's all it is, really, is stuff.  I look at pictures of lovely homes online (for inspiration and ideas for redecorating) and these homes are so simple and clean. They're streamlined. I realized that they are not packed with stuff. The people who own these spaces don't have as much stuff - or they have great places to hide it. My living room and guest room are pretty much like that... I don't have too much stuff laying around. My basement was recently purged of junk (well, this summer) so that's pretty decent. Minus the tons of clothes that I need to go through and put away (think baskets and those hanging racks). I'm great at doing laundry; not so much at putting it away. Plus I need to pack up my summer stuff, which will probably help a lot. It'll go into totes and onto the shelves.

 My room and my craft room are, by far, the worst. I need to go through the stuff and get rid of some of it (although in my room it's clothes and shoes - ahhhh! NOOO! I cannot get rid of these). My craft room is fairly small. I have a lot of stuff. It doubles as my workspace, so my computer desk is also in there. I've thought about moving the computer/desk to the living room but I don't know... I feel like it'll look too crowded. It's not that I'm dirty but things can become messy and disorganized when you have too much stuff and a lack of storage space. I've gotta figure out how to make my computer/craft room more organized. I think that room really is a matter of finding a better way to organize everything than it is getting rid of stuff. I could probably use some more shelves and better storage. The closet is small but I think I can fit an organizer on the floor in there (this requires getting rid of stuff that I don't use that is stored in there).

This will be a good fall project... Operation Get Rid of Stuff and Organize.  I really would like to haul things out before winter (or before bad weather hits, anyway). It's more of a pain when the weather is sloppy. I'll worry about purging my closets and then organize things. That would make more sense than trying to organize and then get rid of things.  This will also help me get my winter projects ready (scrapbooking!).

Cleaning and getting rid of stuff is a bit like losing weight. It feels so good... Once I start, I want more. It feels good to streamline things (for me anyway). I like being organized. Doing things like this make me feel a great sense of accomplishment.  If I'm busy with other things or working out, I'd rather maximize my spare time and get something done!

Here's a challenge... Do something this week or weekend that is an accomplishment to you (big or small). Do something you've been meaning to do for a while but you've been putting off. Do an extra workout. Plan a menu for the week. Whatever it is, do something that will make you feel good when you finish it! I find that doing so helps me stay motivated and focused in other areas too!

Off to workout!


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