Monday, October 8, 2012

What a Weekend!

I had quite the weekend... It was not at all how I planned it would be! It wasn't all bad; definitely had good moments. There definitely some bad parts though.  I think that because I'm short on time (errands to run, an appointment, and I want to get a walk in before it gets dark) I'm just going to do a quick recap post.

Friday - I had dinner with friends and then did some babysitting. All went well there. My cousin's little one spent the night so I was able to get a few things done after she went to bed. I prepped our meals for the next day and cleaned up a little. I didn't workout because... I was tired. Yup, I skipped doing a DVD because I was too tired. However, I DID walk with my cousin before dinner... So it's not like I did nothing. I like to do at least a walk if I can't get anything else done - it makes me feel like I accomplished something, and it's fun - especially when I get to socialize while doing it!

Saturday - I had my cousin's daughter all day, so I spent time playing, coloring, dancing, and of course cooking lunch. I also worked on her Halloween costume while she colored, for a few minutes anyway. We did laundry and dishes in the morning. She's a pretty good little helper.

I also asked my Dad to check out what I'd done in the bathroom because I was afraid something wasn't right.  He looked at it and said I did a fine job. He finished the rest of it for me though because I thought he'd do it quicker. The plan was do sand it down and prime it after that. When he finished he decided to check things over in the basement.  When he went down there he found a big puddle of water on the floor.  My drain pipe had to be cleaned out (stupid tree roots). I think it was interesting that it happened when he was there.... I hadn't noticed it at all before. I also haven't ran the dishwasher, washing machine, and tub all at the same time in a while though. Maybe it was able to work its way through before, but when so many things were running it overloaded it? I don't know. He rented some contraption (I don't know the name) to clear the drain of roots. While he was gone, and the little one was sleeping, I did my run. I didn't think it'd take very long for him to clean the pipe out, which I was totally wrong about.  The rental place gave him a defective piece....After 3 1/2 hours he said that was it, he'd try again the next day so that he could fix something. By this point it was after 6:00 and I still hadn't showered. Soooo I packed up, and we headed up to my parents' house.

My cousin and her sister came over for dinner. We had cousin time after her daughter went to sleep and her sister went home.  We were supposed to stop by a friend's birthday gathering but because I was running so late, that didn't happen. We were going to go earlier and be back by like 9:30....Just to stop by and celebrate with her, but didn't want to be out too late. I'm bummed that it didn't happen but things for me were just too hectic.

Sunday - My Dad was able to get the roots busted up and clear the drain pipe. I was happy to know that I would be able to return home and do average things like being able to shower, and laundry. I did not enjoy not being able to use my water on Saturday!! I was going to sand, clean, and prime the spots on the bathroom when I got home but I was just too tired.  I guess the events of the weekend wore me out, and not sleeping in my own bed on Saturday night wasn't so great for me either. I didn't get good sleep, or much of it.  I did some grocery shopping and a few other things, then I just relaxed (meaning I'd go between watching TV and doing little things around the house). I took a workout rest day (which was needed since I was dozing off on the couch at 7:30!).

It was just an odd weekend... Things seemed "off" for some reason.

Today life is back to normal. I won't get a major workout in but plan on doing about an hour long walk after I do my errands. I have a chiropractor appointment so I don't do a lot on those days anyway. I'm pretty sure that just walking won't cause me any damage.

I suppose I should get going and get my errands done... These things won't wait!


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