Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Valid Excuse?

What happens when you don't workout because you forget? Is that a valid excuse? Or is it just that, an excuse. I think that if it's accidental and you intend on making it up, it's valid.  I did that this morning.  I hit snooze a few times and did not get up to workout. I didn't think, "oh I'm not doing this" or "I'm too tired."  It was not a conscious thing. I simply just forgot that I was supposed to workout this morning. I have to say it's the first time I've done that.  I must have been tired from not sleeping well on Sunday night. It didn't even dawn on me that I hadn't remembered to workout until I was up and getting ready for the day.  I had one of those "ohhhh...." moments.

I will be working out this afternoon. It's not like it will be a missed workout; just at a different time. I was planning on doing part of the workout this morning (running) and the rest this evening. It's not a problem to do all of it this evening, it just wasn't what I had planned to do! I wanted to get back into the routine of getting up early, since I will have to tomorrow and Thursday. I also have some other things to get done this evening, which I could've used that extra time to do.  I was only planning a 30 minute run this morning since that's what is scheduled, so it's not like it's a huge inconvenience to have to do it all this evening.

However....  I may extend the 30 minutes....Not much but a little.  It's pretty warm today and with my outdoor run coming up on Thursday morning, it would be good to run outside. It's a little dreary and has rained on and off all day, but it's not too bad. Warm clothes should be enough. I think I can handle a little rain. I may need to change before I do my other workouts, but I suppose that's okay.  What's a little more laundry? I'll likely do more than the scheduled 30 minutes, which is pretty typical when I'm outside.

The thing that always stops me? My dogs.  I hate having to put them back in the house and not taking them with me. They're alone all day, except for when I let them out at lunch, and I feel guilty when I do something after work and they're stuck inside, all alone, again.  I would love to take them with me on my run, but it just doesn't work. They love walks and do well with them.

Running is an all together different type of activity. They're very easily distracted, stop abruptly, one dog has to sniff everything, and the other likes to dive-bomb the grass and bite it.  They go in opposite directions, often causing me to do some tricky moves to avoid getting tangled up. Oh, AND my Buddy is not a runner - unless he's playing or chasing something. He's kind of a big guy and gets tired easily. Walks are about all he can handle. 

The other thing that stops me is that I get tired of the same old route. It's the same scenery which I find boring. I could run other areas, which I try to do in order to give myself some variety but I'm limited on running places. It stinks, and makes outdoor running just as boring as treadmill running. I think that's why I like to do so many races - it keeps things fun an interesting. I suppose though, that with running on Thursday, I need to run outdoors, so I'll deal with the boring nature of the run.

After my run I'll need to do my DVD workouts, one of which won't be bad. I'm not looking forward to the other. It's my Turbofire Stretch 40 workout, which is essentially yoga. UGH. I am not a yoga fan. It does relax me though, which is usually nice. I'm not sure how productive I'll want to be after doing yoga though. I suppose it doesn't matter what I'll want to do; I need to get things done tonight.

I guess I should stop procrastinating and get running, before it starts to get dark!

I hope you've had a great Tuesday!


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  1. haha. Totally been there. Of course that's a valid excuse! You were unconscious! And you planned on making up later!