Friday, November 30, 2012

Change O' Plans.

I try to make plans that I can stick to. I try not to be too ambitious with my plans so that they don't go flying off the tracks. Then sometimes life happens and plans go astray anyway. Oddly, this seems to happen on the weekends. Well, for me anyway.

I had big at-home plans for the weekend... Cleaning, painting, and decorating for Christmas. My cousin texted me this morning asking if I could babysit. Naturally, I don't mind doing this and I have a super fun time with the Little Miss, but this has caused me to try to figure out what to do about my plans.  Now I need to figure out what to do. I have about an hour and a half of working out scheduled... TF and BBL. Together I've got about an hour and fifteen minutes to do. I can do that right away, so I have no worries...Except that she'll be here around 7:00 and I'll need to eat, shower, and pick-up a little before she gets here...Or at least hide her Christmas gifts that are in the big Christmas gift box in my living room. Neither my cousin or her daughter will care if the house isn't sparkling. But still... I'm getting down to CRUNCH time.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to run seven miles. I was hoping to sleep in a little before I do this.  Little Miss will be up around 8:00, I'd guess. Based on my treadmill time (slower than my outdoor pace), it'll take me over an hour to do this run.... Roughly an hour and 20 minutes. I'll have to get up early, on Saturday, in order to get this run done before she gets up. There is NO way I'll be able to do a treadmill run after she gets up. She'd get into too much stuff. I also don't have a jogging stroller, or we'd bundle up and head outside.

My option is to switch my workouts... I'm not sure I want to do that though. I'm not in the mood to run seven miles right now. Then again, I probably will not be in the mood to run it later in the day when she naps either. Plus I'd have to squeeze in a shower and she generally doesn't nap for that long. I suppose my best bet is to run now and do whichever DVD work I can get done tomorrow before she gets up, or during her nap time...Or maybe even while she plays. I can see her trying to do the workout with me...Could be fun!!

I was looking forward to a high burn tomorrow but I suppose tonight is okay. I don't have plans on eating a lot more where I need extra calories tomorrow so I should be just fine. I know the DVD workout will be less of a burn, but I also plan on cleaning (with a two year-old - ha!) tomorrow, so that will be a little extra.  She shouldn't be too bad to handle while cleaning... I have enough toys for her to play with, and she'll probably try to help me. If anything, I won't get as much done, or as in-depth, as I would like, but I'll be able to do something at least.  I'd like to get a jump on that now, but I really need to get a workout in.... Especially these seven miles!

Painting will likely not happen until Sunday. MAYBE sometime tomorrow if I can figure it out. I should be able to get a good jump on it while she's napping. My bathroom isn't that big, the current color is light and I'm painting a darker color, so it shouldn't take a terribly long time. I can also work on it alter in the night, I suppose.... And maybe finish Sunday. I'll save decorating for Sunday afternoon, after football of course. Or maybe I will paint on Sunday. We'll see. After writing about it I want to do it tonight! Probably NOT a good idea though!

I have a fairly busy weekend ahead, but it'll be a good one. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my favorite little girl and getting some stuff done around the house.  I might get a jump on some of it tonight after I put her to bed. We'll see how tired I happen to be!

I'm still considering doing a run on Sunday morning. My friend said she'll do it with me if it isn't raining. I'd like to do it but also have a couple other things I'd want to do while we're in the area. I'm pretty sure it's not nice to take up someone's time shopping for new running shoes when you're only planning on a five mile run. I don't HAVE to shop for shoes tomorrow but since the run is right by the shoe store, it would be nice to just stop by and get them. I suppose I can always get shoes a different day!

I guess it's time to go hit the treadmill....At least if I want to get this run done and have time to, at least, eat and shower before the girls get here. I know my cousin doesn't care about what a mess my house is, but I do!! I also know it's not like it's that bad but I like to have things picked up when people come over.... Siiiighhh... I'll survive.

Plans may go off-track but sometimes a little rearranging is all it takes to get things done. I have a new plan (well, sort of... I know what I want to do; just not when) and hopefully it will work out as I hope. Whatever happens, I am planning to accomplish the things I'd like to this weekend!! Hopefully all goes according to plan. I know I can't control other people and situations but I can control as much of it as possible!

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!!


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