Monday, November 19, 2012

Fitness Plan Change and Other Assorted Topics

I decided that on days that I do long runs, I'm not going to do any extra workouts, despite what I have already scheduled. I'm also finding that I really enjoy and need my Sunday rest days. I work hard all week and having one day that I do not have to workout is a great idea.  Not to mention I've been busy the last two weeks (and sick last week), so pushing the Saturday workouts to Sundays hasn't worked well. I'll still leave them on the schedule and if I get to them,  I will do them.... But they're not going to be as something I have to do like my other workouts.

Saturday, after my long run I wasn't feeling like doing anything else. I was tired and sore. I wanted time to do some fun stuff too, without having to worry about when to fit in another hour of exercise. I thought I'd do it on Sunday, but didn't get time. I came home in the afternoon, and by the time I unloaded the car (did some Christmas shopping this weekend!), then went to get groceries and my dogs, got home and unloaded the car again... It was already after 7:00.  Sure I could've left earlier (but honestly, I didn't want to!) to come home, or I could've worked out after I got home, before I got groceries and such, but I just didn't feel like it.  I also had to unpack all of those shopping bags and try to organize some of the gifts. Getting that stuff done (and the bags off of my floor!), plus a little cleaning was my priority. Sometimes I just need a day to not worry so much about working out and be able to focus on other things. This is especially true when I have a busy weekend or I am away from home.

So... My new plan...

1. Long runs only on long run days. If I feel up to doing something in the evening, fine - but it's not required.
2. If I don't do those workouts, I'm not obligated to do them on Sunday. Sunday is my rest day.  If I have the time and decide that I want to workout, I'll do those workouts as a Sunday bonus.
3. Weekly workouts will continue as scheduled.
**The exception to that will be this Thursday when I do a non-routine long run in the morning. I may or may not workout in the afternoon.

That's it... Not many changes. I'm being a bit more lenient with myself because of the long runs. As I've increased my run duration, I've realized that my body might not be ready for those extra workouts. I guess that's all I've changed; the workout plan for long run days. I also happen to think it's important to have a rest day, so instead of stressing about getting something done from Saturday, I'm not worrying about it. Stress isn't good. Sometimes we all need a rest day. I had originally scheduled a rest day, so this isn't really a change.. This is just me actually following my plan.

I'll admit this week is not off to a good start. I was supposed to get up this morning and do part of my workout, but I didn't. I had planned on it; set my alarm for 5:30 and everything.  However, I did not sleep well last night. It took me a while to fall asleep and then I had trouble staying asleep. I think I slept the best the last two hours before the alarm went off. I opted to hit snooze several times and stay in bed until I had to get up. I don't think I slept well (all those pesky alarm clock interruptions!) during that time, but I was able to at least doze a little. I suppose a little extra rest is better than none.  Anyway, so thanks to not sleeping well I was not in the mood to get up and work out. I wasn't in the mood for much of anything and was pretty cranky when I got up!

That means that tonight I'm in for about two hours of working out, which I don't mind. It's a nice way to spend the evening, although with the Holiday coming up I do have some other things that I could be doing. I could start packing (leaving for my parents' Wednesday after work)....But I feel like I just unpacked. I don't even have everything put away yet!

The long weekend will be pretty eventful. I know that I'll be getting up to do at least part of my workout the next two mornings. My workout for Wednesday is all planned for the morning anyway. I've planned on going to my parents' for the last couple weeks, so I didn't schedule anything for the evening. I currently have two workouts planned for Thursday, but as I noted a few paragraphs ago, I'm running in the morning so if I don't do the afternoon/evening workouts, I'm not too worried. 

The rest of the weekend is kind of up in the air. I'm not sure exactly what is happening, or when, which is kind of nice. My Mom's birthday is on Saturday so I know we'll go out for dinner. I know I'll run in the morning and workout again at some point. My Friday workouts will be done whenever I can get to them; possibly another longer block of working out rather than two workouts but that's okay!

I'd like to have some time at least on Sunday to get some things done around the house.  I'm honestly looking forward to the following weekend...There is nothing planned and I can spend a Friday night at home, work out on Saturday, clean, do laundry, and whatever else my heart desires. Maybe I'll finally paint, and redecorate, the bathroom (if for some reason I don't find time this weekend!).  I love everything that I do; I love being busy and spending time with loved ones and friends. BUT sometimes... I just want to be at home, in my element, doing what I want to.... Yes, a whole weekend of that would be amazing!!

In other news... I lost a few pounds this week! That basically puts me back to where I was three weeks ago since I had a gain two weeks ago.  Hopefully I'm on the right track and my weight will continue to go down. I won't be pleased if it goes up since I've been working so hard!

I weighed-in on Friday morning again last week, instead of Saturday. I'm glad I did so that I had a weight to record for the week! I was planning to weigh again on Saturday but forgot to pack my scale. I don't like to use different scales because of the potential for inaccuracy. I also forgot to do my measurements  (this is only the third week) or check my body fat, which I should have done because of the change in pounds. 

I will do all of that this Saturday morning, before I run! Even if I don't have my scale, I'll use another one. I know that one of the scales at my parents' weighs me about three pounds heavier than my scale. I often wonder which is accurate, but for my sake it doesn't really matter. I'm calculating my weight based on the scale I've been using for a while... Whether it's accurate to other scales or not. Hopefully I'll remember my scale so that I don't  have to worry about it!

I suppose it's about time to get to that two hour workout block. I say two hours but it's really not that long.  I have one DVD program that includes a 45 minute and a 10 minute workout, and another that's a 41 minute and a 10 minute workout. I'll only be working out for 106 minutes, which is clearly NOT two hours. At any rate, that's close enough. Who knows... I'm in a running mood, so maybe I'll run for 15 minutes - just because. Or bike. Or nothing because I'll most likely be too tired to do either!
I'm pretty happy with my workout schedule for the week. I'm not as worried about what I'll be eating and how many calories that will be, or whether it will cause my weight some havoc.  I also know that I don't eat a lot in one sitting. I never have; even before I lost weight I'd get full fairly fast.  The problem then was eating two hours later when I wasn't stuffed anymore.  I will definitely not be doing that!

My plan, other than exercise, will be to eat the things that I want, but in moderation... Except for things like lettuce salad (will watch my dressing intake!), and fruits or veggies that haven't been jazzed up with all sorts of unhealthy things.  Let's face it... Green beans are healthy. Green bean casserole? Not so much. I'll be filling up on the things that are fresh and raw (I'm sooo hoping for a good lettuce salad and a veggie or fruit tray!) and eating the other things in moderation. My usual rule is one portion of the meat (in this case, probably turkey), either one scoop or a half scoop (depending on the size of the spoon!) of things like casseroles, mashed potatoes, stuffing... And one small piece of dessert.

Alcoholic beverages in moderation. This will probably be the bigger issue for me - more than the food! I will focus on having fewer beverages than normal, and will base how many classes of wine on what I burn (as well as other calories consumed).  Hey, a girl's gotta make sure that some wine will fit into the plan!! Well, this girl does anyway!

I'll continue tracking, as usual, this weekend.  I think that it's more important to track what you eat during holidays. I know that I cook a different way (lighter) than my family.  It's really important for me to be accurate with my tracking because the light version of a dish isn't the same as the regular version. If you want to stay on track throughout the holidays, be sure to be diligent about tracking what you're taking in as well as what you're burning!!

I'm not sure how my updates will be this week, with it being Thanksgiving and me being busy, but I'll update as much as possible! I know I'll at least have time to post tomorrow, and most likely Wednesday.  I hope to find time to at least post a quick race re-cap on Thursday (hmmm...if someone goes with me, like my Dad, and drives then I can do it in the car on the way home). After Thursday though, I'm not sure when I will post! It may not be until next week.

Happy Monday!


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