Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Weekend and Feeling Sick

I last wrote on Thursday which seems so long ago now... Let's see...

I wrote pre-maturely on Thursday and my plans for Friday changed. I was unable to do the things I wanted to do and left later than I had planned.  I guess that's what I get for writing early!! I think that's part of why I don't like planning sometimes, because plans can change so easily. Oh well... Life goes on, and part of a longer weekend is better than none at all!

I did get up and workout on Friday morning, at my usual early time. I decided that even if I couldn't enjoy the day like I had planned, I knew I still needed to workout. I did my planned workout, and also a run, which was made up from Thursday night.

Saturday ended up being a complete rest day. I took workout clothes with me, thinking maybe I'd get up early to do my Saturday run, but I didn't sleep well Friday night and thought I'd rather sleep a little longer. I did set my alarm early, but when it went off I was too tired, so I quickly shut if off and enjoyed another hour of sleep until it was time to actually get up.

Saturday was the Michigan-Northwestern game - what a game!! WOW! There were ups and downs, and it was super close, with Michigan finally winning in overtime.  It was very, very intense (following a very intense Kentucky basketball game on Friday evening), but a lot of fun.  I honestly did not think that they would win, but somehow with 20-some seconds left they made a couple plays, tied, and sent the game into OT.

We tailgated before, and after the game for a while (to allow traffic to clear out) before heading home. By the time we stopped for dinner and got home, it was late and I was pretty tired!!

My eating was pretty good this weekend, despite meals out and tailgating.  We ate out Friday and Saturday nights. That's more sodium than I like in my diet, but I was hungry and didn't want to skip meals.  I hadn't eaten much during the day Friday so I definitely needed to eat.  I had a breakfast burrito - two egg whites, one egg, and fat-free cheese, in a low carb tortilla, coffee, and later a skinny latte at Starbucks. Dinner was half a burger and some fries. With my workout in the morning, I burned quite a few calories so I ended the day with a surplus.  I'm sure the shopping we did helped me burn a few extra too - mostly just from walking, but a little extra is a little extra!

I thought that tailgating on Saturday might be a disaster but it wasn't.  I had been having leg cramps so I grabbed a banana (potassium!) and a mini muffin at the hotel, which I had with some coffee. While tailgating and then at the game I had a bagel (asaigo cheese from Panera...Yuuuuummmmy), one of the cupcakes I had made, a brat, and a handful of popcorn. When we stopped on the way home I had some chicken wings for dinner. I may have enjoyed a Bloody Mary or two at some point during the day. I really didn't get any exercise...With no workout and sitting to watch a game, and then sitting in the car, the walking to/from the stadium and in the tailgating area really didn't do much of anything...  I didn't walk anymore than usual (probably less!) so there was no benefit from that.

My plan for Sunday was to plan on doing my Saturday workout.  That didn't happen. I started vomiting early on Sunday morning and felt horrible for the rest of the day. A family friend, my Dad, and some other people that I know have all recently had the same thing...Some nasty stomach flu has been going around. My Dad came down with it Saturday morning and yesterday he said he was feeling a little better but not 100%.  I spent the day laying around, doing pretty much nothing.  I must have been really worn out because I kept sleeping off and on, which seemed to increase over the day. I'd watch TV for a little bit and then fall asleep for a while, then I'd wake up for a few and fall asleep... I just could not stay awake.

I couldn't even watch my beloved Bears last night. The moments I saw were either decent or completely terrible.  I went to bed during half-time, which I'm glad I did. It sounds like they continued to play horribly. Had it been a good game I may have tried to push myself to stay awake but it was horrible. Although, good game or not I may not have been able to stay awake. I wasn't even really into watching the game. For me to not be interested in something I enjoy is a pretty big thing!

Of course, yesterday I was feeling too sick to eat so perhaps that's what saved me from the weekend sodium retention I thought would hit. I did attempt to eat something small in the afternoon but that didn't go so well.  I managed to sip some water throughout the day but that's about it.

I'm feeling a little better today, but definitely not back to normal yet.  My stomach has been hurting and I'm still tired. I haven't had any nausea, hot/cold flashes (awful yesterday!), and my body isn't quite as achy as it was, so that's good. My Dad called earlier and said that he's just starting to feel better today (he got it on Saturday) and said to plan on it taking about three days to feel better. Today would be day two. I'm hoping that I'll be feeling pretty much back to normal tomorrow.

In addition to this "flu" I managed to develop a rash sometime during he night. Just on my chest. I haven't noticed any splotchy red bumpy areas anywhere else.  Odd.  I haven't changed soaps, detergents, or anything else so I'm not quite sure what caused it. If I had, I'd have a rash other places too. I wore a new scarf, over a v-neck shirt, on Saturday but I would think that the rash would've shown up before this morning. I'd also think that I'd have a rash on my neck too, if it were from that.

Oh!! I just felt my neck, and there are bumps there too.  Maybe it is from the scarf! I still don't know why it would've taken so long to show up though.

Anyway... I have been putting some Aveeno cortisone cream on it, that I bought after surgery for itching. It's helping it to not itch (I think... I'm no sure if it has really itched at all).  Oddly, I feel sore on my chest area...Like I'm bruised or something. I haven't injured myself or done anything that would cause bruising, so I'm guessing that the tenderness goes along with the rash. It's pretty much in the same area. The rash isn't something that would cause a problem with a workout or anything else.

I'm undecided about a workout today. I did not get up to do an early workout like I had scheduled this morning. I just didn't feel up to getting up early... I was still so tired and not feeling so great! Part of me wants to workout and part does not.  I feel like I could probably handle it, but then feel that I should probably rest and just wait until tomorrow. And when I really think about it, just the thought of doing any of it is exhausting!

If I workout, it's not a running day, so I won't be doing anything super intense... I don't think. It is the first day of TurboFire today, but it's the very first DVD. I'm sure a lot of it will be learning how to do things and won't be as intense. TurboFire in general is supposed to be an intense workout, but I can't imagine the very first workout being too much. I guess I can always start it and if it seems like it's too much, I can wait. 

I really don't like skipping workouts but I know that sometimes I need to...Like when I'm not feeling well. I struggled to make it through work today (just because I was tired and wanted to be at home, on the couch). I don't like to call-in to work unless I'm really, really sick. If I can handle a fairly mild day, then I usually go in. That's what I did today...I didn't have a whole lot going on, so I thought I'd stick it out. I was tempted to stay home at lunch time but I will be off this Friday so I didn't want to miss a lot of today too. I suppose had I called-in I could've had that long weekend after all....But that's definitely not the type of long weekend I would want!!

I suppose I should get off the comfy couch and at least attempt to do some kind of workout. It won't be intense, and I'll follow any modifications given, just because I'm not feeling well. Normally I skip modifications (unless for some reason I cannot physically do something), but today I'll do them.  I'm not expecting a huge calorie burn with this workout, but maybe getting up and moving around a little will help.  We'll see how I feel after I start some laundry and change... That might be enough to tire me out on its own (but I doubt it).

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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