Thursday, November 1, 2012


I missed posting yesterday because I was pretty busy. Immediately after work I went home to finish my workout. I didn't give myself enough time to do it all in the morning so I had another 20 minute DVD to do.  My DVD kept stopping during the workout and then about halfway through it just stopped. I had already messed with it a couple times, so instead of taking more time to do that, I just got my ipad out and looked for what I thought were probably similar exercises on YouTube.  It seemed to be a fine substitute and I felt the burn. That's what was important!

Luckily it was just a light strengthening workout so the extra few minutes didn't matter much. After my workout I ate changed, and dressed my dogs in their Halloween costumes. We went to meet up with my cousin and her little girl (dogs stayed in while we went out!).  The three of us did some trick-or-treating(well, Reilly did) house-to-house, stopped at Uncle's church for a big event, and then we stopped by a friend's house to show the little one off.  After trick-or-treating we hung out for a while, chatting, and laughing at Reilly who was experiencing a major sugar buzz! She definitely loved her candy!!

When I got home I pretty much just got ready for bed, did a couple things, and went to bed.

It was a busy, but fun evening!

I was pretty tired this morning so I didn't get up to workout. I wasn't planning on it anyway. I have certain days that I'll do morning workouts, but today wasn't one of them. I COULD have, which would make my evening a little less hectic but I didn't. I'll be home this evening but it'll be busy.  In addition to my workout I will be baking the cakes for Reilly's birthday cake. Her birthday was on Tuesday but her party is on Saturday. I want to get the cakes baked ahead of time so that I can ice and decorate them tomorrow night. Usually the decorating part can take a while and I want to be sure I'll have the time to get it done.

After work I went to the bank to deposit my check and activate my new debit card and then to the store to buy some baking essentials.  I'm going to make two kinds of cake; chocolate and yellow, both which will be filled with a raspberry filling. I think raspberry goes well with both of those cake flavors. I'll probably make that tonight too, so that it's one more thing that's done and ready to go tomorrow when I assemble the cake. It'll be iced with buttercream icing. I thought about fondant but not many people eat it. Sure it looks pretty and smooth, but icing is usually a bigger hit. I will be using fondant to make some of the cake decorations.

Before the fun of cooking dinner (shrimp tonight - yum!) and baking, I must do my workout. Since I didn't do part of it this morning, it'll be about an hour-and-a-half session. I'll start with 30 minutes of running and will likely do a five minute cool down walk, as usual.  After that I have part of my hybrid workout to do, which will total about 55 minutes. I'm actually ready to go get this workout started - because it means I'll be done with it that much faster!! In all honesty I'm feeling a bit tired this evening and don't even want to workout, but I know that I have to...Need to... Deep down really want to...And that I will feel better, and accomplished, when I'm finished.

I'm only starting day three of my new program and I can feel it working already. If I feel it, it must be working... Right!? My body is definitely sore from my BBL and Rockin' Body DVDs. I'm pretty sure I'm using muscles that I haven't used often enough in recent weeks. Now that I'm thinking about it, working out doesn't sound as bad as it did a minute ago. I'm actually looking forward to doing Rockin' Body. Normally running is my favorite, but that's the part I'm less enthusiastic about today. I think that Rockin' Body has an advantage over running though... That advantage is that it isn't BBL. I love BBL but doing it yesterday made me pretty sore! I know that it's a good soreness, but I'm looking forward to changing it up and working less on my booty and more on other areas today!

My DVDs don't burn a lot of calories so feeling the soreness in my body is what makes me want to keep doing them. If I wasn't feeling like I was getting results in addition to not burning many calories, I would quickly quit doing the DVDs. As long as they keep making me hurt and I burn at least a couple hundred calories, I'll stick with them. With these two DVDs though, it's all about the burn!! I recently ordered Turbofire, so I might add that into my routine on days that I don't run, just for some extra cardio. This will definitely require more morning workouts!!

I suppose I should get to work so that I can get this workout done and move on to dinner, then baking!!

Hope you're having a great week! With Halloween being yesterday I felt like it should have been Friday instead of Wednesday! I'm definitely feeling like this week has gone by slowly. I'm more than ready for another weekend!!!


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