Thursday, November 29, 2012

Over 17,000.

WOW! I wasn't paying much attention to my page views but I noticed the number when I logged in today. Over 17,000 views!? Thanks to all of you who have read this... Whether one, sporadically, or every entry, it's awesome to know that there are people who are actually reading what I have to say. I hope that at least some of my entries have helped some of you (okay, I KNOW I've reached a few of you - thanks for the response!).

I don't really have much directly related to physical health and fitness today.  Last night's workout was not as intense as my usual workouts. It was just as long in duration, but much of it was muscle building. I did my least favorite Brazil Butt Lift workout - High and Tight. It's my least favorite because it works me the most. After that was BBL Leandro's Secret. I ended up doing a few extra minutes because the DVD starts to freeze at points part way through (has since I got it; must be scratched or something). Both of those were not very intense, although they were agonizingly painful at points. That's a good thing... And I certainly feel it today.

After that I did TurboFire Low HIIT 20 and stretch 10.  I like this workout. It goes by so fast! I'm still new to it and am learning the moves, which can take a little time. I think that because I'm still learning, I'm not putting maximum intensity into it, so my calorie burn isn't all that high. Hopefully as I learn I'll become more intense with my movements.  I suppose that's the point of the "prep" class.... To learn how TF works and to learn the moves before really getting into the higher intensity stuff.

Just like the previous nights this week, I had trouble sleeping last night. It took a while to fall asleep and then I woke up a few times during the night. Again, because of that, I did not get up early to workout. I'll be doing a long workout tonight....Just five minutes shy of two hours is what's on the schedule. It'll start with a run, only 30 minutes today, so that will be nice.  Then I have a RB workout to do, that last 45 minutes. Then I am supposed to do TF Stretch 40.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it, but if you missed it... Stretch 40 is basically 40 minutes of yoga hell.  I hate it! I have a friend who did TF and skipped that one.  It's a very tempting idea.  I know yoga is good for me and helps the muscles and such but honestly...40 FREAKIN' MINUTES? It is pure torture.

So that's that.

I'm currently trying to figure out my workout routine for next weekend. I'm flying to Florida for a good friend's wedding. I'm taking an early flight on Friday morning so I'll leave Thursday after work so that I'm closer to the airport. This means that I'll either do only my morning run, or try to get up super early and do my entire workout in the morning. We. Shall. See.

Really Friday is the only day that could be difficult.  I suppose I could take my laptop and do some DVD work on Friday evening. Saturday is a running day, so I'll at least get a three mile run done.... Along the lovely Florida coast. I think a beach run will be a great idea, even if it's longer than three miles. I'll be in Sanibel, which is on the Gulf of Mexico. It looks lovely, and I will be sure to enjoy an early morning outdoor run. I can almost smell the ocean air now!! I also have DVD work to do that morning, unless I decide to go for a longer run.

Here's a question... How does one go about flying with their laptop? I've never done it. I just haven't had the need to take my laptop anywhere I've flown. Now that I'm doing this fairly strict workout regime, I'd like to take it with. Just because I will be away doesn't mean I can't workout. Can I stash it in my carry-on or do I have to use it as my "personal item."  I'm too afraid to put it in my checked bag, as I do not want it to magically disappear - or get ruined.

I am SO excited to go!! I'm excited to be there for two very good friends when they get married. I love this couple. They've been together for about a hundred years now (okay maybe I exaggerated) and they're so great together. I'm glad I will be there for their special day!! Sunny, warm Florida will make it an even better experience! I guess I should start digging out a couple summery things for Friday afternoon and Saturday. It will be 76 degrees and sunny both days...Well, that's the high so somewhere in the 70s I would guess.

Also...I did NOTHING Christmasy last night. Instead I soothed my muscles in a hot bath, while reading Shape and Fitness. Oh! I did listen to the music on the Rockefeller special so I suppose that counts as something Christmasy.

Well, time to go workout! I'm still undecided about yoga. I might skip it completely or do something else. I really do not like yoga. At this point, I think I'll skip the stinkin' yoga. I know, I know... It's good for the muscles, but it's 40 minutes of torture. 40 minutes that I could be doing something else.  I think that if the RB workout wasn't 45 minutes on its own, I'd be more willing to do yoga. Honestly, though, after running for 30 minutes and doing a dance workout for 45, I'm not going to want to do 40 minutes of yoga. Maybe I'll do something else though. I just can't deal with the thought of yoga tonight. I'm already tired, the last thing I need is to go into a state of relaxation (following yoga) when I have things I should be doing at home... Like trying to get Christmasy. Again. We shall see what happens this time! A bit shorter of a workout means more time to be productive around the house...
Hope your week has been good to you so far!!


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