Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ready for the Weekend!

I am taking tomorrow off to have a bit of a long (but busy) weekend. I'm taking a little road trip to see a Big Ten game - should be a fun time!  I decided that I will be adding my Saturday workouts to Friday morning and Sunday (time to be determined, but probably in the evening). I spoke with my co-worker and judging from the time it'll take to get from the hotel to the stadium, even a short run in the morning would be hard to do. I mean, it's Saturday, I'd like to sleep in at least a little bit (meaning that it'll be maybe a half hour later than normal!). I'd actually have to get up earlier than normal to do a run. I decided that for me, making Saturday a rest day and working out Sunday sounded like a better idea.  I just have a DVD workout to do on Sunday, so that won't be bad. I'm bumping my training run to tomorrow morning, which will be two days in a row, but at least I know I'll get it done. All I had scheduled was a 45 minute DVD workout, so another 30 minutes added to the morning won't be that big of a deal!

I'm happy I have that all figured out!!

Tonight I'll be getting ready for the weekend - after I workout of course.  I did not get up this morning to do my training run so I'll be doing that before I do my hour DVD workout today.  An hour and a half isn't so bad all at once, it's just nice when it's broken up. I was so tired this morning though! I got up, then by the time I got ready, I was cutting it close on time. I wanted to have enough time to dry and straigthen my hair this morning because I got it cut yesterday... Soooo I wanted it to look cute, not all wavy like usual.  Anyway, so I'll be running then doing a DVD.  A 30 minute run isn't all that much.

After the workout, I'll make dinner and then pack a little.  We will be tailgating before, and maybe after, the game so I'm making some team or football (or both?) themed cupcakes. It'll just depend on how I want to decorate them when the time comes. Naturally I'll be baking them from scratch. I enjoy baking and just am not a fan of boxed mixes. I only use them if I absolutely have to! Anyway, so if I have the time to make three colors of frosting I'll do both. Otherwise I'll just do one.  Actually, to save time I may buy frosting (I don't like to do that either though!) for the football cakes, and make it for the others. We'll see.

I took all day tomorrow off but still plan to get up early.  I will have a little over an hour of working out to do before I get ready to leave. Then I have to take my dogs to my parents' and get an oil change, which hopefully will not take too long! I plan to be up early so that we can get moving. I'm on a time schedule so I HAVE to get up early to get that workout done!

Then it's mini-road trip time!!

I'm a little nervous about Saturday being a rest day. Given that I'll be tailgating I know I'll be eating some food that I don't usually eat. I'm sure we'll have dinner after the game/on the way home too. When I don't workout I try to eat around 1200 calories... I'm not so sure I'll be able to do so on Saturday. I guess it's one of those things I'll just have to live with though, right? I will be as good as possible, but let's face it football food and restaurants do not always mix well with low calorie diets! In addition to the cupcakes, I will be making a healthy snack to take with too! I'm not sure what yet... Something easy that I can throw together the night before or in the morning on the way from the hotel to the game (depending on whether or not the hotel has refrigerator - I forgot to ask). I will be consulting my good friend Pinterest this evening. I have a couple ideas, but sometimes I see a new idea that I want to try.

I suppose that should be about it for now. Given that yesterday's post was so long, I'm sure this is plenty.  I'm not sure how much I will post this weekend since I'll be busy, but I will try to at least post something tomorrow.... If not...

Until Monday...


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