Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seven Eleven

No. I am not posting about the convenience store. I'm referring to my workout today. Which, by the way, wore me out so I did not do my second workout... Maybe tomorrow. By the time I was done with the run, more exercise wasn't a fun idea. I'm thinking that on long run days, long runs are about all I will be doing. I will either skip the other workouts or move them to Sunday.

Today my long run was scheduled to be six miles. I was on a 2.25 mile track so I ended at 6.75 instead. By the time I did a cool down walk I ended at just over seven miles.

This was my longest outdoor run so far. Actually it was probably my longest run period. I ran the majority of it but did take a few short walk breaks when I needed them.

Yay for small victories!

That was just the first. The second was my time. I did the first two laps at 11 minute miles. Not bad! My speed is definitely improving. I did not run it quite as fast as I did the last 5K, but it was about a 15 second difference (slower today). I didn't think that was too bad considering by the end of lap two I had run farther than during that last 5K. I was able to do a longer distance just a little slower. I'm happy with that.

Just past the halfway point in the third lap, I was definitely getting tired. It was around that time that I slowed down, and also walked a little more. At one point I walked slower than my walking pace (hey, a girl's gotta talk for a few minutes now and then!). Had I not walked and talked, I would have finished that last lap a kittle faster; closer to my times from the first two laps. It took me two minutes longer to finish that lap, so I'm sure slowing down had something to do with that.

Oh well... By the time I'd passed the five mike point, which is the distance of my run on Thanksgiving. I was pretty happy with my time and I honestly had to stop myself from doing another lap at the end. I did about an extra half mile of just walking, so that I could cool down before leaving. It was obvious that I walked that in cool down mode because that plus the walk back to the car (not that far) took me ten minutes. It took me that entire time to get my heart rate down out if fitness mode to the fat burning (slower heart rate) zone.

I was tired as I ran (and walked) but I wasn't too exhausted. When I did my cool down walk, I was actually to the point where I could have continued. I'm pretty happy about that! This means that my endurance is improving, which is a good thing since I have a half marathon coming up in just over three months!

I did just over half of a half marathon today and did well. Tired? Of course. Exhausted? Nope. Based on my time today, if I stick to that I will finish the half marathon in less than three hours (my goal). Actually it will be about 2.5 hours. This is at a comfortable pace for me.

Obviously if I push harder and try to go faster I'll tire and will have more difficulty. For my training I will focus on consistency at my current pace rather than trying to improve my time (although that would be great!).

There will be a lot of walkers to deal with, as well as characters to pose with, at the half marathon. I am not going to change my goal based on my faster time. I'm still planning on about three hours as a goal because of the walkers and photo ops.

Although it was a successful day, I was a little annoyed. The website and sign at the park where I ran advertise a 2.5 mile perimeter trail. One marker at the starting point of the trail states that it is mile zero of 2.2. I mapped it out and the path is 2.25 miles around. I'm not sure if the people noting the mileage on the website and big sign realize it, but 2.25 and 2.5 miles are not the same!

This is especially true when you're monitoring your time. Believe me that time can add up! I'll admit that when I thought the route was 2.5 miles, I felt kinda like a badass. I thought that I was doing 10 minute miles! It's a little obnoxious to realize that you have not, in fact, established a new, faster mile time!

I'm happy though... With my time, performance, and the workout in general. I burned over 1000 calories today in one workout; for just over an hour. Usually to come close to that (in the 900s) I have to workout for two hours.

Over seven miles and eleven minute miles? Not a bad day! I'll take it!!

Well... It's bedtime. Fresh air (it was so nice out - I got a sunburn in November!!) and a workout should make me sleep well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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