Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Spirit has Arrived

I'm not sure what has happened but I'm suddenly hit with the Christmas spirit. I was not feeling it until today. In fact I was so not feeling it that prior to Thanksgiving when people suddenly started posting things about Christmas, I got annoyed. I mean, let's get through Thanksgiving first! I will say that I started my Christmas shopping before that. I actually finished with a couple people before that. Believe me though, it was a small start.  I wasn't really thinking of Christmas prep, just getting a jump on shopping. I finished shopping for someone else over the weekend and started on a few more people.

Here it is, after black Friday and cyber Monday and I've got the bug. I want to do more shopping. I want to decorate. It must be all of the posts I'm reading about people getting their trees and decorations ready. I usually wait until at least December first before doing any decorating. Often though, I wait until my birthday, which is 15 days before Christmas.  I guess it was just a habit I got into. I mean, why rush through one holiday to get to the next. The holiday I'm referring to would be my birthday. Not that I decorate my house for my birthday (although a fun, glittery, pink explosion would be a wonderful idea), but I like to get through that before I worry much about Christmas.

Not this year.  I was actually going to start on Sunday evening but decided I was too tired. The last couple days have been longer workout days, so by the time I'm done with everything I have to do, I want to relax.  Today I have the Christmas bug. So much so that I would like to start decorating now, rather than working out. However, if I do that, it will make working out even harder to start, so I will be waiting until post-workout, post-shower, and post-dinner to consider doing anything Christmas-like. I've gotta make room for the tree so maybe I'll just wrap some presents tonight. That might help satisfy the urge a bit. I hope.

Or maybe some online shopping. Aeropostale has some awesome deals going on right now and American Eagle has some cute stuff in stock; some on sale. I know of a couple people who I can shop for on both of those sites.  It might be a good time to do a little of that, especially if I'm feeling tired.  It looks like the weekend will be pretty decent and since I have decided to stay home and get some things done, I might save my decorating for Saturday. I'll try to do my cleaning on Friday evening, although if I'm tired I'll wait until Saturday. After that I'll decorate, and on Sunday I'll do whatever else I need to do. 

I'm considering running a race on Sunday morning. It's only five dollars to register (then shirts and such can be purchased at the race) and it will be a fun one. It's either a 2.5 or 5 mile race, revolving around the uber popular mustache.  Yup. It's a Stache Dash! Sounds like fun, huh?  I have some fake mustaches but they're not all that amazing. I wonder if I can create something fabulous by then! Not that I have any ideas at the moment but that's okay...

I also REALLY need to take advantage of the warm-ish weekend, and a rare weekend at home with no major plans, to re-do my bathroom. Confession? I still have not even painted it.  That's on the agenda for this weekend, and I should probably put that at the top of the list; over Christmas decorating (but after cleaning). I also really need to go through Mt. Laundry (in my basement) again. I have a ton of clothes that are clean, but reside in baskets in the basement. I'm sure I have some that I can store until spring too.  I don't mind doing laundry.  I hate putting laundry away.

So... This weekend will be full of running (seven miles on Saturday) and random things around the house. I'll get some groceries on Sunday afternoon, and may do that run in the morning, but other than that my home is getting some much-needed TLC this weekend. I can't wait!

I should say that's my plan anyway.... We all know how planning goes sometimes.

Tonight's workout is a little shorter than the last few have been...Only 80 minutes this time. I don't expect it to be a big calorie burning day, so maybe I won't be so tired after working out.  I've been tired all week; morning and night.  My plan has been to do two workouts a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I haven't done that all week; which explains the longer evening workouts. I've been tired. I've had trouble falling asleep and I've woken up at night. I'm more fatigued than normal. I think this is a combination of having a couple things on my mind and hormones. I'm also feeling super hungry this week, which is why I think that the hormones are playing a part in my fatigue level.  They usually do. 

I think that what has been on my mind might be getting me into the Christmas mood.  It's partly distraction, partly hope.  It's not something that I'm going through, but a family I'm close to is. These are people who are very dear to me and they've had a difficult time the last several days. I think that my embracing Christmas, I'm being hopeful of their situation... That things will get better; that things will be righted; that they will be able to celebrate Christmas as a family. This time of year should be a time of joy and togetherness. Not sadness and uncertainty.

It's reminded me of how important it is to be thankful for what we have; how lucky I am. It's made me take a moment to really think about what's important to me. I guess that's put me in the mood to get ready for Christmas because Christmas, to me, is a time of family and a time of love. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, so the romanticism of Christmas really gets to me too... I just love it... Even just sitting with only the Christmas tree lights on, sipping hot chocolate (or tea!). It's a comfort to me. And I just love the twinkling of Christmas lights. As much as I hate snow and the cold, one of my perfect marriage proposals revolves around Christmas, which is generally (in this area) accompanied by the cold and snow.

I think another part of me is seeking out the comfort that I feel around Christmas time. I need that sense of warmth and that sense of love. In working toward that comfort, I'll be distracted so that my mind is not running wild or I'm not focusing too much on the situation at hand. I'm refusing to accept that Christmas will be any different than it should be, and has been, for this family. I know that what will happen is what will happen, but I have to remain hopeful and positive, and this is what helps me to do that.

Well... As if I wasn't already emotional, my own thoughts and words have just made me a bit more emotional. More than a bit, I'd say. I suppose it's time to go workout. That will allow me to focus on something else and escape from my own thoughts for a little while. 

Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday!!


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  1. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I hope your entire December is filled with that special Christmas spirit.