Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving, and the Weekend

Well. I did not post like I had planned. I was hoping to have at least posted something about the run on Thursday. I knew the rest of the weekend would be busy, but I didn't realize just how busy it would be!! I suppose a recap, divided by day will be the best way to put several days of missed posting into one post.  I'll try to keep it to a summary so that it isn't so insanely long!

Wednesday - Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and grandparents. My Mom is an ER nurse and had to work 12 hours on Thanksgiving, so we had dinner early. I hadn't gotten an intense workout done that day, and due to having an appointment only worked out in the morning. My burn wasn't even 300 calories. I tried to keep my eating light earlier in the day because I knew dinner would be heavy.  It was.  I didn't get out of  control but ate more than I normally would've. Since there were so few of us, my Mom bought a turkey breast to roast for dinner rather than a whole turkey.  I had a small piece of turkey, some cheesy potatoes (which became breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - hey, they're like hash browns, right!?), green beans, squash, a salad, fruit, a little broccoli salad, a dinner roll, and a pumpkin cheesecake shooter (light dessert thanks to Skinnytaste!). I kept the scoops of healthy stuff big, and the not-so-healthy stuff (hello, potatoes) small. I drank water.  I tracked everything but ended up being over calories for the day anyway.  I don't like that I couldn't measure/weigh my food exactly and I didn't have the exact counts for some of the foods (like the potatoes and broccoli salad - everyone makes theirs differently).  I'm not sure if my counts were really far off or at least somewhat close, or even under, but I tracked as best as I could.

Thursday - I got up early; my alarm went off about 5:30 but I'd been a awake since 5:09. I stayed in bed until about 5:40 or 5:45 before I got up. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and then changed into my running gear.  I toasted a bagel, filled a water bottle, and headed out the door around 6:20, goofed around with the GPS (I didn't know where I was going within the city - Thirlby Field, a HS football stadium), and finally hit the road about 6:25. I ate my bagel and drank my water on the way. I had about an hour-and-a-half drive from my parents' to get to the Traverse City Turkey Trot. I arrived around 8, picked up my packet, and then just relaxed in the car for a while.

I had planned on wearing an awesome turkey costume but there were very few people dressed in costume. I also realized that running five miles in the costume may have been difficult. And hot. The costume was left in the car. Maybe if I do a 5K next year I'll wear it for that... Or maybe even a longer race, just with fewer clothes on under it (unless it's cold!). The weather was beautiful...Sunny and the temp was decent. I think by the time the race started, around 9:00, the temp had to be around 50. That's not bad for a Thanksgiving morning run in Northern Michigan! By the time I headed home, it was around 60... I think 62 was the highest temp I noticed that day.

The race itself went well. I'm still a slower runner (jogger?) but my time was about the same as it's been for my other recent races.  I did the Five Mile Flier, which followed a nice route. It went through part of downtown Traverse City, and along Boardman lake.  The course wasn't quite what I expected. I didn't realize there'd be as many hills as there were (yay for extra calories burned!). I also didn't know that we'd be running along a street that was paved with those little brick things. There were gaps that concerned me, so for that part of the course I slowed down just to be sure that I did not trip and fall on my face. I can be a little clumsy sometimes, so I prefer to play it safe! I loved the paved pathway along the lake, hills and all. It was a gorgeous day outside.  I had no idea where I fell in the group...I always have a fear of  being last, but being so far behind it's noticeable.  I wasn't. Along the lake trail, we had to turn around. I was impressed with some of the leaders in the 5 mile race... WOW! They had times faster than I do a 5K! Anyway, when I reached the turn around point I noticed that I was probably in the middle of the pack. That's my comfort zone.  I was pleased with my place, and finally found my "person."  When I do a race I find someone that has a pace similar to mine and use them as my pace person. This helps me keep going (little bit of competition) when I want to stop. I did walk a bit, at my typical speed walk pace, but mostly ran.  I finished the race in 57:something, an average of an 11:32 mile.  I'm happy with that. The 11 minute range seems to be where I'm running lately (outside anyway, I still tend to go slower on the treadmill).  After the race, I walked around the race area a little to bring my heart rate down. My total fitness time was 61 minutes, with that walk included.

I didn't stick around for long. I grabbed my half of an orange, half of a banana, and a bottle of water and headed out.  I should've gone to the car and got my change of clothes, but didn't want to walk back around the field again. I was SO cold on the way back! All of that sweat made me a bit chilly. I had my heat turned up to about 80. I finally stopped to get gas, and took a hoodie into the bathroom with me so I could change. Sadly at that time by race bib must have fallen out of the car because when I got home it was missing. I like to save my bibs and things, so that was a bummer. I did take a picture of it, so at least I have that! Since I went alone, that's the only race pic I have.

Thanksgiving dinner was fine. I had small scoops of everything "bad" and again loaded up on the healthier stuff. I had one dinner plate, with a decent amount of white space on the plate. I made some spiced pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, so I HAD to try one of those.  Other than my pre-race and post-race snacks, that was the meal for the day (around 2:30 in the afternoon).  I was in excellent shape in terms of calories...Until I decided that it would be a good idea to have some wine. I love wine. I drank more wine than I should have, but even then, the day wasn't a complete disaster!! I did not do an additional workout because I wasn't home early enough in the evening to do so.

Friday - My Mom and I did some shopping, but not super early. We went mid-morning because we didn't have anything we needed to rush to get. We enjoyed some of the deals and door busters, and got some Christmas gifts for people.  We stopped at Panera for lunch on the way home for a cup of soup and half a sandwich.  Earlier in the day I had some cheesy potatoes for breakfast.  It was a later lunch so we weren't really very hungry for dinner. My Mom made some queso dip that we had some tortilla chips with...Pretty much just munchies.  Because of shopping I did not workout like I had planned.

Saturday - My Mom's birthday! I indulged in a scoop of cheesy potatoes and a roll for breakfast (honestly, I'm starting to sound odd), then got to work making my Mom's birthday cake. She went for breakfast with my Grandparents but I passed because I had things to get done and lunch planned with my cousin.  Anyway, I had hoped to squeeze in a workout, just a 30 minute run, but my cousin wanted to meet a little earlier than I had planned on, soooo there went that idea.  My Mom and I met my cousin, her daughter, and my Dad for lunch. The rest of my day was spent babysitting my cousin's daughter.  After lunch my Mom and I ran a couple errands, supported Small Business Saturday, and didn't get home until around 4:00.  I laid down with the little one for a while (she'd been falling asleep in the car on the way home) but she refused to nap. This meant that I could not squeeze in any kind of a workout at that time either.  She's two and is very busy. Instead we played for a while. My Mom left for church with my grandparents around 5, and then the little one and I got ready to head to town. We watched a short Santa parade at 6:30 (she loved all the lights - and candy that they threw to her!), then headed to meet my parents and some friends for my Mom's birthday dinner at 7.  We had cake and ice cream after we got home (my Dad had instructions to bring the cake to dinner but forgot), played for a short time, and then it was bed time for the little miss...I was exhausted too!! Although I ate out, I kept it as healthy as possible. However, I did go over my calories and didn't even get to burn any of them off! I was bummed about that, but what can you do!?

Sunday - My cousin planned to pick her daughter up for church, but was sick and stayed home and slept instead.  I spent the morning playing with her daughter, so again no workout. My Mom had to work, otherwise she would've entertained her for me.  My cousin came over after noon, and we watched the first half of the Bears game.  Then I packed up, cleaned up, and got ready to go home. I had shopping to do, and stopped and talked with my Dad for a while. I ate less than great on Sunday. I'm not sure why... Not large quantities of food, just not healthy food. I stopped and got pizza on the way home because I was SO hungry, and ate a couple pieces on my drive. By the time I got home, hauled things in, and unpacked, I was too tired to do anything, so I again did not workout.

It was a super busy, but fun weekend... I wish I would've been able to workout more but it just was not possible. I had a schedule. I had plans. I adapted those to try to get something done when I could. It just did not happen. Such is life.  I even missed my weigh-in (forgot my scale at home) and measuring on Saturday.  I did weigh yesterday morning, with a sweatshirt, shirt, and sweats on, when I got up, and the scale said I was up three pounds. I'm not sure how accurate that would have been considering my clothing. I wouldn't be surprised with a gain considering the unhealthy, sodium-filled foods that I consumed. I'm also about due to start holding onto water anyway, so that just makes it worse.

I was back on track, for the most part, yesterday. Having had that pizza around didn't help (hello, more sodium) and I did have a slice of that... As well as just toppings from a couple slices. I saw someone track that on MFP and thought it was a good idea. I think it was on the right track, but full fat cheese and pepperoni are filled with things that I don't really need.  It may have been better to just eat the crust!! Today was garbage day so I cleaned out the refrigerator last night, which included the rest of the pizza. I don't need it or really want it (it's never as good re-heated) so it was best to trash it.

The lasagna rolls I made for dinner last night were fairly healthy... Ground turkey, sauce, fat-free cheese, fat-free cottage cheese, reduced fat parmesan cheese, and whole grain noodles.... Healthier than regular lasagna, and pre-portioned! I really wasn't all that hungry but knew that after having worked out, I needed to eat. I did not want to cook, but if I hadn't I would've eaten more pizza - and now I have leftovers for the week!!

Now that the pizza is gone, I'm back to eating healthy with no temptations around (looking at you, pizza!). I had lots of fruit, water, and tea throughout the day. Lunch was leftover dinner. Tonight's dinner menu is tacos... Whole grain shells, heavy on the lettuce (actually using a bagged salad mix), extra-lean ground beef, and fat-free cheese. I'll eat two tacos and may go so heavy on the lettuce mix that it's more like a taco salad.

I suppose I should go get ready to workout. I have an hour and 15 minutes to get done, so it's better to start sooner than later!! I am hoping that by the time I do that and have dinner I'll have time to get something done around the house. I was too tired to do much last night and really should get some cleaning done. Some friends want me to do a Santa Hustle 5K in the city on Saturday morning, which I'm considering. I'd love to do another run but I'm scheduled for 7 miles that day... Not 3.1.  I'd have to later figure out how to do four more miles, plus my other workout. It could be done, but due to time frames and such it would be difficult.  We'll see...I'm considering it, but really need to get some stuff done around my house too. I've been so busy and gone so much lately that I need to give it some major TLC, more than just the typical cleaning.  If not, I suppose there's always the following weekend for that....

More on that later; when I make a decision.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and weekend!!!


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  1. Sounds like a full schedule. Glad your race went well. A turkey costume would have been cute but you're right it may have been a bit combersome. By the way...I was reading a blog today and I got schooled in the fact that if I've responded to a reader's comment by simply replying directly on my blog then the reader may never know that I've responded. So emailing people your response to a comment is the way to go. I always always always respond back to comments but it wasn't until today that I learned that my readers may never actually receive the response. So just wanted to say I'm sorry! I'll be emailing from now on. Have a great day!