Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I really have no idea why the fact that it is Wednesday seems so exciting; or at least exciting enough to title a post. I think it's really that I have not come up with anything more creative at this point in time. Oh well... Some days it's just not there (the post titling creativity, I mean).

I'm not doing very well in getting up to workout this week. Monday I wasn't feeling well, so I'm okay with that. Yesterday, I still wasn't feeling well but I can't help but wonder if I probably could've done it, and having been sick was a good excuse to stay in bed a little longer. That and I was tired and cold... See? Good excuses! Although, they're just that. Excuses. I did make up my workout minutes in the evening, so instead of having two shorter workouts, I had one longer one (almost two hours).

I actually liked it. I didn't mind giving up two hours of my evening to workout. I certainly enjoyed that extra time in bed in the morning.

The same thing happened today. Only today I feel better; didn't feel sick at all this morning. I'm pretty much back to normal. The reason (excuse) I didn't get up this morning? I was tired.  I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I was a little riled up (thanks in part to an intense college basketball game; thanks in part to... my own sensitivity and emotions). When I get all riled up I can't fall asleep very easily. Then I had trouble staying asleep, thanks to bed partners stealing, and laying on, the comforter causing me to not be well covered, which meant that I got cold.  I'd wake up and try to steal blankets back and rearrange. I don't do well with interrupted sleep. I do not feel very well rested when this happens, which is most likely why I felt too tired to get up and workout for an hour (or even half an hour).

This evening I'll be doing my morning workout as well as my evening workout. I have 90 minutes scheduled (TF, BBL, and RB - all working on some form of toning). I wear my heart rate monitor for all exercises. I know that some don't agree that it should be worn/calories should be counted during non-cardio work, but my philosophy is that if I am up and moving, doing something out of my normal routine  -- it should count!! My muscles are working to burn calories, right? Right!  Anyway, because of all the toning I do not expect a huge burn, but I'll be happy with a small one today. After logging the day's food, I am at 1311, so even a light burn will be okay.

Here's my dilemma...Well, it's not really a dilemma more of a decision.  I'm considering adding on 30 minutes of time to my workout, by running today. This is not a run day. However, I missed my Saturday run, so I did three miles yesterday.  I'm trying to decide if I should stick to my schedule or make it up so I have the appropriate number of runs done. At three miles, it probably doesn't matter a whole lot. It's not like I missed a long run. If I make it up, I'll be running three days in a row (plus other exercises). I'm busy again this weekend, and have a six mile run to do on Saturday.  I have to look at my schedule but I may opt to do that on Friday morning (making it four days in a row of running, and then off for three before my next run on Tuesday).  I don't like that arrangement though. I don't like having four days off (although after that big of a break, my run yesterday was great!) or running four in a row.

I will also have to figure out where to fit in my other Saturday workouts. I'm not so worried about Friday's workouts, because I can get up and do them in the morning. I have a doctor appointment that afternoon and then am headed off on another adventure, so it will be necessary to do it in the morning (no excuses!). Sometimes I work better under pressure like that. If I know it's the only time I have to do it, I'll get up and do it. Anyway, both running and my DVD workouts may not fit in on Saturday (yes, I take my workouts with me when I go, if I can find a way to do them), which means I'll be trying to squeeze them in Sunday evening (which always seems to not work).

I really don't like all of this rearranging. Of course, that's how life is sometimes. If I didn't rearrange, that would mean that I would be home all the time. I wouldn't go away to see loved ones or take fun little road trips. I'd always be home and I'd always be working out. In all honesty, I did this at first. Of course, when you initiate a lifestyle change in the middle of the winter (and are not a winter driver) it's much easier to stay home and make sure you do your workouts. I was also not working out as much at that time, so it was easier to fit them in!

I loved being able to live so healthy and not worry about how to make sure I fit exercise into my life. I also missed out on some things when I did. I'd often turn down invitations from friends for dinners or nights out because I didn't want to eat or drink certain things. In order to live healthy, my social life suffered a bit.  For a while I let the healthy living slack off because of frequent trips. I'd be healthy all week and then not workout on my weekends away. I'd also eat out, sometimes unhealthy (hello, Baskin Robbins kick of 2011). In more recent times I've achieved a better balance when it comes to that. I will take my laptop and DVDs on vacations, even mini vacations. I find hotels with fitness centers and plan on doing a lot of extra walking.  I eat as healthy as I can.

I pretty much failed at this last weekend since I did not get to do my Saturday workouts. Of course I switched my rest day so that I could. I did not know that I would get the stomach flu on Sunday. I will not let myself fail at it this weekend.  I will figure out a schedule tonight and make sure that I'll get those workouts done, no matter what it takes. If nothing else, I'm dedicated to this new fitness schedule.  I realize that situations arise that I cannot change (like missing a workout because I was sick), and I'll accept those when they happen. I will not allow excuses to change my plans. If plans change, I'll figure something out to fix them.  I think that a lot of this new exercise scheduling plan will require some rearranging and lots of changes, but that's okay. I can figure out how to make it happen!!!

I made a goal a couple weeks ago to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year.  When I weighed-in last Friday (a day early) I had not lost any weight from the previous week. UGH! Although, I suspect that it's possible that not losing was from all the increased work I was doing to my muscles (you do retain some water when you work on building muscle). I did weigh-in on Monday since my schedule was already off and I was down two pounds from Friday (probably something to do with being sick!). Anyway, as of then I had 10 pounds to lose (my loss weight was from before I had a hormonal weight gain a few weeks ago).... So really as of two weeks ago I had 12 pounds to lose.

I have only about seven-and-a-half weeks to lose 10 pounds. YIKES!!! I was hoping for a pound loss a week, which means I will not lose another 10 pounds by then. I will have to have about a pound and a half per week in order to do that. I haven't had a rate of loss like that in a LONG time. I'm afraid that I won't reach this goal.

Having the holidays thrown in makes me afraid of having reaching that goal. I guess that means I will just have to be super diligent and make sure to get those workouts done. I'm not generally one of those people who eats like a crazy person though, so I'm not all that worried... Especially considering I'm running give miles on Thanksgiving morning. And fitting another workout in at some point that day. Watching my portions, being healthy, tracking everything, and making sure I do those workouts is really going to be important in the next seven weeks.

I wonder... So what? So what if I don't lose ten pounds? I'll continue to work toward that goal, but what happens if I don't reach it? Nothing...Other than I just won't 10 pounds. Although that's my goal, I think I need to focus on some other goals too; goals that are not weight-related. I am going to focus on making sure I lose inches. I really don't have a goal as to how many inches, because at this point I don't know what is realistic and what is not. I just know that I have a goal to lose inches, which I should be able to achieve through this new workout program.  The other part will be completing my workouts. Unless something major (like getting sick) happens, I will complete them. I'll find a way. 

So... My goals for the rest of the year are:

1. Lose 10 pounds.
2. Lose inches (at least 2?).
3. Complete workouts.

Although I'm afraid of goal number one, I'm confident that I can achieve goals two and three!! If I don't reach the full 10 pounds, I'll be happy with a smaller loss.... Even if it's only five!

Do you have goals for the rest of the year?  If not, you should consider setting some.... They can help you stay on-track during the holidays! Whatever you need to work on could be a goal. Maybe your exercise is lacking... Make a goal to workout more.  If you're working out only three days and used to work out six,  make a goal to workout five days a week! If you don't drink enough water, make a goal to drink your eight eight-ounce portions a day. Eating too many sweets? Make a goal to allow yourself ONE sweet treat after you complete an intense cardio workout.

Think of what you need to accomplish and make some goals accordingly... This will help you maintain or keep striving for good health.  It is the season of giving - it's okay to give yourself a gift too, especially when it's the gift of health!

Happy Mid-Week!


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