Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Work it Out... And Dinner.

I decided to try a workout yesterday despite not feeling my best. I'm glad I did! I cut out the biking that I had originally scheduled and just did TF and BBL, working out for about an hour. I kept it pretty low impact with TF and just didn't put as much energy into it as I usually would've. I also skipped some of the higher intensity things like jumping. So far? I think I'm going to like TF! It was my first workout and it took a bit to get into some of the moves. Like Chalene says, as long as you're moving and trying - that's what matters, not perfection!  I'll get better with practice, I am sure.

I am still not quite back to normal, but am feeling much better than I did yesterday. And about a hundred times better than Sunday, if that's possible. I was pretty tired this morning so I did not get up to run. Now I have to do that this afternoon. Along with a TF workout (just stretching), RB, and BBL workouts. Luckily the last two are going to be fairly short. One is only 10 minutes and the other must be about 25 minutes. Combine that with 30 minutes of running and 40 minutes of stretching, and I'll be working for 105 minutes this evening.  That's an hour and 45 minutes for anyone trying to calculate quickly.

I know that I'll start with my run, get it out of the way. Then I think I'll do the stretching DVD, just to get a little bit of a recovery period before the other two workouts. I'm not sure what the RB workout will entail since I haven't done that one before but it hasn't been all that intense so far, so I think I'll be fine.

BBL is just a ten minute ab video. It will be delightfully painful. Honestly, I've never wanted ten minutes to pass so quickly before. At least from what I remember from doing it the first time. I don't mind (actually like) ab work, but not all at once like that. I like to work one part, go to another, then back, or on to another.  My perfect workout would be squats, crunches, bicep curls, rows, lunges, bicycle crunches, and then back to arms... See? I like to cycle around the body. Too much at one time makes my muscles get really sore. Maybe that's the point? I enjoy a little break in between working groups. DVDs don't agree with this, so I suffer.

Okay, maybe it's not so much suffering but by the end of 10 minutes, I'm ready to be done. It's amazing the pain that Leandro can inflict within a short amount of time.  I guess that just means my abs are working, and need to be worked. Obviously if I were used to the exercises, they wouldn't hurt.

Part of me thinks I should save the 40 minutes of stretching for the end of it all, because stretching is probably best done at the end. However, the RB workout should include a cool down, as most do. BBL is just ab exercises so my heart rate won't exactly be soaring. From what I remember, most (if not all) of the exercises will be done on the ground.  Who knows what I'll do. I'll see how I feel after my run. I may just decide to go on and do the RB workout, then BBL, and stretch last. I suppose the order in which I do it doesn't matter much (but running definitely needs to be first!), just as long as I do it!

I thought about running for an hour since I missed my Saturday run....But that will bring my time to over two hours and I am honestly ready for dinner NOW! It's not that I'm hungry. It just sounds really good and I want to eat. I'd rather not put it off for another half an hour. I've been obsessed with the thought of dinner since I was home at lunch and decided what I want to eat. I'm not usually one to become so focused on food, but tonight's dinner sounds really yummy!

I plan on having some baked, seasoned tilapia, with some quinoa on the side, and probably some baked, seasoned sweet potato chunks (fries; whatever you want to call them). This will take a bit of time to prepare, thanks to the potatoes. Both quinoa and fish are fairly fast cooking, so I'll probably season the potatoes and put them in the oven to cook while I shower. I'm not sure what that dinner sounds soooo good tonight, but it does!

Depending on how many calories I burn, I may add a salad. I expect over 300 with the run, so it'll really depend on what I burn for the rest of the workout. I do not like to "eat back" what I burn, or at least not all of it. Sometimes I eat some back. Like today, I'll basically eat back what I burn off in my run. So whatever I burn in the other workouts will be the extra that I will not eat.

Does that philosophy confuse anyone else? I've heard conflicting info on it, so basically I do what I want. Some say eat back all of what you burn, which I don't quite understand because if you're working to burn it why would you eat it all back? Others say do not eat back what you burn. My plan is to stay between 1200 and 1500 calories. If I don't workout, I keep it closer to 1200. If I do workout, then I'll eat around 1500 (because the body DOES need the extra energy). Sometimes if I burn a whole lot more, then I'll eat even more. It really just depends on the workout and what I'm burning. Since I desire weight loss I should probably pay more attention to that, but every time I do the math I find that I should be eating a lot more than I do now -- for loss!!! I'm thinking that those formulas are for people who are just starting out. I'm pretty sure if I increase, rather than decrease, my caloric intake, I am going to gain weight.  At least, that seems like the logical idea!!

Whatever I do, I most definitely need a good burn tonight. After adding up all of my intake, I'm already 300 calories over.... I guess in planning I thought that if I workout for almost two hours, I'll more than likely burn quite a bit. I hope so anyway!! I always worry when I plan a higher calorie day based on length of workouts that I'll be way off. Hopefully not... I'd like to end the day with a surplus (even a small one) of calories rather than break even, which to me seems to defeat the purpose of working out (as stated earlier...guess I don't need to get off of that tangent - AGAIN).

Anyway....Let's hope the workout is not so low intensity that I don't burn much. If so, I might be adding that extra 30 minutes of running on after everything else is done.

I guess I better get started, because whether I need to burn more or not - it's going to be a while!

Hope you've had a healthy day!


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