Monday, December 17, 2012

A Cold

At the end of last week I started feeling as though I had a cold; nothing too bad though. I was sneezing a lot, had that obnoxious tingle (like before you sneeze) stuck in my nose, and was just blowing my nose a lot. Basically I just had a small head cold. Little Miss was sick when I saw her last Monday, so I'm thinking I'm picked it up from her (daycare germs?).  She was still coughing and had a runny nose (not to mention was extra whiny and easily tired out) this weekend, so if it was from her I'm thinking I'll be stuck with it for a bit. I was having a hard time doing much on Saturday. I felt pretty tired, but thought maybe that was just laziness. I did some cleaning and managed to workout for just over an hour. I did my run and some TF while she napped. I burned fewer calories than I usually do, which I expected since I kept my intensity a little lower, and ran a little slower, than normal. I didn't want to do too much and exhaust myself but I wanted to do something.

Yesterday I felt about the same... Just kinda tired and still having the same cold symptoms (with a sore, scratchy throat added to the mix). I slept on the couch from a little after 7 until almost 10 when I went to bed. This wasn't a constant state of sleep. I'd doze for a bit, then wake up and watch TV for a few minutes, and then fall asleep again.  I figured I was just tired from not feeling well.

I started taking some cold medicine Saturday night, took it again yesterday afternoon/evening, and before bed.  I took some this morning before work. It wasn't until after I had taken the dose this morning that I noticed it said "nighttime" on the bottle.  That would explain the sleeping yesterday!! I suppose I need rest anyway, so it wasn't such a bad thing to spend the evening napping (except I didn't get things done that I wanted to). This morning was rough. I was fighting with my body to stay awake. I was in that medication-induced la-la-land state of mind. I honestly don't know how I was productive before lunch, but I was.  I think. 

I don't have much of an appetite (but my stomach growls when I'm hungry) so eating has been difficult today. Nothing I have in the house sounds good and I want some unhealthy sort of comfort food. Luckily I don't have anything like that, so no comfort food for me! I have some unhealthy things in the house for holiday baking, but honestly, it doesn't sound good. I'm in the mood for pasta or something like that, not candy.  I hate trying to figure out something healthy to eat when I'm not feeling well. Things that I normally like sound horrible.  The best thing I've had today? Protein shakes. The coolness is really helpful in soothing my throat.

I'm also trying to figure out which workout to do. I'll probably stick to DVDs... Maybe a combo of something from BBL and RB. Luckily today is not a running day. TF can be high intensity (depending on how much I put into it) so I may stay away from that. I didn't stick to my workout plan last week and haven't done BBL in a couple weeks. I think I only did one RB workout last week. Honestly, I like TF and running more! It would be good to do some of the RB and BBL workouts this week, so I think today would be a good day for that. I'm already not following my schedule because I didn't get up in the morning to workout and am changing it up... BUT... Sometimes we have to make changes.  I've changed up which TF workouts I've done when too.

A schedule is good... I know what I want to do and for how long, but sometimes what's scheduled just isn't appealing to me. I still do some form of exercise (sometimes longer or more intense than what is scheduled), but not exactly what's planned out. I think that this week is going to be another week of doing sounds good at whatever time of day sounds good. Being sick, I need my rest and definitely know not to push too hard. Hopefully this cold is gone in a couple days so I can feel like my usual self!

I decided to look up some ideas of things to do when not feeling well. I found this article that discusses different times a person may not want to workout, whether they should, and types of exercises to do. It's short and in slide show format, but I think it had some info that's worth sharing. Obviously there is a point at which you should just rest and take a break! I don't feel that I have anything significant enough to make me need to rest (unless I take more cold medicine!)..... As long as I keep it light and don't over-do it I will be fine. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow morning ready to run and then get some minutes done in the afternoon!

I don't believe I've mentioned this on here, but earlier this year, I set a goal of 12,000 fitness minutes for the year (on SP).  That's, obviously, an average of 1,000 minutes per month. That's really NOT that big of a goal if you remain consistent.  With half the month left, I have just over 600 minutes to go. There are days when I workout for 100 minutes (not today, thanks to my cold). Other days I workout for 60, some days I rest. It is my miss to hit that mark this month. By December 31 I will have a grand total of 12,00 fitness minutes logged on SP. I may be closer due to not using SP as often as I had in the past, but that's okay... I'm going with what's on there, not looking back at what I may have missed tracking.

I set a weight loss goal, which I will not reach. I would love to but at this point, it's highly unlikely, especially with what my weight has been doing recently (all the ups and downs). Granted, this is my fault because I know my eating hasn't been what it should be.  I don't think that in two weeks I'll be well-behaved enough to drop that much weight. I suppose it IS possible, but maybe not at this stage of my weight loss. That's five pounds a week... Kind of a lot!! Anyway, this fitness minutes goal is attainable, and I will reach it by the end of the month/year!  There will definitely be some satisfaction in achieving a goal I sent earlier in the year!!

Now is the time to start thinking about goals for 2013. I'm sure I'll stick with a 12,000 fitness minutes goal. I may even increase it a little bit... Maybe 12,500?  We shall see. I haven't taken the time to think about it yet, but will definitely be doing that in the next couple weeks.  I do not make resolutions. I do not wait for new years (or even new months, weeks, or days) to change my habits when they need to be changed. I do it right away, and I take it one day at a time.

I suppose that's enough for now... I need to go get a workout done (probably just an hour tonight since I'm not feeling so great) so that I can try to accomplish some stuff around the house. Christmas will be here in just over a week and I am most definitely NOT prepared.  I haven't even finished all of my shopping (even though I started fairly early!). Looks like someone will be battling crowds at some point this week...Probably on Sunday. As of now Sunday appears to be a nice day - sunny and cloudy, no snow in the forecast for me. The weather changes frequently though, so we shall see. After my workout and dinner I'll be wrapping what I have and making a list of what I still need to pick up or order (talk about down to the wire!) for gifts.  I definitely need a little organization in my life this week. I hope that I start feeling better soon because between that and baking (don't worry, I wash my hands A LOT), I am in for a busy week!!!

Sorry if this was scattered, although the nighttime medicine has worn off by now, my thinking is still a little cloudy!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week and are further along in your Christmas preparations than I am!!


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