Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Wedding in Florida and a Birthday

The weekend went just as I predicted... Busy and fun!! I spent the weekend in Florida for a good friend's wedding. My flight out of O'Hare was very early on Friday morning so I would have lots of time to enjoy the island. If it hadn't been for a dental appointment (and my office being so busy it is hard to reschedule, I'd have left on Thursday...Oh well.). Since I got in so early, I had some time to just relax on my own. I spent most of Friday exploring the island; driving around, walking the beach collecting shells, soaking up the sun, and finding a place to have a light lunch and fruity, summery cocktails. After relaxing in the sun with some mini bottles of wine, I went to the rehearsal dinner and had wine, a beer, and later a couple more cocktails.

I REALLY enjoyed my cocktails this weekend; mostly Friday.  Unfortunately I didn't eat much on Friday... A banana and coffee for breakfast and then a light lunch at the Island Cow (great restaurant!) in the afternoon.  I had a taco combo platter; one fish taco and one shrimp taco. I ate the whole shrimp taco but became full quickly, so I just ate the fish out of the second taco. It came with rice and beans that I was far too full to eat, but I did have two bites, just to taste it. It was great - too bad I was stuffed!!! With lunch I enjoyed a Sanibel Sunburn (some concoction of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and something else) and some mango sangria (to die for!). Since I had eaten lunch later, I only had one piece of pizza at the rehearsal. I wasn't that hungry but also didn't want to be rude...and it was that fancy gourmet pizza and I really wanted to try it. I had wine and beer, and then later another fruity cocktail at Doc Ford's. My eating was good, my alcohol consumption not so good.

I woke up with a pounding head on Saturday morning (my fault; thanks booze), so I did not run. In fact after I woke up at 7:30 I decided to lay in bed/doze for a while longer in hopes that my headache would vanish. It did, after a shower and coffee.  I was feeling super hungry and thought that a meal would help me feel a bit better, so I went out for breakfast. I ordered a huge breakfast, which I couldn't finish. I had a mimosa with my breakfast (my favorite!!), along with coffee, and water.  I ordered a cheese omelet (three eggs!!) and ate about half of it, a side of bacon, toast (I ate one of two pieces), and some amazing seasoned potatoes (of which I had maybe a quarter).  The food was wonderful, but far too much for me to finish. Had I been able to share it (or get a half portion!), I'd have been good. After that I had some downtime before I had to get ready wedding so I played tourist and did some souvenir shopping and took another walk on the beach... Fun times!

The wedding was at one in the afternoon and was fairly short (luckily since it was so hot - which I loved!). Everyone stuck around for pictures, and then I took two girls with me to decorate the reception area. We used the decorations from the wedding, plus some seashells, and made the reception area look a little more "weddingish." Reception food was appetizers and was delish... I had some salad, fresh fruit and cheese cubes, some amazzzzzing spinach dip, and a couple pieces of fried fish. Dessert was a super yummy carrot cake.  Naturally, I had more drinks but I was driving (a rental car of all things!) so I had to be careful. The reception lasted just over four hours and I only had two beers during that time. We then had some downtime before the next phase of the reception (visiting other local restaurant/bars). I packed my suitcase and got things ready for the next morning so that I wouldn't have to do it when I got back to the condo or get up even earlier. 

The group met up at the resort bar for a drink, then we went to the Lazy Flamingo, followed by the Jaracanda. I had a couple glasses of beer at the Lazy Flamingo.  My friends and I were hungry so I split some grouper bites with one friend.  After my second beer I decided I NEEDED a Lazy Flamingo Frisbee.  I asked the bartender what was served on them and she told me kids' meals.  We struck a deal that if I ordered an appetizer I could have a Frisbee. So? I ordered mozzarella sticks. My eating was pretty good earlier in the day.... Not so much in the evening (not quantity so much as quality).  I had nothing to drink (or eat!) at the Jaracanda, as I was driving. I just enjoyed the time with my friends, and especially enjoyed the show that the drinkers put on. I laughed a lot!! And then drove them back to the resort. I got back to the condo and finally into bed shortly after one in the morning...

And got up at five to get ready to go and head to the airport. I had a layover on the way, which I hate.  I was tired and ready to get back to Chicago, and a layover wasn't such a fun idea. That was the best flight time (leaving Ft. Meyers) that I could get though, so I had to go with it. I should've stayed another day but...

I didn't want to spend my Birthday traveling though, so I made it a shorter weekend. When the plane landed at O'Hare and was greeted with cold temperatures (high 80s down to the low 40s!) and rain, I wasn't thrilled. I wanted to be back in Florida!! My cousin and her daughter house sat for me, and decided to stay Sunday night too. My house was low on food and neither of us felt like cooking so we ordered pizza for dinner. My cousin had some drama to deal with so after I put her daughter bed (during which time I almost feel asleep too...or maybe did for a few minutes), we drank some wine and talked before we went to bed. I think I made it until midnight before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Yesterday was spent with the family.  We relaxed during the morning (well I cleaned some too) then we met my Mom for lunch. My cousin treated since it was my Birthday (and my Mom's a couple weeks ago). We had probably the most unhealthy lunch possible.... Chinese food. I didn't over-eat, but it's definitely one of the most unhealthy options!! After lunch my cousin had a meeting so my Mom and I took her to the store with us... I got some groceries and a few other things, then we went back to my parents' house.  I put the little one down for a nap and just kind of hung out until my cousin and Mom got back. We just sat and talked for a while before we got ready for dinner.

Then it was celebration time!! My cousin and I went a little early to have a pre-dinner cocktail (ummm sweet-tart martini anyone?! YUM!). We also had an appetizer (spinach dip and pita bread).  My parents, and some close family friends (basically family) joined us for dinner... I think there were 12 or 13 of us there. For dinner I had pecan crusted white fish that came with salad, rice and veggies. I ate the fish, salad, most of the rice, and because I was full maybe a bite or two of the veggies.  We had more drinks, and then enjoyed cake and ice cream. Luckily I took neither home with me....And WOW does that sound good right now!!

During this entire food and drink extravaganza.... I did not workout.  My only working out were my walks on the beach. So. Not. Good.  Fun? OH YES! Good for me? Not one bit!

Needless to say my weight was UP this morning. Ten pounds by the end of the year? SO NOT happening. Given my pain in the ass plateau, I didn't think it would anyway.  I guess what's best is to start over fresh today and just work hard. I am going back to the basics... Doing it 2009 style!! This means that I'm going to be how I was when I first started (but with more exercise than I did then).  I was going to wait until after the doc for labs, but I'm just going to change up my eating now. After seeing the scale, I don't want to continue to eat stuff that might be causing me issues, because it's also not good for my body. 

This means... Lots of fruits and veggies. They'll be my main source of nutrients throughout the day. Lunches may include leftovers from dinners.  Dinners will be a lean meat and veggies.... Either two steamed sides or a steamed veggie and a salad.

 My water drinking wasn't up to par this weekend (WAY under what I normally drink), so today I'm back at drinking water like I usually do. Limited treats. The candy canes on the tree are tempting but can be resisted. I do enjoy them (they're the Smartee's kind) and luckily they're low in calories so that if I do have one, it's not as bad as say... cinnamon toast.  I'm also cutting down on my breads again. I don't follow a "low carb" diet, but since those products might be causing me some stomach discomfort, it's probably good to cut down on them anyway. I did it before and it worked for me. If I have those things around, eating them in moderation is difficult because those are the types of foods that I crave.  Drinking isn't usually an issue for me, but I do usually drink when I'm out for dinner. So? Both of those are being drastically reduced again too.

Today it's back to being healthy. I need to sit down and revise my running schedule as well as my DVD workout schedule. Life happens and sometimes we have to change things to best suit what's happening in the moment.  My DVDs can be done pretty much anytime but the running schedule is what needs to be adjusted.

I will start with a 30 minute training run, followed by whatever DVD work seems like a good idea. Honestly, at this point, I don't care what else I do, as long as I'm doing something!!! I miss that sore muscle feeling. I miss torching away the calories. I'm still feeling tired for the weekend, but am definitely motivated to get some work done on this body!!

My eating has been great all day. Oh; except for that candy cane that I ate. I had my usual breakfast of a protein shake with fruit in it, a big salad and some cottage cheese for lunch, and my snacks have been fruits or veggies (mostly fruits; just carrots and salad for veggies so far).  Dinner will be a bunless turkey burger with a sour cream based topping (spiced up with paprika and such), asparagus, and some steamed green beans.

My total fruit/veggie count for the day is TEN.... Well, technically 11 since I had two servings of salad mix today.  I had the following: a cup of strawberries, two servings salad mix, two servings clementines (at different times), an apple, half a pint of blueberries, baby carrots, grapes, and will have asparagus and green beans. I'd say five servings of veggies and six of fruits isn't too bad for the day!

Pre-workout my water count is at 15 cups. I'll have four more during/after the workout, and another two to four after that. I suppose now that I've snacked on my carrots and grapes, it's about time to go get my workout done. After that it'll be time to shower, make and eat dinner, and whatever else I decide to do this evening. Laundry. If nothing else, I should most definitely do laundry!  I might do a little more decorating of my tree (still have ornaments to add to it), and I'd like to spend some time reading my latest issue of Runner's World.  I plan on getting back into my two-a-day workouts tomorrow, so I'll be getting to bed early tonight so that I can get up and get something done in the morning. It's nice to have to workout for a shorter period of time after work... As hard as it is to get out of bed, those morning workouts do make the evenings a little nicer!! I have more time to do other things, which I really enjoy!

Sometimes I hate posting blogs like this... The kind that start out describing everything I did WRONG in terms of my health.  I think it's important to share both the ups and the downs though. If someone reads this, I don't want them to think that I'm perfect when it comes to my eating and exercising. I can admit to the not-so-god things that I do! I want people to know that it's okay to have an unhealthy meal or a boozy night sometimes. A day or even a weekend off-track doesn't mean that you're destined to go into a downward spiral. YOU have to make yourself accountable for that not happening. Have fun, but make sure you can get back on track and do it in moderation. Also, don't be surprised if your scale jumps (for whatever reason... actual calories, sodium causing water retention, whatever) up or doesn't go down. You can't expect to do unhealthy things and lose weight. It doesn't work that way.

For me, it's a motivator to get back into my healthy way of living.  Let's face it...I'm human. As much as I love and advocate for living a healthy lifestyle...SOMETIMES I want to just be "bad" too. Sometimes it's fun. I like drinks. They taste good. I like treats... But I also know that I need to eat them in moderation. Big vacation weekends full of weddings, birthdays, and fun can limit moderation.Although, I have to say that for me, the eating is usually the easier part. It's those drinks that lure me in more than foods and such (which isn't any better; I'm not saying that).

I hope that you had a terrific weekend and that your week is off to a great start!!


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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your weekend! Like you said, we all need to indugle everyonce in a while. And you did it right, good food and good drinks. It sucks when you indulge and the food wasn't even worth it. So now you are back on track and raring to go!