Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brownies Part Two.

I made the brownies I posted about yesterday. They are super yummy... Too yummy because although they're "healthy" I could eat far too many of them!!

The ingredients. I don't usually pre-measure into little bowls but I thought that since I was baking with a two year-old it might be a good idea.

My lovely baking assistant. We baked after breakfast, before a bath....Just in case.

Mixing the cocoa powder with the honey.

First up is the applesauce.

And the vanilla...Well the bowl anyway, the vanilla went on the floor. After that I just measured some into a spoon and dumped it in.

Adding the egg.

Whisking it all together.

Adding the dry ingredients.

Time to whisk again!

Next we added the honey and cocoa mixture.
Making sure it's all mixed together.

My lovely assistant giving it a final stir.

Pouring it into the pan.

Ready to go into the oven.

Helping me clean up our mess.

The finished product. Don't mind the cuts. I had to make sure it was cooked through.

Exercising before a nap...Gotta burn a few calories before we enjoy the brownies!

Enjoying a post-nap lunch, with one of our brownies for dessert.  They were so yummy!! She finished her brownie before anything else... And the grapes were last to be eaten.

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