Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easily Distracted!

I was, beyond, easily distracted this morning at work. I accomplished everything I needed to and then my focus went out the window.  I am far too excited about getting out of town for a few days! I cannot wait to be on the island, enjoying the sunshine, and most importantly spending time with good friends. Have I mentioned yet how excited I am?

Once I finished the things I needed to, pretty much all hope was lost. All that was on my mind were the things I need to finish before I leave today.  Really? It's not much.  I decided that since I had my work done and as much of it prepped for when I'm gone as possible, I should probably just leave earlier than planned. I thought about it early this morning when I decided to stay in bed instead of working out.  Actually, that's not what happened. I got up and got ready to run and then felt the urge to use the bathroom. So I waited. And waited. By the time I was ready to start working out, I wasn't left with enough time. I relaxed in bed with my doggies for a while instead. I may have even dozed off a bit longer. I thought maybe, just maybe I could leave early enough to at least do my training run, if not the core work that's scheduled too. Well? The morning went smoothly, I finished what I didn't get done yesterday and here I am... Free for a few days!!

I'm going to squeeze in a quick workout, another shower, and then get ready to go accomplish a few things. I have a dental appointment (which is why I planned on leaving early today), then I'm off to get a spray tan (I'm far too white for Florida), and a few other errands to run and then I'm getting ready to hit the road... Well to the airport anyway. I'll be in Florida tomorrow morning, ready to relax and celebrate with my friends.

As far as the weekend and being healthy....

I will continue to count my calories and use my apps for tracking. I plan to eat as healthy as possible, which most of us know is sometimes difficult on vacation! Although I think it might be a good idea to have a blood test, I'm going to try to stay away from so much gluten this weekend. I just want to see how I feel. If I feel better I know that it does have some impact on me.  I will probably wait and make an appointment with the doc next week, and go back to eating as I have been before that appointment so that my labs won't show a false negative.

I'm contemplating wearing my HRM when I walk around on Friday just to see how much I burn. We shall see. Sometimes I think that's "cheating" but then I remember it isn't something I usually do so it counts. I often don't count that and think of it as an extra benefit that just doesn't need to be tracked. Anyway, I'll track my actual exercise. I might sneak in a (short!) beach run on Friday evening. It just SOUNDS like a good thing to do. Nothing long, probably only a couple miles. This will help with missing my regularly scheduled workout that day and won't tire me out too much before my long run on Saturday morning. I haven't really talked to my friends to see what's going on, so that could change if I meet up with them at some point. I'm pretty much just going with the flow on Friday.

For my Saturday run, I mapped out a couple different run possibilities. One is a just shy of seven miles and the other is nearly eight. My run for this week is seven miles.  I found some others online and may draw out more, but I'll most likely use one of those. I decided to stick to the street rather than the beach since I have not yet run on the beach. I don't want to try to do seven miles on an unfamiliar surface. That might be asking for trouble. Or it might be me getting a little too ambitious.

I suppose I should wrap this up and get moving! I've gotta get some work done before that appointment! As of now it looks like I'll just be doing a run, which is fine. I can do some core work later - doesn't have to be what's on the DVD, as long as I do something! Luckily body weight training exercises can be done anywhere. I packed a resistance band so I might do a little of that at some point too. It's just going to depend on how busy I am!

I'm not sure how much I'll post over the weekend, but will try to post at some point...A trip update, if anything. Time to get ready to enjoy a couple days in paradise....

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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  1. I wouldn't say I have ADD but sometimes I feel like it. I'll be trying to keep a thought about what I need to do once I get home and by the time I get home I've already forgotten it because my mind is racing with tons of other things. I need more focus!