Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Baking Extravaganza

How early do you start your holiday baking (if you're a holiday baker)? I've read of people who have already started.  I can't help but wonder what they do with what they bake, because this seems early! Do they freeze it? Just store it as one would normally do? It seems as though by the time Christmas rolls around, those treats would no longer be fresh. Maybe they just have early celebrations, so that's why they bake early?

I usually bake for Christmas, and what I bake becomes gifts. I may have gone slightly overboard with containers this year. I found small tins and little treat buckets (they look like little paint cans - too cute!) at Target in the cheap section.... I don't think anything was over three dollars. I stocked up. At two different Targets. I nearly bought out the shelf stock at both stores (I left a few, as I didn't want to look like a crazy person).  In looking at those containers, I have a lot of baking to do. I suppose I'm making it my mission to single-handedly make family, friends, and co-workers fat this year. Or at least send their blood sugar levels into outer space.  Then again, I don't have to use all the containers. I can save the tins for next year. Or even use up all the tins and save what's left of the paint can style containers for other events. I have a feeling I may use them all though... I have a friends Christmas potluck on the 22nd and there will be at least eight of us there (plus children and spouses for some). I'll give each family some goodies. I also have a few co-workers I'll give them to as well as other friends and family. Hmmm.. Now I'm wondering if I bought ENOUGH!

This year I'm trying to bake a bit "healthier" than normal. I suppose I should say, I'm baking things that aren't quite as bad as others.  One recipe that I found, for Skinny Cake Pops, is on my list of things to bake. I don't generally like to bake with mixes, but most recipes I find for lighter versions of desserts use cake mixes. Plus, cake pops are better when made with a mix anyway. I'll likely make the cake pops into little truffles instead. It's easier to package them that way, especially when baking a large quantity.

I will likely do my baking toward the end of next week -- next week!!  Are we really THAT close to Christmas? I have a birthday celebration for two friends on the 21st, so I'm not sure how that will work. Then again, if the weather is bad, I won't have to worry about going to the celebration. Or maybe not even the potluck (insert sad face here). I'll likely start baking on Wednesday evening and then will also bake on Thursday evening, finishing whatever I need to at some point on Friday evening and/or Saturday morning. I will probably just do my baking for that gathering and then devote my free time on Saturday and Sunday to baking the rest of the treats for family and other friends. I may not see others until the weekend after, so I'll have some time during the week to bake.

I have found some good recipes on Pinterest as well as the skinnytaste website.  I'm sure I'll also make a few standard treats, in their full-fat, ultra unhealthy state.

Feel free to share links to other yummy, less deadly holiday recipes!

Today is day two back on track after my long weekend of craziness. It feels good! By the end of the day today I'll have had 11 servings of fruits and veggies... Seven fruits, and four veggies. Not bad! Fruits and veggies made up the majority of my meal intake for the day. My breakfast was my typical protein shake, with a cup of strawberries.  I have a mid-morning "meal" and today I had two clementines and an apple. For a snack, two more clementines and some baby carrots.  Lunch was leftovers from last night (bun less burger with a sauce and a laughing cow light wedge of cheese, and steamed green beans, plus grapes), my afternoon "meal"/snack was a cup of blueberries. 

I haven't really craved anything like bread, so that's a plus.  I'm feeling good. I worked out for 106 minutes last night so that was a great feeling, especially after a few days of nothing!! I did a run, some RB routines, and a TF routine. Another great mix of calorie burning fun. I'm really enjoying turbo fire! So far it's everything others said it would be! I also had fun with my RB routine last night. I did the Disco Groove workout and really put some intensity into it. I usually don't get tired from those workouts but it wore me out last night. Of course, the combo of activities probably contributed to that! I also did the hardcore abs workout which isn't long or intense but is a nice extra.

Unfortunately I think my HRM is done for. I have been having trouble with it for a few weeks and last night it was really out of control. It was reading 232 at rest (ha!) and dropped to 54 while I was running. For most of the run it was reading accurately (150s-160s) but when I tried to wear it for the other workouts, it just did not want to cooperate. It would read for a minute, then after I moved too much it would drop down to zero. I kept getting the message to check my transmitter but even adjusting it didn't help. I've had it for a while and the watch part seems to work just fine. I'm wondering if I need to replace the strap. I'd imagine that after a while the straps can wear out. Even with washing after every use, the strap must get worn out after a period of time (especially after a couple years!).

It could be other things like the cold (but my house is warm), or the battery (replaced not long ago), or even interference (highly unlikely since it never happened before; although I am near other electronic devices). I wonder if the trip on the planes threw it out of whack. Maybe it got too cold? Who knows. I wear it tight enough, and while it does loosen as I workout, I wonder if it's loosening too much. Again, this might mean that the strap is worn out! I've googled and have found various slight reasons but haven't found anything significant, so far. Polar does sell just straps, so I'd imagine that after a while people must have to replace them... Or upgrade to a fancier strap (like one that reduces interference with other devices).

I'm sure if I try something different I'll find a solution. It's probably something that will be an easy fix, or it's just that I need the strap replaced.  Secretly I was hoping that it was just completely dead so that I could get a new one.... This one works fine. I like the features. I have no problems with it. I want a new one because.... I want one that's pink.

That's it. Judge if you must.

I meant to get up this morning to workout and that didn't happen. Someone forgot to set my alarm. I suppose I have to take responsibility for that. Oops. It wasn't turned on at all. Luckily I woke up early enough for work (but too late to workout), and didn't sleep in too long!! I was really tired by the time bedtime rolled around last night. In addition to not turning on my alarm, I also didn't plug in my cell phone and found it in bed with me this morning!

I won't be doing a long workout this evening because it's my Nonie's (grandma) birthday. We're taking her out for dinner this evening (and surprising her by extended family showing up - a brother and two sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, etc.) so I don't have much time to do a workout. I'll probably be able to do 30 minutes before I have to jump in the shower and get ready to go (and that's only leaving myself about 30 minutes to get ready). I'd prefer to workout longer than 30 minutes but it'll be later by the time I get home and well.... it's my Nonie. I'm not missing her birthday because I want to workout for more than half an hour!!  Luckily I can at least do some kind of exercise. She requested pizza, so I don't have to look to snazzy! The not so great part is that she wants pizza, and it's unhealthy. Fortunately, I've already planned my dinner. I'm going to allow myself ONE slice of pizza. I'm ordering the salad bar and plan on filling up on the salad (double the serving of lettuce - maybe more!). I'm also planning to drink water. I don't typically have alcoholic beverages during the week and don't drink pop, so that's easy.

I suppose it's off to get something done so that I can finish before dinner.  I hope you're all have a lovely week!


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