Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Horror

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or any other holiday you may have celebrated! And if you did not celebrate anything, I hope that your week has been going well.

I have to admit that my health and fitness is a disorganized mess at the moment.  I feel like a quick summary of events is the best way to explain my holiday horror (as far as my health goes!). I probably included some of this at some point, but I'm going to recap since mid-week last week. It just seems easier that way because that's when other things became a priority over my own health.

Wednesday - Eating was okay; no workout due to an appointment and I started my holiday baking for a party on Saturday.
Thursday - Eating was okay; worked out. Okay, so that was a good day!
Friday - Another good day... Eating was fine; worked out.  I did have some wine which wasn't the best thing in the world (for my body; it sure tasted good!). This was also the last day I worked out.
Saturday - I was supposed to run. I did not run.  My day got a little off-track from the moment I got up and my entire morning was chaotic. I did accomplish some present wrapping though. I had a Christmas party with friends and ate way too many calories. I then went out to finish Christmas shopping - last minute this year! I also bought some more baking supplies for rounds two and three of baking. I then met my parents and grandparents for dinner. The good news, no drinks even though I went out...and ate unhealthy food. Then it was back home to wrap the rest of the Christmas gifts and relax.  I watched my favorite Christmas movie, "Love Actually," while I wrapped. Then I watched a little TV and went to bed.
Sunday - I totally over-slept and started my day late. Apparently I was tired! I went out to have snow tires put on my car and to get some groceries for the week. Oh and to buy a couple gifts I'd forgotten. Now I was REALLY done with my shopping. The evening was spent by wrapping what was left of the gifts and round two of baking... I made three peppermint serving trays (oh Pinterest, thank you again... For not only letting me spend so much time on you but for giving me time-consuming ideas to try), three different kinds of fudge, some pretzel m&m kiss treats (any idea what those are called!?), and... I think that was it. I had a third kind of cookies on my list but didn't get to them.
Monday - I worked half a day. I was supposed to work all day but decided to leave early. That left me time to bake and decorate the third kind of cookies and get everything packed into my car. I was hoping for a workout but that totally didn't happen since I was busy with everything else. Then I was off to celebrate Christmas (round one of that). I drank two glasses of wine with my Mom; eating was pretty good for the day. I did have some (not many) Christmasy snacks but didn't eat much earlier in the day so I was good in terms of calories and such.
Tuesday - I started the day with church, then went back to my parents for a bit to get ready to head over to my grandparents. I spent most of the afternoon over there; we had our Christmas dinner (and two glasses of wine for me), opened gifts, and just spent time together. After that it was back to my parents' to pack my car and drive home. I was hoping to workout when I got home but I was way too tired. Instead I watched a move, "Pitch Perfect," and then did round three of my baking.  I had a lot of dough left from my cutout cookies that I made on Monday so I decided to make a couple dozen cookies to take to work. I still had dough left so instead of throwing it out, I put it in the freezer. My cousin and I are watching football together next weekend so maybe I will make some football shaped cookies (and send whatever we don't eat home with her!!!).

Today... Detox time!!!

I decided to do another Shakeology three day cleanse - starting today. I actually decided this AFTER making my coffee this morning. On the cleanse you're supposed to start the day with tea, but I didn't want to waste my coffee (and hey, those k-cups can be expensive!). I don't think that a cup and a half of coffee will matter much.  Now that it's gone, I'll be drinking tea for the next few days.  Like last time, I am adding the fruit that's considered optional. I'll be working out, so I will definitely need those extra calories. My focus is on health, so I'm not going to eat too few calories and cause myself problems. That's unhealthy, which I refuse to do... Also, in my personal opinion, it's not the smartest thing to do.

I am also back to working out today... I have missed it!! I know it was only three days, but for me that's a long time. It also is enough time to make me feel like a fat, lazy lump.  I know it wasn't laziness because I was so busy with other things, but that's how I feel.  Add in the fact that I'm bloated and I feel like a cow. I do not like feeling that way; unhealthy! I like to feel good, and strong.  The simple solution? Getting my butt back on track and not stopping!! Now that Christmas is over, things will be slowing down a bit again, which I'm pretty excited about. I'm ready to throw myself back into fitness!!!

On my agenda today is a run (since I missed two this week!) and some TF. I will probably run tomorrow as well...And maybe even Friday; in effort to make up what I missed on Saturday and yesterday. All three runs will be short, about 30 minutes so that's not so bad. After this Saturday I'll be back on my regular training schedule. I can't believe that the half marathon is less than two months away! I'm super excited and a little nervous!! My goal is to finish it.... Under the time limit, which should not be a problem. I expect to walk some of it. IF I do more in the future, my goal will be to improve each time - walk a little less, run a little faster... Whatever improvements I can make in order to keep challenging myself.

This is my last week of the prep schedule for TF. Next week I plan to do the inferno plan Monday-Friday. It's basically an intense workout every day (of course TF is intense anyway!) as well as following an eating plan. This will give me time to get groceries and figure out some other options (there are foods scheduled that I do not like). I was going to hold off on it since Monday is New Year's Eve and I'm sure I'll have some drinks. I think that I will run on Monday instead of Tuesday, in hopes to off-set some of the damage from what I drink. I don't plan to get falling down drunk, but I will have a few drinks, I'm sure. I realize that this may impact my results, but I really don't want to wait to get started on it! The following week I'll start the regular TF schedule. I'm ready to kick some butt! In addition to TF I'll be running three days a week, as well as doing some biking.

Speaking of working out, I'm off to do that so that I can get ready for dinner. I'm already feeling hungry. Of course with the cleanse and having eaten more than usual lately, my body is probably a little confused! I'm so ready to go sweat and get back on track - and feeling better!!!

I hope you are having a great week!


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