Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Potluck; M&M Fail

Today we (some of the office staff) had a potluck at work. I would say that I escaped the potluck without any failures.  I had one plate full and about a half a cup of soup (homemade, yum!). I small scoops of the things I wanted to try - Crockpot spaghetti, grape and apple salad, a salad that I made (spinach, strawberries, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, poppy seed dressing), three small meatballs, a few crackers, and some spinach dip.  Over the years I've become good about eye-balling measurements of things. I just envision my measuring cups and about how much would fill them (I often end up overestimating, which is fine by me).  I ate quarter or half cups of the things that I tried, except the spinach dip which was less than two tablespoons.  I got to sample things, was content after eating - not hungry or too full. I drank my water and enjoyed talking with others.  Lunch? Was good.

I plan on having a large helping of my leftover salad for dinner tonight.

I'm pretty happy with my eating today. I'm especially happy because yesterday was a bit of a fail. Not huge, but definitely not a good day.  I'm sure it had something to do with not feeling well, but I ended up tapping into a bag m&ms I have for making some holiday treats. I ate some, without measuring. I counted them, but in all honesty this is a case where I may have underestimated what I ate. Or maybe not... Hard to tell when you grab a few out of a bag at a time.  At any rate, I was disappointed with myself, but I know that I cannot dwell on it.

Although I didn't feel so hot, I did workout. I ended up doing the TF that was on my schedule for the day as well as a RB workout. I stopped after that. I was definitely feeling exhausted by the time I was done and didn't want to push too hard.  Oddly, after I rested for a bit, I was feeling better than I had all day! I'm glad I stopped when I did because had I kept going, I know I would've felt worse. 

I still have a bit of a cold, but I am pretty sure it's getting better. Today I have run on the agenda and I'm honestly not feeling like I want to do it.  I'm going to at least try though. I feel better than I did on Saturday and I managed to run then, so I'm sure I can complete thirty minutes.  I may run slower than normal again, but that's okay... As long as I'm moving and accomplishing something, I'm okay with it. I also have a TF 45 minute workout and a BBL workout (30 minutes) on the schedule. I'm not sure I'll do all of it, but plan to at least do the run and the TF workout.  If I feel okay after that, I'll do BBL. If I'm feeling a bit run down, then I'll stop.  My original plan was to run this morning and do the others this evening, but I decided to get a little more rest and slept a little longer this morning.

So... Christmas will be here... In a week? Oh boy! I'm not ready.  I still have shopping to do, but luckily not a lot (thanks to online shopping last night). I should be able to wrap that up this weekend.... I hope!! It looks like a storm is headed this way, so hopefully the weather isn't too nasty. I also have a couple social obligations this weekend and totally do not want to miss those!!  I've finished some wrapping, and will do some more tonight.... After I get Christmas cards written out and ready to go in the mail. I have been receiving cards for a couple weeks and just realized that I really need to get mine sent out! I have baking to do, but will wait until Thursday evening to do some of that. I will likely do some for the Christmas party on Saturday, and then finish things for Christmas on Sunday.  I have more Christmas stuff going on in a couple weeks, so I'll probably do some more baking then (but I'm not worrying about that right now!).

I don't think that I'll have time to think about my goals for next year until after Christmas. I just have so much to get done this week! Other than another 12,000 fitness minutes (minimum) for the year and reaching my goal weight, I haven't got much else.  I really need to sit down and write out a plan for how I will reach these goals.  I also know that my schedule for working out for January needs to be updated. I'd like to do that right away (I have a new planner and can't wait to write in it - I LOVE planners!). However, I should probably take care of Christmas things first.

I suppose, it's time to run and do some turbofire so that I can get to work filling out Christmas cards. My goal is to finish them tonight so that I can drop them in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully that means that people will receive them by Christmas!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!!


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