Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Monday...For Sure.

I was going to get up early this morning to workout. Guess what! I did not.  I was going to get up and do my run so that I only had TF to do later. I was just SO tired this morning. I felt it all morning, too. Maybe that was because I didn't drink coffee as I usually do. Who knows.... I'll just plan to run and then do TF this afternoon.

Not only did I not get up to workout, the morning was slightly crazy. I was up early enough to get ready for work without difficulty. But it's Monday, soooo of course something (or a few things!) had to happen. Today is the first day of my TF Inferno plan, so I weighed myself. My usual weigh-in day is Monday morning but I wanted to get my weight and measurements to see what kind of results the next five days produce.  My weight was up.. Not just up a little but WAY up...Like SEVEN pounds since Saturday morning.

I did not go crazy with eating, and the only thing I can think of is that I ingested too much sodium and didn't drink enough water - mostly yesterday. I had some drinks yesterday but in terms of calories, it was not enough to gain that much weight.  I had some foods I don't usually eat, but it wasn't over the top, and what I did eat were made-over versions of things...Light cheeses, extra lean meats, etc. I estimated my intake and I was over my daily calorie goal but not by a lot. Some of how I tracked things was based on "full fat" versions of things, and I just went with what came up instead of trying to figure out my own. Anyway, so I went over in terms of calories (mostly thanks to drinks), but it wasn't anything crazy... Not even by enough to gain one pound, let alone seven!

Saturday I ate pretty well, and didn't drink anything with alcohol in it. I had home made whole wheat banana pancakes for breakfast, along with a Cutie and some coffee.  Lunch was four ounces of baked chicken breast (coated in some panko and a little parm cheese) with some BBQ sauce, and a couple bits of squash. I drank water throughout the day. Dinner was pretty unhealthy; chips and cheese - but I didn't finish it all, shared some, and gave my cousin the leftovers. I also worked out. In terms of calories, I was in fine shape. I had no difficulties on Friday either.

While my cleanse wasn't for weight loss, I was down four pounds after the three days. Now, in a matter of two days I have gained all of it back, plus three pounds. Sodium? You suck. Well, that and perhaps TOM has something to do with it. I thought that maybe that was the four pounds that I lost last week because my usual retention is pre-TOM. So, this could be a mix of the two or is really just sodium, solo. I could feel it when I woke up this morning, though.. My fingers felt especially bloated. That's generally where I can feel a huge difference when I retain water.

Doing the inferno plan means that I'm following a meal plan. I had to actually prep something. I always eat when I get to work, so I was going to scramble an egg and cook bacon before I left. Apparently I turned the burner up higher than I realized because when I was brushing my teeth I smelled an awful smell. I immediately knew that those two pieces of bacon were burnt. I walked into the hallway and was greeted with a wall of smoke. Lovely. I quickly removed the pan from the stove, flipped on the fan, opened the window, and got rid of the bacon. I also went a little crazy with the air freshener and realized that both my house and I smelled like a mixture of burnt turkey bacon and lavender. AWFUL! I didn't have time to shower again, or even to change my clothes, so I decided I had to stink for the day. I also did not have time to re-cook the bacon or even cook the egg. Both were microwaved instead.... I probably should've done that to begin with!

Also this morning... I put on my pants only to learn that they wouldn't zip. NOT because I was busting out of them but because they're a little over a year old, well worn and the zipper was broken during the last wash or dry cycle. I didn't have time to change, but had to change.  I'm annoyed to be down another pair of work pants (and these were my favorite; Editor from Express), but I suppose it's a reason to buy a couple new pair!

This was all before work. Luckily life wasn't quite as chaotic once I got to work, and has not been the rest of the day either.

As I mentioned, today is day one of inferno. The workout plan is easy to follow; it's one TF workout plus the 10 minutes of stretching a day. I'll be running a couple days in order to continue my half marathon training, but that's not part of the plan. 

For me the biggest part of inferno is the eating plan. I bought everything I'd need to make all of the meals and don't have any temptations in the house (well, except for leftover football party food, but that's been thrown into the freezer). In the book, it says to add a certain number of calories per day based on weight. I am able to add some, and I am over calories every day (pre-tracked last week). It's mostly because of changes that I made due to not liking certain foods on the plan. Some of my swaps, while still healthy, were a little higher in calories. Since the book says to add so many calories, I'm not concerned because I really haven't even added enough calories to reach that suggested amount. Plus, with running a couple days, I'm sure I'll be in fine shape.  Although I can add those extra calories, I want to follow the plan as closely as possible.

I'm going to try to post a daily photo log of the foods that I eat.... I should put emphasis on TRY. I may forget at some point during the five days! I'll admit that for as hungry as I was this morning (and it got to the point where I told myself to take time to eat because I was starting to feel sick), I didn't think that breakfast would fill me up.  Even sitting on the plate, just a sandwich didn't look like much. I thought I should have at least a fruit or something with it.  I ate it and felt satisfied. There was no reason to need to eat anything else.

Oddly, I was thinking of my snack and looking at the clock quite a bit. My snack was a banana and walnut halves. It's not like it was anything exciting. The plan called for half a banana but I decided to eat the whole banana, mostly because I didn't want to waste half of it, and I needed the extra calories.
I've noticed lately what might be the reason for that... When I am following a specific meal plan I seem to become obsessed with food. Like when I did the cleanse last week I was counting down until the apple I had for a snack, or when lunch would be so I could have the next shake.

I'm not sure what to think of that.  I suppose I should take some time to figure out why I'm so concerned about it.... Is it the idea of the restriction? Who knows. Maybe that will be tomorrow's topic; if I sit down and think it out.

I suppose that's enough for now. I need to go get this workout done so that I can shower, make dinner, and start getting ready for the evening. I'm headed out to celebrate NYE with my cousin and a friend. It most definitely will not be a crazy time, and I'll probably only have a few drinks. Haha... Maybe that's where I'll get the extra calories for today! The plan actually says to avoid alcoholic beverages, but I figure a few glasses of wine won't hurt. Like I mentioned before, I didn't want to wait to start, so I decided to do inferno now, knowing that those few glasses of wine might impact on my progress.

And maybe I'll extend the plan an extra day and choose to repeat meals from one day (or a mixture) this week. We'll see what happens and how I feel by the time the weekend rolls around.

Have a wonder, safe New Year's Eve everyone!!!


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