Friday, December 21, 2012

Let the Craziness Begin

It's going to be a busy weekend for me....

Birthday party this evening... I think.

The roads in my area of cleared up, but I'm not sure about up north. I'll probably give someone a call to see what it's like before I make my final decision. I'm probably  not going to stay late (have to get up early to workout and get ready for my Christmas potluck/gathering), so if it's not going to be worth driving about 30 minutes each way, I may skip it.  I mean... If it takes 45-60 minutes one way and I'm only staying for an hour or so, that's kind of a crazy drive.  I'm hoping it's clear enough, and stays clear enough, to drive up though. I'm a little tired but it would be good to see friends. 

Tomorrow is the potluck, which I'm pretty much ready for. Other than getting the things to throw a salad together (right before, or even when I get to, the potluck so it doesn't get yucky sitting there) and loading all of my delicious gifts into the car, I'm ready to go.  The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning, doing laundry, finishing my Christmas shopping (maybe for me too - my HRM is dying an agonizing - for me - death), wrapping presents, watching football, and possibly baking some Christmas cookies... Oh and of course working out too. I'm hoping to get a nine miler done tomorrow morning, but we'll see what time I get up.  I'm aiming for early-ish, but if not I'm not going to be upset.  As long as I'm ready to leave by 11, I should be fine (and I'd have to sleep in pretty late to not be able to do that!).

I'm looking forward to spending most of the weekend at home, alone.  As much as I love having Little Miss around, she makes it difficult to get things done.  It'll be nice to actually accomplish something without having to worry about taking care of a little person, or about her making a different mess. I cherish my time with her, but I also love my alone time too. As busy as the weekend will be, it also sounds like it'll be a little relaxing.

Honestly there's a part of me that would love to stay home and wrap gifts tonight...Just listening to Christmas music and maybe having a glass or two of wine.  However, I'd really love to see my friends, so if things are clear, I'm headed out for a bit. I'll probably wrap some presents after I get home, until I go to bed. I don't anticipate having more than a glass or two of wine with my friends but I probably won't have anymore after I get home.  Maybe some light hot chocolate instead...

I suppose I should wrap this up and get ready to do my second workout. I actually got up early enough this morning to do some biking!! I did about 35 minutes before I got ready for work.  Hopefully that's what I need to get me back on track with two-a-day workouts next week.  I'm planning on doing a couple turbofire workouts this afternoon.  I'm planning to only be an hour so that I can get ready to head out, so I'll probably do a 30 minute cardio routine, the 20 minute ab workout, and then 10 minutes of stretching.  It's amazing how fast an hour of TF goes by!!

Oh! Just a quick update... I'm 317 minutes away from meeting my yearly goal of 12,000 fitness minutes tracked on SP. I will have done over 1000 minutes this month, but there were times when I didn't workout as much (like after surgery when I was off for two full weeks), but the last few months I've met the goal of 1000 minutes each month.  After my workout this evening I'll be down to 257... I will easily reach that days before the end of the month!! I expect to be there by mid-week next week. I expect to do 100 minutes tomorrow and with Christmas in the mix, my workouts might be shorter on Monday and Tuesday, but I'd think that by the end of the day Wednesday I should reach my goal.

Also, this is the last week of my three program schedule.  I know I haven't done much RB or BBL the last couple weeks, but I think it's because I've started to lose interest in them.  Next week I'll be down to only TF, plus whatever other cardio I do (running, biking). I might throw one of those DVD workouts in the mix just to break up the routine, but I won't be following a strict schedule.  After New Years I plan on starting the TF inferno plan. It's an intense five days of TF workouts and a specific eating plan.  I'm looking at it as a type of "cleanse," just something to boost the system after the food and drinks that will come with the holidays. I may wait until the 7th to start because I am hoping to go out of town that first weekend in January, and that would throw me off track during the program days.  I am considering doing the three-day Shakeology cleans right after New Years... I'd start it on the first.  It's a good way to rid the body of toxins, and that would also be a good thing right after the holidays!

Okay now I really need to get started on a workout. It's an hour of that, a shower, dinner, and getting ready to head out all by about 7:00.... Yes, I definitely need to get started!!!

Have a great weekend!!


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