Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Has Come Again.

I can't believe how fast this weekend seemed to go by! I suppose when you're busy chasing after an active two year-old, that happens. I was thinking, on Saturday, how fast the days go by when I am babysitting.  Even getting up early and having a routine, the day flies by.  Maybe it's because I enjoy spending time with her.

I accomplished part of my list this weekend. I ordered some Christmas gifts, got the house cleaned (and kept picking up after the little tornado that was flying through the house), did some baking and cooking, grocery shopped, did some laundry, and was able to put up some of my Christmas decorations. Little Miss was particularly interested in the ornaments. I was happy to have some that do not break when she picked up one, said "ball," and gave it a toss.

 Note to self: when I have children, do not buy glass ornaments.

No bathroom painting... That is much too hard with a child around. Nap time is just not long enough for doing such things. Oh well... One of these days.  I also wasn't given, and do not have, any paint stirring sticks so I couldn't even attempt it. I'll have to get a couple of those before I start anyway.  I thought that my to-do list was a bit ambitious but I'm glad to have done the majority of it!

As far as working out, I was able to get some done but not what I wanted.  I did a 30 minute run Friday evening instead of what was scheduled. I thought I would run seven miles but just couldn't do it. I could not stand the idea of being on that treadmill at all. I suppose I gave myself a bit of a mental block, which never helps when exercising. I think my hormonal levels and emotional state was a huge factor in that; actually in a lot of things last week. I am feeling much better today and am ready to workout. Also despite the shortened workout on Friday, I was good with my eating and I didn't go crazy with my calories or anything like that. I stayed in range.

I didn't set my alarm for Saturday and figured I'd wake up when I woke up. If it was early enough for a run, then great but if not...No biggie. I did an extra run for the week on Saturday. Although it was only (about) a 30 minute run, I decided I could swap that distance with the next. I'll then be doing two long run weeks in a row, but that's okay.  Anyway, I decided to fit in a workout on Saturday morning. I thought I'd workout in the living room instead of the basement so that the Little miss could play. 

It turned out that she was highly interested in the workout. When we brought my equipment upstairs, she tried carrying the heavy weights. I grabbed the one pound weights that come with my treadmill, thinking they'd be light enough for her to play with. They were. And she loved them.  She carried them around and even tried to do some of the moves with them. She really enjoyed the music on the DVD and did her own little workout; dancing with the weights in her arms. TOO CUTE! She lost interest toward the end and played. Then she wanted to color so she sat and colored while I did my TF core workout. Mostly, I think she watched me, trying to figure out what I was doing.

I also taught her how to first pump and raise the roof.  She got a kick out of that and seems to like doing both. My Rockin' Body DVDs have these moves in them, so I think I will have to do one of those next time I workout and she's around.  I think that the sounds, voices, and even the stage itself will attract her even more. 

Yesterday was a rest day and I'm back into the swing of things today.  I looked at my workouts for today before I went to bed last night and decided that I didn't need to get up early to workout. I will later in the week, but decided to take advantage of sleeping in for a day. Plus, I was super tired! I definitely needed a little extra sleep and felt more recharged this morning.

My alarm went off at the early time because I forgot to re-set it, but I kept hitting snooze. I don't think it was the best sleep, but I know I at least dozed a little more. I remember having a dream, I think in between the snooze button. It was odd. I was getting married and everything seemed to be going wrong. Three of my friends told me, the day before, that they couldn't be in the wedding anymore. My hair wasn't done how I wanted, and I was supposed to have a pedicure at the same time and it wasn't done. The make-up artist only put on foundation, nothing else, so  was left scrambling to do my own make-up.  Then, somehow, a college dorm was involved and I kept running back to this room to do something - I'm not sure what. I also rounded up more girls, who were similar sizes as the girls who couldn't be in the wedding, to be bridesmaids.  I was still a girl short, so I just doubled up two of them with a groomsman. My dress was pretty (not what I would actually pick out though), and despite my hair being different than I wanted, it was pretty too.

This was definitely an odd dream. Does anyone out there do interpretation? Does this mean I'm not ready to get married? Does it mean I'm stressed and since I'm attending a wedding this weekend, that's how it manifested itself? Other tips? I suppose I could google it and try to figure it out. My dreams often have so many details it's hard to figure out what they mean. Sometimes I think that because I am not fully asleep, maybe it's more like daydreaming than actual dreaming, and maybe that's why I remember them.  Maybe my mind is guiding my dream in a direction somewhat consciously?  Who knows.

I have a plan for the week ready to go and plan to stick to it. I need to sit and figure out some fun, healthy things to do this weekend. It will be a short trip, but I'm planning to enjoy my free time. The one thing I can't wait to do is get up and do my seven miles on Saturday morning. I've never run on the beach, so I will most likely stick to the street. Maybe I'll run on the beach first thing Sunday morning, just for fun.... If I decide to get up extra early (have an early flight out). If not, I plan to spend some time walking along the beach.

By the time I get my luggage and rental car, and drive to the island, I expect to get there by 1:00.  Hotel check-in isn't until 4:00.  I'll probably get a light lunch and do some exploring for the afternoon. Or maybe wander to the beach and do my beach walk. After I check-in I'll likely do a little more exploring and find a place to have dinner. I might meet up with some other friends going to the wedding, but I'm not sure what the plans are for those who are in the wedding, as far as a rehearsal goes.  If not I'll fully enjoy the time alone.  I'm actually looking forward to it.

I'll probably watch the sunset (hope it's a good one!) and go to bed at a decent time on Friday night. I'm sure I'll be tired from having to get up so early for my flight. I plan on getting up early on Saturday to do my run, and then maybe spend more time exploring or on the beach. The wedding is in the afternoon, and then there's a gap of time between that and the reception. I figure I'll have a good hour, or maybe a bit longer between the wedding and reception. I'll probably use that as a little downtime before I head over to the reception site.

Things I want to do, but am not sure I'll have time for...? Rent a bike. A bicycle, not a scooter or motorcycle.  I've read that the best way to see the island is by bike (although I think my run will allow for that too...I may even stop and enjoy things that I come across while I run).  I may do that on Friday before I have to check into the hotel.... Just bike around for a while and see what I find to do.

I also want to go paddleboarding, but I'm not sure I'll have time for that. What I want to do includes a lesson and then either an hour or two on the water. I've never paddle boarded before so I will most definitely need the lesson. I think it'd be better to do that on Friday afternoon, which is why I'm not sure I'll have time... Just too much in a shorter period of time.  If I do that, I'll save the bike rental for Saturday morning, after my run.  This depends, of course, on the temperature of the ocean. If it's cold, I'm sure I won't be doing it! I am also a little nervous about doing something like that, for the first time, by myself.

I won't have time to do anything (unless I get up super early to walk or run on the beach) on Sunday. I have an early flight out, and need to be at the airport by 7:00.  I wanted to leave a little later, but the later flights got in even later (the one direct flight I had checked into was gone by the time I booked). I'd prefer to get to the airport earlier in the day (as it is, it'll be almost 1:00). I have Monday off so I don't need to rush to get home, which will be nice.

I'll most likely leave the hotel around 6:00 so that I have time to get to the airport, drop off the rental car, and check-in on time. I'll already need to get up around 5:30, so I'm pretty sure my Sunday rest day will remain a rest day.

Mostly I'm excited for the wedding, of course. This is probably a good thing since it's the reason I'm going! I've been friends with this girl for years, she and her boyfriend have been together for quite a while, and they are so good together. I can't wait for the entire experience, but mostly celebrating with them! The other things are just a plus.

I suppose I should get started on my workout so I can get some things accomplished yet this evening. I want to check into a couple more things for the trip, and finish my planning. I might even start packing. Luckily there will be such a difference in temperature, that I certainly will not be needing any of the things I plan to pack. I'm pretty excited to get out my sundresses, sandals, and bikinis and decide what to take with me!

Happy Monday - hope it's been good to you!!


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