Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plans Change

I had my schedule for the next few days all figured out, until last night.  My cousin needs a babysitter on Saturday so I have the Little Miss coming over tomorrow night. I had my weekend all planned out, including a nine mile run on Saturday, and now I have to revise it.  Yes, I realize I could've said "no" but there really isn't anything I can't change around. It's a bit inconvienent to have to change my plans but it can be done. I enjoy my time with the little one, so I'll do what I have to.

Most of what I had planned shouldn't be too bad. I have a short run as well as turbofire to try to get done. TF will be easy, because Little Miss is entertained by those DVDs.  She will watch a lot of it (as long as I stick to a shorter workout) and will even try to do some of it. I can run (and then shower!) while she naps.  I'll try to clean as best as I can with her around, and whatever I can't get done I will do after she goes home/on Saturday night. I may even try to get a jump on that tonight or tomorrow night after she goes to bed (depending on how tired I happen to be and how far I get with my meal planning/grocery shopping list for the next couple weeks). I have some groceries to get, which I can do Saturday afternoon. That actually works out great because her Mom will be out of work around the time that I'll be headed to get groceries. If my day goes according to plan (here's to hoping!), I should be able to make it to church at 5:30 and be home by 7 to do whatever it is I need to do. She talked about spending Saturday night and helping me clean but I honestly think it'll be harder to do with them there. I'll probably get more done by myself. 

They'll be coming over on Sunday after church so that we can watch some football. I plan on making some snacks for the game. They will be made over so that they're healthy! I will stick to eating the lower calorie stuff like shrimp cocktail and veggies with light dip, and eat less of the other stuff. Of course, even the other stuff will be made over into lighter versions. There is a very good chance that I will be enjoying a bloody Mary or some wine when we watch the game. I don't usually do the snacks and drinks thing while watching games, but it's the last regular season game and it'll be a fun time. Plus, most of what I'm making can be tossed in the freezer (meatballs) and used in the future. Since I'm doing the inferno plan, which includes an eating plan, starting Monday I won't eat the leftovers right away... Well, except for the veggies and maybe the shrimp. I'm not making large quantities anyway, so I doubt there will be much left. Anyway, so I'll be getting food ready on Sunday morning (after a workout, of course). I am hoping to have time to do some meal prep if I have time. If not, I can always do that on Sunday evening.

Tonight I had planned on a three mile run and some TF. Well, now that my long Saturday run isn't happening, that's changed too. I will be putting in nine miles on the treadmill when I finish this. Well, maybe not immediately but that's the plan for this evening. It's a task that, quite honestly, does not sound like fun at the moment. I'm also a little nervous about it because I'm supposed to be doing this cleanse. Nine miles and not eating many calories does not sound like the best idea ever.  Even after dinner and my next shake I will have consumed under 1200 calories today. While doing this cleanse you're not supposed to do anything super intense. But I need to get this training run done and will not have time on Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Tomorrow I'll still be doing the cleanse. Small dilemma.

My solution? I decided to eat some pre-workout carbs and I will start my run by 6:00. I'll be done and able to eat dinner (a salad and some fish from the cleanse plan) by 7:30, which won't be too late. I also shouldn't be hungry for bed by eating at that time. I do have another shake to fit into my day and I'm probably going to have that after my workout... Dinner will be easy to throw together and I'm sure I'll be hungry so I might have it after I eat, as a "dessert."  My problem is that I probably won't feel hungry, which is what happened to me last night. I actually forgot to have the third shake yesterday! Oops!

I suppose I'm really not doing so well with the cleanse this time. Of course, I'm doing it to flush some of the yucky stuff out of my body and to get myself back on track with eating healthy, so I think that going a little off the path isn't a HUGE deal. I'm doing it most of the time; it's just a forgotten shake and some extra fuel for a run. I may not see insane results that some people see, but I didn't last time. I'm also not doing this to lose weight... I'm doing it to get myself back on track and feeling good. Passing out or feeling sick during a workout is not healthy and certainly will not make me feel good, so... Extra carbs it is! FYI, I'm having brown rice (with some spices to give it a little flavor) so it's a healthy, whole grain. It could be worse... I could be stuffing my face with chips!

I suppose that's about it for now. I'm going to start making my grocery list. I need to look at the inferno meal plan and figure out what I can use to replace some of the foods I don't like. It shouldn't take long, but will be done and out of the way before I run. I'm motivated to get things done tonight so that I can enjoy as much of the weekend as possible.  Although it was a shorter work week for me, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!

I hope you are having a great week!


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