Friday, December 28, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

I'm pretty glad that the weekend is finally here! Although I had an extra day off, it seemed like it was a long week. It's funny how that works sometimes, isn't it?

This post will likely be short. I had to run a couple errands after work; quick stop at the grocery store to get some ingredients for child-friendly foods and the bank to make a deposit. Nothing too time consuming, thank goodness! The Little Miss is getting dropped off around seven this evening so I want to be sure to have time to workout, shower, and eat before she gets here.  Since I'm doing the cleanse, dinner will be easy - and I don't have to cook anything. That'll be a time saver!

My workout today will be a short run (30 minutes) and then the TF sculpting and core workouts (about 50 minutes). It'll be nice to end the week with 80 fitness minutes, but I am a little crunched for time. I may scratch the core workout and do the ten minute stretching DVD instead. We'll see what the clock says when Im' done with the first hour of work. I anticipate being done before 6:30 so I should have time to do all of that, plus shower and eat something.  I definitely look forward to relaxing this evening, but I'm sure I'll have to play for a bit first.  Then I need to start on some cleaning after she goes to bed... That's the plan anyway. We shall see how that goes. I might be ready to just crash!!

Tomorrow morning will be TF time.  That will be easy to do since Little Miss is so easily entertained by the DVDs. I also don't think I have more than a half hour to do, so she should be able to stay out of trouble. She seems to get a kick out of watching me so maybe I'll have her sit and color during that time. I'm hoping that I will wake up early and that the dogs and I can be quiet enough so that she doesn't wake up. If that happens, I'm going to do a quick 30 minute run on the treadmill. I don't see that happening because she somehow senses when I get up and is up shortly after. I'm pretty sure that my run will have to be done during nap time or in the evening. Hmmm... I might even hold off on doing that until Sunday when I have some quiet time. That's probably a better plan - running and turbofire on Sunday morning. That way I won't have to worry about squeezing it in tomorrow and should have enough time to clean.

I love how I sometimes brainstorm new ideas while I'm writing.

I have my inferno plan all written out, as well as a grocery list for each day. Some of the days I'm a little over the calories that they suggest based on things that I'm changing, but I don't think it'll hurt anything...Especially since I'll be running on Tuesday and Thursday. A few extra calories will actually be a good thing for me.  Plus, there's a chart in the front of the book that lists how many extra calories you should eat based on weight, and I'm under that with what I've added....So I will be fine.  If anything I may have to add a few extra healthy snacks or salads.

I'm really excited about the program. I'm also excited to have my meals for five days all planned out. It'll be a good way to get back on track with my eating (although I've been doing well during this cleanse). I think trying some new recipes and foods will be a good thing. I hope to see some great results after doing this program. BUT if I don't, it's still a good way to start the regular TF schedule (I've been doing the prep schedule) as well as a good eating plan. 

I suppose I ought to head down to the treadmill and get started.... I only have so much time to get that workout in!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!


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