Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend Plans and Such

I have to start by saying that, as many people are, I'm so sadden by the elementary school shooting in Connecticut today. Such a tragedy.  In all honesty various shootings and other craziness that children must endure makes me really afraid to have children.  We can raise them well, teach them right, and love them more than anything but that cannot protect them from others in the world. It's scary.

Although she isn't a school age child, I'm going to hug the Little Miss extra close tonight.  Yes, I'm babysitting again. It seems that if I'm not off on some adventure of another, I'm spending time with her when I'm home. I don't mind...I actually enjoy my time with her (or I wouldn't take her so much!).  I know that when I look into those big, brown eyes filled with innocence, I'm going to think of the children that were lost today, and those who witnessed it because a little piece of their innocence was stolen from them.

It's hard to begin writing about myself when that's on my mind.  It seems that nothing else I have to say at this moment will come even remotely close to being as important as that. I suppose though, I shall try...

Last night I set out to do a seven mile run.  I was getting too bored (treadmill) and at some points I felt as though I was exhausting myself.  I realized that I needed to slow down my pace. No...I accepted that it was okay to slow down. I also accepted that it was okay to walk when I needed to. Once I did, the run was so much better.  In the end it ended up being a run (jog) with walking periods as needed. I decided to do a cool down walk after my seven miles hit.  I did... Then I decided to extend it to reach a time limit, instead of having to do something else. I did.  Finally I had to stop myself from continuing. I wanted to keep going, but I knew that I needed to shower, eat, and do some other things. Plus I really wanted to watch Big Bang Theory.

After my time on the treadmill.... I felt good!!  I am now focused on training for distance and my endurance rather than training for speed. I was reminded of how much I enjoy walking (even my crazy speed walking). I was also reminded of how nice it is to have a little variety in my activity. Chances are I will not be running 13.1 miles without a walking break...Or several. I'm realistic. So why push myself to run, and not walk, during my training? Seems silly, no?

I did not get up this morning to workout, of course I haven't all week so that's not much of a surprise. I'm going to try to get back into that habit next week. It would be nice to have a little more free time in the evening. It would also help me to get to bed earlier so that getting up early won't be so difficult - vicious circle! There are so many advantages to working out in the morning, not to mention it's nice to break-up my workout time!

I'll be doing about an hour this evening, showering, eating a quick dinner (oohhh haven't posted a healthy dinner yet this week!), and then going to meet up with my cousin to pick-up Little Miss.  I'm sure we will hang out for a while before I head home.  Depending on the time, Little Miss and I will play for a while, then probably snuggle on the couch until she falls asleep.  I will probably then try to accomplish something around the house, or just relax!

Since I was able to do a workout last time she was over, we are having exercise time tomorrow morning too.  She had fun with my little weights and just dancing around (as well as watching me, likely wondering what I was doing).  We will probably spend half an hour tomorrow morning doing a DVD... I'm not sure which yet. I'm thinking one of my TF workouts would be good. When she naps I plan on running three miles and (finally!) showering. 

I have our healthy meals planned already.  For breakfast I'll probably make some scrambled eggs (maybe with some fat-free cheese) and  fruit... Probably Cuties. I may make some oatmeal to go along with it. That way we will have a good balance of food groups.  That sounds like a large breakfast (to me anyway, but I usually have a protein shake and fruit), but I will be making small portions. For lunch will be having homemade chicken nuggets from skinnytaste. I'm also making cheese sticks (reduced fat string cheese, dipped in egg and then breadcrumbs, and baked). I think that recipe was from one of my Hungry Girl cookbooks, but she used Fiber One in the coating. I don't have any so breadcrumbs and spices, it is! We will probably have some grapes or applesauce or something with it. It's amazing how fast the day goes by when she is there!!! I guess it's having her on a schedule that takes up the time. I could probably write down our entire day right now.

I have some gluten free cookie mix so we might spend time baking again.  It'll depend on what she wants to do.  She is a lot of fun to bake with so if she wants to spend time baking, that's fine with me. I'll just be sure to take some cookies to my parents, and send some home with Little Miss.  I think I have sugar cookie mix left (ahhhh sugar) so if we do bake and I'm feeling extra creative, maybe we will make some type of frosting and decorate them. We shall see... This will also be dependant on how well behaved she is!! Her Mom says she's definitely in the terrible twos, so it'll depend on what the day brings.

I suppose that's as far ahead as I've thought. Sunday is usually my rest day, but I may do a DVD workout or two.  I'm just going to wait and see how much I get done around the house tomorrow and what Sunday brings. I would like to try to make a couple meals for the week on Sunday, but we'll see how that goes. I know that I have a football game that I will be watching, and that will need to be factored into my day! Big game for my team this weekend.... Go Bears!!!!

Have a great, healthy weekend - I'm off to get some work done before I get to spend time with Little Miss!!!


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