Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Goal and I'm Possibly Crazy.

The two ideas in the title go together.  I suppose I'll discuss my new goal first...

I decided that I'd have a goal to do at least one race or health/fitness event a month (for example something like Relay for Life that's not a race but is good for fitness).  I then decided while I might as well just change that to...

Goal: 13 in 13!!!

This goal is two-fold. I plan on doing my first half marathon (13.1 miles) this year. That really wasn't part of the original goal, but I thought it sounded cute. Or something. The second part of the goal is.... 13 races or health/fitness events in 13.  That's my monthly goal, plus one since it's 2013 and that's such a cute expression.

I've made out a list of races that I plan to attend and after looking at it, I only have a few more months to fill AND will be over 13!! They're written down. The goal is written. It's not written in stone but I'm the type of person who will do what it takes to complete a goal. If I set out to do something, I'm going to (try my best to) do it... I really don't like putting "try my best" in there because I feel like it's an easy way out if I can't make a race for some reason... I like doing races with people. So, let's say I don't have someone to do a race with.... It would be easy for me to decide to skip it too.  I need to stop letting things like that happen!!

SO... Unless something happens that will prevent me from doing it, I'm doing it. Things that may prevent me are things like illness - not a headache or something, a major illness... The flu, mono, something like that. Broken bones would also fall into this category. Actually, depending on when something like that would occur, a broken arm shouldn't prevent me from running (pending physician approval). I guess mostly it'd be a broken or sprained ankle, leg, or foot, that would cause me difficulty.

Basically? I'm going to work to reach this goal. I'd like to surpass it, but I like the sound of 13 in 13 too much! :)

I also want to participate in a Ragnar Relay either toward the end of 2013 (Napa or Vegas!) or sometime in 2014. I've been following Katie's blog posts about it and it sounds like a lot of fun!!!
Part Two...

Doing a race a month means I'll be running in cold weather. I'll be running when there are nasty little things like ice, snow, and slush on the ground.  I HATE running outside in the winter. Yet I've made it a goal to get outside at least once a month during the winter months to do a race.  I'm not saying every run will be outside. They won't. It is highly likely that a race will be my only outdoor run. I'd go as far as to say it's "probable" more than highly likely.

This is what, in my mind, makes me crazy. I honestly think I'm crazy to be attempting even a 5K outdoors in frigid temps!! Seriously. I'm possibly crazy.

My craziness and my goal will match up for the first time next weekend. I'm doing the Polar Dash (Chicago) next Saturday.  Snow is in the forecast.  The temperature for the day is a high of 31 degrees. A 10K and a half marathon are also offered but since it's my first outdoor winter run, I'm sticking to the 5K. I'm hoping that the snow doesn't come...At least until Monday. That way I can enjoy my run, and weekend downtown, without worrying about such nasty weather. I can tolerate the cold a little (tiny) bit better when it's not so snowy... Or blowy, but as many of us know, wind is a common thing in Chicago. It's over a week away, so I'm hoping something changes...For the better. I certainly don't want it to change for the worse!!!

One final thing before my workout... If you "like" my Facebook fan page, check out today's status updates.  Because I broke 100 "likes" I'm offering a giveaway for anyone who "likes" the status post about the giveaway (the rather lengthy post from today).

I'm off to do a 30 minute run and some Turbofire!! I think that's a great way to start the weekend!!

Have a great, healthy, happy first weekend of 2013!!!


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