Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Surprising Workout

Yesterday my plan was to bike then do some of the SP boot camp DVD. Well, that didn't happen. I looked at the DVD and realized that the entire thing was almost an hour and a half long. I decided I'd do that and see what it was like before biking... That way I could fall back on biking if the DVD was awful. 

The DVD wasn't too bad, but definitely not up to the same level as Turbofire (everything; including the video portion itself). I did not get a high calorie burn, which I didn't totally expect because it includes some strength training with cardio portions included.  Some of the strength included movement too, so I just left my heart rate monitor on the whole time. I could see myself forgetting to click the button on a cardio type move and then being totally lost.  So for about an hour and a half (I kept moving during the moments between segments and walked for a few minutes after to reach 90 minutes), I burned 494 calories. Not bad, but definitely not near my typical burn. I'd generally burn that in an hour, or even less depending on the activity. The plus was that it earned me eight WW activity points (I logged it as moderate activity).  When I did WW years ago, I'd get two to four, depending on what I did, so eight seemed awesome to me.

I wasn't thrilled with that burn in that amount of time, but I told myself that it was okay because it was not as high intensity as what I usually do. Somehow I finished without feeling like I had "wasted" some of my time. I didn't end up biking because I had to start dinner and such. I decided that I'd rather not be too far behind or eat too late (I was already late enough).

For someone who is used to high intensity cardio, this DVD is NOT going to provide that.  My heart rate did get up a little during some of the jumping cardio moves, but it wasn't for long. The strength aspect was pretty nice. I could feel the burn on some of the moves. I haven't used weights for strength in a while so I'm guessing that had something to do with it. I also know that I need to increase my strength work. This DVD will be good for that. I've only been doing the resistance band toning or sculpting on the TF schedule, and lately that's only been once a week.  The TF core workout is done on the long stretch day, so I guess that counts for something too.

I think that I will do this entire DVD on Wednesdays, which are my "off" days from TF.  That will be a good addition to the one day of sculpting or toning I do a week. I may add one of those TF workouts to another day too; one that is shorter in duration just because I could use the extra work.

The strength moves weren't too bad either. I could do most of them at the "advanced" level which means I could probably use heavier weights next time. I used a lighter set just because I hadn't done any weight training in a while. Oddly, I'm feeling it today! My chest, arms, and shoulders are a little sore. It's not a lot, and I can mostly feel it when I move the muscles, but it's there so I'm happy!

Day two on WW went well.  It's definitely a good way to get some more veggies and fruits (fresh!) into my diet.  I usually eat quite a few but I know I'm eating more on WW. Fresh fruits and veggies have zero points... So I can fill up on those!! Points take values of carbs, fiber, protein, and fat into consideration. No calories. This is different for me because I've counted calories for so long.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to give up tracking that (today anyway; it's early).  I actually had to remind myself to even log-in to MFP today. 

I'm tracking on MFP and on SP (why two, I don't know... it's kind of silly) too - for now anyway. Yesterday I said I was curious to see how the calories went along with points, which I was/am.  I also think that letting go of the control of counting calories was part of that justification. The fact that I almost forgot to log-in to MFP today makes me think that maybe I'm not quite as obsessive....Or this new method is helping me to relax. So far I haven't obsessed about points.  I've planned and stuck to my daily points. I did use a few of the extra weekly points yesterday but as of now by the end of the day today I won't.

I can see me having difficulty with those extra points and accepting that they're there to be eaten; that it is OKAY to eat them.  I'm trying my best to stick to just my daily points allowance.  Of course at this point in time I'm not planning on any specific events in which I'd want to use them. Maybe when that happens I'll be more willing to enjoy them. In fact, I know I will because I looked into that yesterday... A standard (750 ml) bottle of wine will only be 17 points. I can drink an entire bottle and STILL have weekly points left! Shoot, I could drink TWO bottles of wine and still have 15 extra weekly points. However, drinking two bottles of wine at one time is probably not the best idea. Point-wise I would be okay but alcohol makes you bloat, so the potential to gain some water weight (which eventually goes away) is pretty high.

Also, I find myself to be drunk after one bottle. Two bottles would not be a good. Not all at one time anyway!

On tonight's fitness agenda is a training run and some TF.... I believe I have a short HIIT workout to do followed by the 30 minute sculpting workout.  I'm actually looking forward to it all! Hmmm... maybe that change of pace on Wednesdays will be good for me!

FYI... WW points are now called PointsPlus (I have to get the hang of this as I have the term "points" stuck in my brain). When I write about values in the future, I'll refer to them as PP, or maybe WW PP. I should add this to my terms page, huh? :)

Tomorrow is another day of working for my Dad... My cousin and I may workout again after, so it could be another late evening. If we do, it might even be another Subway turkey sub and glass of wine evening. Then again I may just stay at my parents' tomorrow night....I'm supposed to be going to a baby shower on Saturday and it's a few hours away, so we would have to leave early.  If we go; weather doesn't look too promising. Grr... Winter.  Even if that doesn't happen, my Mom will have the Little Miss (so sad - my cousin didn't even call me!!) so I may help with her.  We shall see what the day brings. At some point I should do some things around the house and get some groceries too... So, that's my plan for the weekend. If I don't post, it's because I will be busy. :

I hope you've had a great week thus far - I'm off to workout!


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