Monday, January 28, 2013

An Off-Track Weekend

This weekend went NOTHING like I had planned. Or hoped.  I had all this energy and motivation to keep my weekends on-track and I fell off-track. I did awesome all week, especially after signing up for WW and then on Saturday life just fell apart. Well, it kind of did on Friday.

I worked for my Dad on Friday and decided to stay at my parents' Friday night. My cousin asked my Mom to babysit her little girl, so I decided to help with her. And the weather was awful. LOTS of snow and because it was coming down so fast, it didn't appear that he road crews were out plowing. My plan had been to go to my parents' house and workout (a run and TF) before my cousin's little girl got there. I wasn't planning on the weather being so nasty, so I ended up meeting up with my cousin and taking her early, which meant no workout for me. I was going to attempt TF because she'll usually concentrate but she was a bit too wild for that, and needed more "watching" than TF would've allowed.  By the time my parents got home it was a little late to be working out. Not a big deal, but I was bummed.

I planned on doing TF Saturday and then a long run on Sunday.  Neither happened. I was at my parents' house most of Saturday and could not figure out how to make their DVD player work. In the last year, I've made it work twice... Do you think I could remember the "trick" to it? Nope. I pushed buttons for half an hour before giving up and deciding that I'd do it at home. 

My eating was awful. I didn't eat a ton (although I kinda felt like it; and like I couldn't get full - UGH) but I ate things that weren't the healthiest. I thought for sure I'd busted through ALL of my extra PP for the week, but I didn't. I guess my poor choices weren't THAT poor.

Then I got home and was exhausted. I didn't sleep well on Friday night (probably because I was in a twin bed with a two-year old who kept flopping around - at one point I became her pillow).  I figured this was why I was so insanely tired on Saturday night. I ended up doing nothing all evening. I actually slept off and on from a little after 6 until sometime after 10 when I fall asleep for at least an hour before going to bed. I decided that TF wasn't in the cards for the weekend and I'd do my run on Sunday as planned.

Enter Sunday morning... I was STILL tired. Exhausted, actually. It took all I had just to do some cleaning around the house, and shower. Again, I ate poorly.  There is truth in what is said about being tired and not putting forth the effort to stay healthy. I thought I must've killed the rest of my daily points because I felt like I couldn't stop eating. Oddly, I didn't. I guess my eating wasn't as bad as I thought, and wasn't as bad as Saturday (mostly because I don't keep things around that I had at my parents' on Saturday). Luckily I didn't have comfort food as available as I would've liked. Thank goodness!!

I didn't end up running because I was just so tired. After I showered, I put on clean pajamas and spent the rest of the day like I did the morning... Not doing much of anything. I'd clean a little, then rest a lot, then clean  little, then rest a lot. I didn't understand my lack of motivation or why I felt so tired but I was not happy about it. I stopped eating around five last night and felt like a cow shortly after; bloated but didn't think much of it and decided it was my crappy choices. Then, of course, I was upset with myself for being a lazy cow all day. I couldn't believe I had been that tired after so much sleep the night before (including the time I drifted off on the couch).

Shortly after seven I had sudden, horrible stomach pains...Like the ripping kind. And my stomach hurt. I think it must've hurt because of how insanely stretched it was. I had no idea my stomach could bloat like that. I looked like I had a basketball under my skin. It pushed out so far that I looked like I was at least a good four months pregnant! I immediately freaked out because I thought I was just bloated from all the crappy eating. Then I got gas, and figured that was the reason for the stomach pains. 

Then it hit. I was sick. Horribly sick. For over an hour. Then it seemed to ease a little. I was thirsty so I decided to try some water. I drank maybe a cup of it over a half hour period. BOOM. I was horribly sick again. Great.... I was becoming dehydrated and couldn't tolerate water. Last time this happened I ended up in the ER with an IV. That's when I realized why I felt so badly. I was sick. My Dad had been sick with the same thing (although not as bad; no pains for him) on Friday.  My cousin's little girl had a bloated tummy and pooped quite a bit - twice on Friday night (and she didn't come over until around six) and once right away on Saturday morning. We thought it was just because she'd been eating so much. Now I wonder if she had something and maybe I caught it from her. I was my hands but between all the dirty diapers and her little smooches, it's possible she had something that I got.  It's more likely it was from her than my Dad.

I haven't gone to the doctor and don't plan to; it seems to be a typical stomach bug.  A lot of people think of this as "the flu."  It's not.  The actual flu (influenza A) that goes around is respiratory, not gastrointestinal. Lots of people say they have the flu when they have this GI stuff, but that's not it.  I saw on the news that a new strain of Norovirus is sweeping the US, so that's probably what I have. I've had it before and I'm fairly certain (as certain as I can be without a diagnosis) that it's what I have again. I say have because although I've tolerated a little food and drink today (tea, water, plain oatmeal, chicken broth), I still have the pain and feel very run down. And my stomach is still bloated, although not as obviously as it was last night.

I'm fairly certain that, unless I miraculously feel better this evening, today will be another day of not working out.  UGH. I want to but I also know that when I hit that point of being super exhausted I know that even if I were to find the motivation, I'd have an awful time getting through even a short workout. I definitely will get exhausted and feel worse if I run. I know. I've pushed myself before. TF is pretty intense so I'm thinking that would have the same result.  Also, if I'm sick... I really shouldn't push my body....Even if I'm feeling guilty for not working out and would if I could.

Hopefully this bug will be out of my system and I'll be back to "normal" tomorrow. I need to get some workouts done, especially running!! That half-marathon is coming up fast!! I need to be sure to complete my long runs; I'm in the critical zone! My training plan has me alternating long run Saturdays and short (three mile) run Saturdays. In looking at the calendar, I'm quite a ways behind. My last longer run was on the 12th of this month and was only six miles. It should've been ten.  So this past Saturday I should've done 11.  I think I'm going to have to find time this week to fit in a longer run. I definitely do them best on weekends but I need to get some longer training runs done... I also know that I'll be busy the weekend before the race, so I'll have to fit a longer run in at some point before the weekend.  As much as I like to follow a plan, I need to figure out where to fit in longer runs. Maybe I'll plan on doing that tomorrow evening, rather than a short run. I definitely need to sit down and figure that out... Good thing this is a sick day off; I'll have time to revise my plans.

I suppose... It's off to do some planning; for my workouts as well as some meals. Hopefully I'll feel up to getting some groceries tomorrow! Luckily I didn't need much today!

Have a fantastic, healthy week!!


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