Thursday, January 3, 2013


I just want to illustrate how much weight can fluctuate... The last few days have been a good picture of this.

From Saturday to Monday I "gained" seven pounds.
On Saturday I did weigh in later than I do on week day mornings. I expected to be a couple pounds heavier due to factors like time of day. However, I think seven was a bit much. Like a good four or five pounds too much!
From Monday to Tuesday I "lost" four.
I weighed in later than normal on Tuesday, and thought that's why I showed such a big loss...Time of day, again, plus not having eaten prior. I thought I'd show a gain due to having drank alcohol the night before.
From Tuesday to Wednesday I "gained" two.
I thought this was because I weighed in earlier than I had the day before, so my actual loss from Monday morning was really only two pounds...Instead of four. Or it was possibly sodium from drinks I had on Monday night.
From Wednesday to this morning I "lost" two.
This put me back to where I was on Tuesday morning, but at an earlier time of day!! If I weighed in later, I'd probably be less....hopefully back to where I had been on Saturday! This makes it look like my Monday loss of four was accurate.

This? Is why "they" say you should only weigh weekly. This is also why I consider Saturday my official weigh-in. I do watch my weight during the week, but I use it as a measure to be sure I'm doing the things I should. When you weigh in, be mindful of things like sodium and such. Be mindful of the the time of day. And really, weighing once a week is best if fluctuations will frustrate you. If you're weighing in more than that, know that regular fluctuations, day-to-day or even from morning to night, happen. Don't let them get you do. Keep working hard and being healthy. Count a weekly weight; on a specific day and at the same time. This will give you a more accurate picture.

All of these fluctuations could drive a person crazy. Not me... Because I'm sure it has something to do with my sodium and alcohol intake on Sunday and Monday. I've done nothing but eat healthy (minus the drinks on Tuesday; but stayed within my calorie range, thanks to a workout,...I think.) and exercise this week. I expect that I will be at least where I was last Saturday morning, if not a little lower. I've eaten much cleaner this week than I had been, so I'd expect some sort of improvement. I've also been following the inferno plan, except for Monday night's drinks and Tuesday.  Because of those reasons, I'm repeating day one at the end of the week....Which will make Sunday my last day. Because of following the plan, I plan on weighing in on Sunday and Monday. I think that because of time of day on Monday (likely to be earlier than Sunday), it'll give me a better picture of what I actually lost doing inferno.

Speaking of inferno, I'm not sure which weight I should use as my start weight because I've been all over the place.  I was going to use my weight of Monday since that was day one, but I'm sure that high weigh was a fluke. I don't want my progress to show a huge loss because of fluid retention. So maybe I'll use what I was yesterday, since that was actually the start of the five days due to me extending my plan.

We shall see!!

I suppose that's about it for now....

Off to do my run and inferno workout so I can get some personal trainer reading/studying done!

I hope you've had a great week!!!


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