Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inferno Plan.

I think I need to do the inferno plan again, at some point.  This last week wasn't the best time to do it.

Why? Due to a football party my weight went up. I wasn't sure if it was water weight, food, or a mix. I thought it was mostly water weight. I dropped four of those pounds very quickly.  After those pounds, the loss stalled. So maybe at some point I really did gain four pounds.  I didn't eat 140,000 calories to gain fat pounds. I'm sure some was water and maybe some was... I don't know... Perhaps muscle?  Anyway, I know I did not consume enough to gain four pounds of fat. That's the good thing. Pounds are pounds. I suppose that because I know that I didn't consume enough extra calories to gain fat pounds (maybe not even one!) I'm a little more accepting of the loss.

I think that next time I do the Inferno plan I need to be at a stable weight and not engage in behaviors where I will have fluid retention - eating higher sodium foods, drinks, and even avoiding TOM time. I need to start this plan at a more stable weight so that I can actually see the results and know what those results mean. Right now I'm like "yeah, I lost weight" but I don't know what that means, really. At this point because of all the fluctuations....It doesn't really mean much to me.

I forgot to take my measurements this morning, but will try to do so tomorrow morning. I honestly don't expect to see huge results in a matter of days. When I did measurements consistently I did them monthly because it takes time to show those changes. I will hopefully have more to report on that tomorrow!

As far as my weight...I didn't weigh-in today either. First I didn't have much time and second I forgot. I had been thinking of it but then jumped in the shower without doing so.  We all know that pounds can take a day or two to show on the scale (either way; gains or losses).  As of Sunday I had lost nine pounds.... So what I gained a week ago, plus a little. It's hard to say that I lost those pounds as a result of infero because of the previous gain.  I'm not sure how accurate my results are... Hence the need for an inferno in the future.  Probably after my half-marathon sometime.

The weekend went well... Fairly uneventful but well.  I FINALLY went out and bought new running shoes this weekend. It was way past time and I definitely need time to break them in before the half. By breaking them in, I mean getting used to running in them (a shoe, with tread on the bottom!). The whole idea of breaking in running shoes is highly debated... Some say, yes, you need to. Others say that the right fitting shoe doesn't need to be broken in. If it fits properly, you should be good to go!! I suppose it's up the individual and what they feel is comfortable.

Am I doing my next run (30 minutes) in those shoes? Yes. Am I walking around the house in them before? No.

Anyway... I ended up with some Asics.  I've never used them before so it'll be nice to try out a new shoe. I loved them when I tried tehm on!!  I thought about buying two pair, but decided not to. Instead of a second pair of shoes, I bought some running gear - spikes for crappy winter weather, a running shirt, jacket, headband, and a thing to cover my mouth on those cold days. Basically? I wanted to be prepared for Polar Dash.  After I spent all this money (for example, 45 dollars for these spike things; with a tool) I see that the weather forecast has improved.  Last week the high was 29, with snow forecasted.

Chicago forecast for Saturday, according to WGN:

Turning windy and colder.
Morning readings in the low/mid 40s falling into the 30s with rain changing to snow by evening. Snow or flurries at night, then ending.

Turning windy and colder.
Morning readings in the low/mid 40s falling into the 30s with rain changing to snow by evening. Snow or flurries at night, then ending.
The race is in the morning; when it will be "warm." Unless something changes, there will not be any snow or ice.  It might be a little wet, but I surely do not need spikes for puddles. If there isn't.... Will I keep these spikes? I really have no desire to run outside in the winter and am only doing this race to meet my goal of a race every month. I doubt I will change my mind about outdoor running in the winter. BUT who knows..... I changed my mind about outdoor running versus treadmill running. However, do I need these spikes now, when I won't be using them? Probably not. I guess I'll check the weather again on Friday and might return them if I don't need them.

I have to swing by the running store anyway, because I bought a sale shirt that rang up the regular price. It's only 15 dollars. The store is a ways away from my home, and to go there and back (especially since I'd end up spending more) would cost more than that.  However, I'll be driving right by another location, and I suppose it's worth checking out. A five minute stop on the way isn't a huge deal. I have the receipt (that's how I noticed the difference) and the tag is on the shirt... So why not at least see what they say? Hopefully even though it's a different location they'll correct it, instead of making me drive way over to the other location. I guess I should see if anything about the policy on the receipt. It's the same store so I don't think location should make a difference.... You never know though!

That was pretty much my Saturday; just some shopping. I only bought things at the running store and at Target....Pretty much everything was fitness related. I did buy a few small notepads and pens from the dollar spot at Target but otherwise, all was fitnessy. 

Oh! I did my first "giveaway."  This one was on my FB page, for "likes." I noticed I'd been very close to 100 "likes" for several days.... In the high 90s.  In order to promote my page I decided to do a giveaway. It was not a sponsored giveaway so I purchased everything on my own (not that it was terribly expensive, thanks to the dollar spot at Target as well as a sale on Nalgene bottles).  Naturally the goods were fitness related.  In addition to the note pads (one to plan a day - great for a workout list and one to plan meals) and water bottle I bought a little pack of pens and some ponytail holders.  I also picked up a BondiBand at the running store and included that. My original idea was to get some things from the running store, but they didn't have many accessories.  Thank goodness for Target - I found some cute things!

I really liked doing a giveaway. It's nice to do something, even something little, for someone.... And even nicer to do it for someone you don't know.  I just used a randomizer website and picked a number. Numbers were assigned to "likers" in the order that they liked a status on my page.  I also got some new likes on my page (140 now) so that was a cool little benefit for me. If you haven't yet, please visit my page. I try to post updates that will motivate people - whether it be a picture or what I'm doing for fitness that day. It's a good way to help support others and I think it's good networking for all of us.  Going to one page can link you to hundreds (even thousands) of people who are doing what you're doing.  Virtual friends/supports are great to have - especially because many of them understand what you're going through!!

I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future. I'd like to do some blog giveaways like other bloggers do.... Try and review a product, then sponsor a giveaway of the product.  I think I'll be contacting some companies of things I'd like to try (or already like!) to see if they'd be willing to participate. I think it's such a cool idea!! Keep me in mind if you hear of anything. I'm always up for something new and fun!

Annnnnd back to the weekend... Yesterday I didn't feel well so I did pretty much NOTHING all day. Tv, naps, couch. Those were the words of the day for me.  I woke up early in the morning feeling very hot, tried to cool down and went back to bed. I woke up a couple hours later, super hot and could not cool down at all.  I took some Tylenol which helped, and then took it two more times throughout the day. Last night I finally felt as though my body temperature was normal again.  I'm not usually a person who gets hot (I'm usually super cold!) so it was a different experience. I also felt really tired, had a headache, and was sore/achy. Of course, I'm achy quite often because of workout out so much. My muscles get worked and in the process, they often get a little sore!

I'm feeling better today. Still a little unusually warm for me....Even at work today, where I am always cold!!! I'm also still tired and have been all day. However, since I feel pretty good I am going to workout.... At least some Turbofire.

I'm really thinking of testing my new shoes out on the cement first....Just a short run. In the cold. Outside. Haha... As soon as I post this I'm getting ready for my workout. I'll see what I decide to put on when I visit my cold basement! Will I stick to an indoor workout or will I brave the cold?

We shall see....

Have a fabulous week!!!


  1. Over Christmas I gained about a good 4lbs of fat because I, in fact, did eat enough to gain fat. I wasn't planning on it but I didn't do too much to prevent it either. But I am back on track and have lost 1 of the 4lbs. So I am well on my way back to good.