Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Happening Again...

The organization bug is really hitting me hard again. It's this time of year; it makes me want to do all kinds of things around the house. I rarely seem to find time for them. I think it's hitting me worse than it did a few months ago because it's cold. I just want to be inside and do things inside. Snowfall is anticipated soon and it will likely stay for months when it comes. We've been lucky so far in that the winter has been very mild. I'm afraid that when it strikes, it will strike hard.  Hopefully not but there's a lot of winter left.

When it does, I have a list of things to occupy me.  I don't go far in the winter. I hate driving on snow and ice. I spend a lot of time working out and working on craft projects. I also do a little reading, but it's the time of year that I like to jump into various projects. I have a list of things to do and have already started on it.... Well, at least as far as taking down my Christmas decorations.  I do need to put them away yet, but at least they're not up anymore.  I'm thinking I will carry everything to the basement, for storage, this evening. Then I will get to work on getting the upstairs back in order. 

My bathroom STILL is incomplete. I have things going on in the next few weeks but they will be relatively quiet. My goal is to get that bathroom DONE. Finally! After that I'll start going through some other things, getting rid of junk, reorganizing and maybe doing some redecorating. Then it will be time to start on little projects - the fun stuff.  It'll be like projects are my reward for doing the not-so-fun stuff first. Perhaps that will be my motivation to get things done sooner than later. With the exception of the bathroom... Painting is a chore, but can also be fun. And I'm VERY excited to get that stinkin' bathroom done.

Other than that stuff, working out will continue to occupy my time. Luckily I'm feeling a little better today than yesterday so I'll be getting that done soon.  I have a 30 minute run and some TF to do. After that it's a shower, then dinner, and then I'll get to work on hauling things to the basement. Honestly? Sitting down to relax sounds like more fun than moving things to the basement, but I'll never get things done if I don't spend at least a little time working on things like that.

I think that I'll try to devote an hour a night to my home... My workouts are my priority, so it will always be later in the evening... After working out and after dinner. Well, unless of course I do a long morning workout, giving myself more time in the evening. At any rate, an hour isn't much time, so that will be my minimum. Maybe I should just make it a goal that my house gets an hour of my attention a day. Hmmm.... That wouldn't be a bad thing and would give me a lot less to do on cleaning day!

I think that as a reward for spending an hour on my house, I'll allow myself a little craft time. That way I won't be anxiously waiting to do them, and will have an incentive for doing the things that are less desirable. That will help get things done before the weekend, when my plans seem to fall apart. Whether it's babysitting or some social obligation weekends can go from nothing but a day full of plans of what I want to do, to accomplishing none of them. I need to get back into the mode of telling people "no" when it comes to various things. My home is part of my life. It's not fair to neglect it to do things for everyone else. Having things become disorganized and messy (note: messy not dirty) drives me crazy. It makes my life feel chaotic. Now that the holidays are over and things are calming down, I'm hoping to be able to get my house in better order. I SHOULD have less going on...I hope anyway.

The other thing I need to worry about is my training schedule. I simply cannot keep rearranging my long runs because someone needs something or wants to do something. I have a half marathon to run in a matter of weeks... Five from Sunday, to be exact. That's it. No more dropping things for everyone else. I need to do 13.1 miles in five and a half weeks. THAT is my top priority right now; followed by an orderly home. I think that anyone who loves me will continue to support me.... No matter what. Not that I have much trouble with that now. My cousin doesn't mind if I can't babysit. My family understands... My parents are paying for this trip to Disney so that's an extra incentive to do my best and finish this thing! All of my loves have been so supportive and encouraging lately. I really am lucky.... I think that sometimes I create guilt that shouldn't be there and worry about it. Honestly? If at some point I piss someone off because of what I choose to do with my time, well they probably don't belong in my life anyway. I feel fortunate that I have some pretty special people in my life. You know who you are. :)

I suppose, it's time to get that short training run and TF done. I'm afraid my run today will be boring... Treadmill... After a week of outdoor runs... Not sounding like fun. It's ONLY 30 minutes though. Saturday's run will be the nightmare!

Hope your having a great week!


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