Thursday, January 17, 2013


For years, I loved mayonnaise... On burgers, on fries, in egg salad, and pretty much anything mayo compliments.  I recall eating mayo within the last couple months and didn't mind it. I eat it rarely but as far as I knew I still liked it.

Until this week.

I made turkey burgers for dinner on Monday night and I put a little mayo on my burger. Mixed with ketchup and mustard I didn't seem to notice anything. I had one last night for dinner and took a bite that had only mayo on it. I didn't like it. At all.  I even put a little on my finger to test just the mayo. Same reaction...NOT good. It didn't taste anything like I remember mayo tasting like. The flavor didn't seem to have the same richness and it just seemed a little different. I thought maybe my taste buds were a little off last night (was tired; had a headache) so I decided to try it again for lunch today. Same reaction. YUCK.

I thought I noticed this last week when I ate a veggie sub with a little on it, but then I thought maybe it was the combination of foods that made it seem different. That and the mustard seemed spicier than mustard should. Anyway, I figured it was a fluke. Turns out that was incorrect. I, apparently, no longer like mayonnaise. At least not as a burger condiment.  Maybe it's because I eat it so rarely that I've lost the taste for it...?

This is not a bad thing. Mayo really isn't good for you; it's full of unhealthy fat. This is why I rarely use it and only have it in moderation when I do. I haven't eaten mayo like I used to in ages.  The idea of dipping an order of fries in it sound disgusting. I absolutely do not like the taste of mayo anymore. I haven't tried it in anything, just as a condiment but I imagine the taste isn't something I'm going to enjoy again anytime soon.

It's amazing how your taste for things can change - and so quickly! I've always liked mayo. And now I don't. Does that seem weird to anyone else? Maybe I'm sick. Maybe it's my hormonal level. Or maybe I really have no desire for mayo anymore.  Whatever it is, it's interesting - and good.  I was never able to stand Miracle Whip but maybe I'll try it again sometime. Or just stick to ranch.  Or maybe a little ranch with Miracle Whip? Who knows.

Completely changing topics...

I'm doing really well with this whole streamlining and decluttering thing. Last night I got rid of a bunch of stuff from my living room.  I have a problem hoarding magazines - mostly Cosmos; I could at least part with the others without a second thought. Not last night. Last night I decided I was done with the needless stacks on the bottom shelf of my coffee table and threw them into a bag with some other junk. I'll probably donate or recycle them... Whatever I do, they'll be removed from my house.

I think I may stop buying magazines too. Maybe. I really love picking up a new one when I'm getting groceries or something, but I really don't have a need for them. They just waste space. I should probably start getting them to read on my iPad...There would be a lot less clutter and trash to deal with!

I rearranged my living room and part of my kitchen last night. I still have to go through kitchen cupboards and change some things around but I'm making progress. My goal for tonight is to assemble a shelf that I bought (hahaha we shall see) and then switch some stuff around. I'll be happy if I can get all of that done. Heck, I'll be happy if I can build the shelf on my own! Those directions are not always easy to follow!

It's a work in progress, which sometimes leads to more of a mess than you start with, but it'll be worth it when everything is finished and put back together. My goal is to finish those two rooms (really just have the kitchen cabinets to clean and organize) and get the bathroom painted and decorated this weekend. As usual, with the bathroom anyway, we shall see.... I also have a wine tasting to attend on Saturday evening and I need to do ten treadmill miles at some point (either Saturday morning or sometime on Sunday).  I'm hoping to have everything decorated and put back together by Sunday afternoon....Or at least Sunday evening.

I should get started on my workout if I want to get some work done tonight. I'm off to do a training run (just 30 minutes) and then some TF. I think I have a sculpting workout (30 minutes) plus a HIIT workout and stretching to do (about another 25-30 minutes). Time to get moving so I have time to do other things (including watching my favorite nerds - BBT) tonight.


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