Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year Post

It seems to be a trend that people are recapping their 2012 and noting goals and resolutions for 2013.  I decided to join the crowd...


My 2012 was a pretty good year in terms of health and fitness... Until my tummy tuck and lipo in May.  After that I seemed to yo-yo with my weight a lot. This is probably because I was yo-yoing with my healthy eating and fitness. Well, not so much fitness as I've been consistent with that. It was my healthy eating. I ate out more often, not always the healthiest of foods, and drank more alcoholic beverages. This resulted in a weight gain of a few pounds.

Note: I posted about how my weight went up a good seven pounds in two days. I weighed myself yesterday and four of those pounds were gone - in a matter of one day, and even after having some celebratory drinks on NYE.  Clearly my friend sodium/fluid retention appears to be the culprit. I anticipate that it will be back down to where it had been in another couple days; and hopefully even lower by the end of the week (by the end of my inferno plan).

So, overall in terms of my weight, I've fluctuated within a five to six pound range since July (when my post-op retention finally seemed to go away!). I'm a few pounds heavier, but also a size smaller than I was a year ago at this time. I'm assuming that's from the tummy tuck, as I no longer have a fold of skin to fight with.

I surpassed my goal of 12,000 fitness minutes for the year (about 1,000 per month, on average). That was with having two weeks off, post-op, from working out. I ended the year with 12,157 logged fitness minutes (I may have missed some logging, but probably not much - I'm usually consistent with that).

I ran more races than in 2011, when I only did one 5K. 

In 2012 I did six 5Ks, one about a month post-op, and a five mile race. I did not win any races (and expect that I never will unless it's one of those "guess your time" races, with whomever comes closest as the winner). I run races because they're something I enjoy, not to win! I try to do my best and improve each time.  I shaved about two minutes off of my mile (comparing my June 5K to my last 5K in October). I improved my speed in a period of four months.  My June 5K time was run in a shorter time than the race in 2011... And I ran the entire thing; no walking!

My 5Ks included...

Two regular 5Ks.
A color run.
A mud run.
Two costume 5Ks.

My five mile race was the turkey trot that I did on Thanksgiving morning.

I started new workout programs and have found one that I LOVE (Turbofire) more than anything I've done before.

I suppose, in terms of health and fitness, that's about it. I did a lot of working out, and other than my races and improved time, there wasn't much noteworthy. Although, my improvement in 2012 compared to 2011 was awesome!!!

Goals for 2013

First, I do not make resolutions. I set goals. Some might say that those are basically the same thing, but I don't think so. In the past, when I made resolutions, I very rarely followed through. Since setting goals for myself, I've done a lot better at sticking to my plans.  Goals are something measurable; something to work toward.  I guess part of it is my mentality - I won't give up if I'm aiming for a goal, but with a resolution, I might.

Here is my (short) list of goals for 2013...

1. Reach my goal weight, which will be broken into smaller goals.
 I like the idea of smaller goals, and then working toward the next one, and so on. For me, it's a lot easier to reach an ultimate goal by reaching smaller goals along the way. I think it's less overwhelming.

1A. Get back to my weight a year ago. This is only a few pounds, but I need to get there - soon. This will be a starting point for me to get back into the weight loss again.
So...Lose six pounds.
1B.. Get back to the next set of 10s, which I haven't seen in over a year.
Lose 11 pounds.
1C. Get back to my lowest weight.
Lose 20 pounds.
1D. After that, determine my ultimate goal weight...
Lose ___ pounds (25? 30?).

2. Surpass 12,000 fitness minutes this year. Better yet, surpass the 12,157 minutes I reached in 2012.

3. Run a half-marathon.

4. Run more races than in 2011....

So far I'm registered for three; a half-marathon, a 10K, and a 5K. I'll find (at least) five more to do during the (outdoor) running season. I don't like, or want, to run outside during the winter.

5. Write a page a day in a journal. 

I saw this idea on another person's facebook page and decided it would be a great goal to have - and also a difficult one for me. I love to write, but every time I start a journal, I lose steam in writing. I'll write daily, then I'll drop off to a few times a week, and then just every so often, until I eventually stop. I have three different journals that I'm currently writing in; for three different topics. I'm thinking that limiting myself to a one page entry should not be too hard to reach... It will just take a few minutes. I think that every night, before bed, will be a good time to write a page.  I started yesterday and listed my goals for the year.

6. Obtain my personal trainer certification. 

I bought the materials last spring, got busy, and have not gotten far. I need to read these books, go to a CPR course, and then take my certification test. I'm not making it a career but it would be something I'd love to do!  With that I'd love to get my group fitness certification (not sure if that will be this year, so I'm not making it a goal) and start/teach some kind of fitness classes for kids; various age groups. I would have such a great time doing that; I'd get to do some work with kids and help to teach them about fitness and health!

And.... That's it. I think that those six goals will be enough. I don't want to focus on too much and overwhelm myself. I have a tendency to do that sometimes.

2012 was a pretty good year! Here's to making 2013 even better - and to reaching more goals!


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