Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something New for 2013

I think I've made it pretty well known that I gained a few pounds this year and have had a hard time losing them. It seems that after the gain I've plateaued.Now I fluctuate within a range that I cannot seem to get out of.

I've done things that are suggested to break plateaus...

I've added strength training.
I changed my workout routine so I'm not just running... I mixed in Rockin' Body and Brazil Butt Lift. Now I'm doing Turbofire. I'm adding in a little biking (at least once a week, on my TF "off" days). I might do another DVD program on those days too.
I already drink a ton of water so that wasn't really anything "new." I've continued this good habit.
I've cut back on eating out although I'm still eating out at times. It's not nearly as frequent as it had become, which also means I've cut back on my alcohol intake (I usually have a drink or two with dinner).
I've decreased calories.
I've increased calories.

Nothing. Is. Working.

I'm trying to look at the overall change in the scale, not the little changes. Overall, I'm the same. I can put on seven pounds from a weekend of eating out, then take it all off by the following Thursday.  It's frustrating to keep gaining and losing the same few pounds.

This week is not helping my cause any. Give that it's time for TOM I've experienced some retention which is not only reflected on the scale but makes me FEEL bigger. I know what it is, but I can't help but feel a bit cow-ish.

I should still be losing weight. I messed up and gained a few pounds last year. I know what to do and feel like I've been fighting to get back on track with that, yet I cannot seem to lose the weight.

I think that maybe I haven't been as diligent with my eating; or tracking I suppose. Often on weekends I do not track. I don't know why...sometimes it's more difficult and time consuming to stop and get out my phone, ipad, or sit at a computer and figure it all out. This is probably a HUGE part of the problem. I gain on the weekend and lose it all by the following weekend. So it's like all week long my work is just making me lose what I gained over the weekend (although, given amounts and such I think most of it is due to bloating for various reasons; sodium, alcohol).

Most days I track everything. There are times when I'll have a little something (like a 70 calorie k-cup of hot chocolate in the evening), after I've already done my daily tracking. I usually have a surplus of a few hundred calories so I don't bother tracking it. I mean.. It's one small thing and it's not like it's a lot of calories.

Sometimes I wonder if I do that more often than I realize throughout the day. As convenient as modern technology is, sometimes it isn't. I'm afraid that sometimes I might have a light snack and then forget to track it because I'm at work and can't do it right away. And other times I know I am not good about it... I'll think, "oh I'll add that later." And then I forget.

I exercise a lot so I can't help but think that it's the eating that's a problem. I've GOT to be more diligent about that. I didn't HAVE to track for the longest time. I did at first (by hand, in a notebook; just calorie counting) but then once I knew what to do, I didn't do it anymore. I knew what to eat and was still losing weight. That was at the beginning though. The changes in my habits were enough to keep me losing.

It's interesting... My loss slowed when I started tracking more. I think that's because I'd gotten to the point where I lost enough that it just naturally slowed. So I started tracking in effort to lose more. I did. Then I gained a little back.  Then this last year I gained a little more.

I'm not sure if there's a link between the two or not. I can't help but wonder if tracking does the opposite for me. Maybe I get too obsessive and focused? I say "I can't have that; I don't have the calories left" and then worry. Or I'll eat too much and freak out about burning it off. Is it possible that counting calories has been hindering me?

Maybe I don't need to track more. Maybe I need to be less obsessive about what I'm tracking now. Or maybe I need to track less; or not at all.  It's worth a shot, right?

I don't like the idea of tracking nothing at all. I like to know where I'm at and such...Obviously. Otherwise I would not be so obsessive about it.  I constantly wonder if calorie counters are correct. What if what's been entered is less than what it really is? Maybe someone else's data entry is messing me up? Over time, little errors could really add up.

Another thing with my eating is that I don't ALWAYS measure. I do a lot; most of the time. I'm constantly washing measuring cups. There are time though, that I'm out at a restaurant and can't.  So I use something similar from another restaurant when I'm tracking. What if that's wrong? What if it is way too low?

See? Obsessive.

I've been throwing around the idea of doing Weight Watchers again. Not online. I've tried it online, even this last summer, and didn't see results.  I think that just like other trackers, I may have missed things, or miscounted. I'm considering signing up for the WW classes. I think that tracking in that little book would be easier (and more accessible, as silly as it sounds) for me.

I also think that maybe I need some accountability.  Right now, no one sees my scale - except for me. Most people can't tell that I've gained a little weight. If so, they don't say anything.  If I mention it to people they often brush it off and tell me to look at what I've lost so far. Believe me, I KNOW what I have lost. I am just not ready to be done losing. I'm not where I want to be.  But they just tell me good job and not to worry about it. 

I'm not happy; I need to change it.

Nothing I've tried has worked so maybe a system based on points will be better for me. I will know how many points I can have in a day and will just have to keep track of those, as well as activity points. While it is number-focused it isn't quite as much as counting calories can be.

As far as my thoughts on WW...

First -  I did it in the past - twice. I had success - twice. In fact the weight I lost on WW was never gained back. I plateaued for a while before really changing my lifestyle, but never gained back the 55 pounds I had lost...Which I find interesting. But anyway....I know that it works.

Second - I now have the tools to possibly succeed even more. In the past I'd still eat and drink whatever, and just used my points. Now I know that I need to eat healthy foods. I also know that healthy foods are less points. I can eat a lot more in a day if I eat healthy.  I can remember the days of blowing most of my points on a fast food meal and then eating very little the rest of the day. Or using all of my "flex" points in one night of drinking. Or eating back my activity points - which you are "allowed" to do, but I'd rather not.

Third - accountability. I think that's something I really need. Not only am I paying for something, I will have to check-in every week. When I tried WW online last year, I paid for it but that alone wasn't enough. I didn't have to face anyone for a weekly weigh-in. Maybe the idea of knowing my progress will be monitored by someone other than me is what I need.

So... I'm contemplating it.  Does anyone have any thoughts on Weight Watchers? Or in general?

I'm off for a training run and some TF!

Happy Tuesday!


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