Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sore Arms and Bacon.

Weird title, I know. It will all make sense in the end. Or before the end, I hope. Actually the title just covers two topics that I plan to write about.

Why did I just devote a few sentences to my title?

First - my arm and my shoulders! Oh my!!! My workout yesterday consisted of a run and then TF. Monday I did TF. I've not doing anything out of the ordinary regarding my workouts.

Except that...

I received some weighted gloves as a Christmas gift. These particular gloves are only a couple pounds each, but let me tell you - a couple pounds added to the arm movements (punches) in TF can really make a difference! ! I'm sure that as I use them and adjust they will cause less soreness. I'm happy to feel it now and will enjoy it while I can!! This just means that I'm working my muscles that much more. 

I can tell that my left arm is obviously weaker than my right.  I had a harder time punching with my left last night, especially toward the end.  I also feel more soreness in my left arm today than I did yesterday. The really cool thing is that I feel it mostly in my triceps, which are an area that many of us want to work on. From my limited (two day) experience, I can recommend doing some punches to work those arms! If that doesn't work you hard enough, add a little weight.... Weighted gloves really seem to work!

Second - bacon.

Seriously.... WHAT is the deal with bacon?

I get that it's tasty and people love to eat it. I'm not a huge bacon eater, and if I buy bacon it's often turkey bacon, but I understand that people like to eat it. Apparently some people like to eat it a whole lot.  I suppose that it's normal that people rave about bacon like they would other foods that they like. I'll admit I ate some bacon dipped in chocolate and it was fabulous. That was a treat that I've only had once because bacon alone isn't the healthiest... Bacon with chocolate? Even worse.

What prompted my thinking was that a friend posted a picture on my FB page that started with the word "Exercise" and went through various ways to pronounce it, ending with "eggs are sides... for bacon!" That got me thinking about all this other random bacon stuff... Bacon socks, bacon toothpaste (YUCK!), bacon shower curtains.... Whatever the product, bacon is everywhere

I cannot seem to find an explanation of why bacon has become more than a food that many people love to eat. It's been transformed into this huge pop culture phenomenon. Was it Lady Gaga's meat dress that inspired this? Or did she wear that meat dress because bacon was all the rage?  I honestly cannot remember when bacon started appearing in pop culture (a few years ago?) or whether it was before or after that horrid dress.

I honestly just want to know WHY!

Why is bacon such a huge thing in pop culture? It's kind of like mustaches. They're everywhere too - shirts, mugs, attached to sunglasses, tattooed on fingers... All over. What's the deal? Why is "I (insert picture of a mustache) ask you a question" so trendy? I get that suddenly beards are "hot." But that seems to be more recent than the whole mustache trend that started a few years ago.

Mustaches and bacon?

Maybe I'm getting old but I don't understand it, or the humor behind such things. Maybe these are trends started by super cool teenage soon-to-be hipsters and they're trends that only super cool teenage soon-to-be hipsters will understand. Maybe awesomeness of mustaches and bacon in pop culture are things that are lost on adults. Maybe the actual hipsters understand (defined as young adults who've recently settled; translation people in their late teens and early 20s; maybe working in a coffee shop or maybe a recent college grad) and I really am just too old to "get it."

Anyone in the teen or early 20 crowd care to explain? Or is there no explanation? Maybe someone, somewhere decided that these things were trendy and it spread. Maybe people are jumping on the bandwagon and they don't even know what started the mania surrounding bacon and mustaches.

I'm waiting to see a bacon 'stache. Certainly the combination of two major trends is somewhere on the horizon. Or maybe it already exists.

That bacon thing is a little off-topic compared to the general nature of this blog.  I couldn't resist though...Especially after seeing that exercise post. The sad thing is that some people really will find that humorous because, for them, it's factual. That is clearly lost on me.  Exercise and "eggs are sides" are two very different things. Maybe I'm a little uptight but I do not think that it is funny to compare the two. Some people will honestly look at that and see it as a way to laugh at exercise and consider it no big deal.  I know it's not meant to be viewed in such a literal way but knowing the information that I do about obesity rates and various health issues in this country... I just don't think it's funny.  At all.

It's not funny to make fun of exercise, and those of us who like to do it. It's not funny to take a healthy concept and turn it into something unhealthy.  Again, maybe it's that my sense of humor is different (more refined, perhaps?) but stuff like that annoys me. To me making a joke out of exercise is sad. Perhaps that's why this country is so obese? Too many people make a joke out of what's healthy and think that things that are not healthy are funny.

They can go eat their pound of full-fat bacon. I'm going to go do some biking.

Happy Wednesday!!!


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