Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

That might be a sliiiiight exaggeration but I'm pretty happy with the weather this week. Not thrilled because it is still cold. However, it's "warm" enough (temps in the low 40s) for me to go outside to run. The snow and ice has melted. If winter could be this mild, I wouldn't mind it. As much.

I managed to get out and run yesterday. It was super windy and I was most definitely NOT looking forward to it, but since I'm running outside on Saturday I decided that I needed to suck it up. It was cold at first, but luckily my layers kept me warm. I wore my favorite cold weather running tights (oh Under Armor, you're the best) with a pair of shorts over them, a dry wicking shirt, and a light running jacket (brand new; hot pink with LED lights - how fun!). Oh and gloves...And my new kicks! I was perfectly outfitted for a cold weather run, and succeeded. Mostly anyway.

There were some areas that the sun doesn't hit where there was ice and snow. I don't do well with ice and snow when I'm not running. I walked around or over (ahhh!) those slippery areas. This meant that my running time was a little longer than usual but that's okay.  I have a run this weekend and a half marathon next month. I would prefer to be a little slow and walk more than usual than get an injury.

There's a quote about running that says that the first steps out the door are the hardest (something like that anyway).  Yesterday that was true for me. I was not looking forward to running in the wind. But? I did. I had to hype myself up a bit (and probably will today too, because let's face it, I don't like to run outside when it's under 60 degrees unless I have to - usually for a race), but I made it. I blasted a few Kelly Clarkson songs and jumped around like a fool before I hit the door. That must've helped my attitude, my mood, or something, because I didn't mind the run.  After I ran for a bit (and warmed up!) I realized how GOOD I felt. I forgot the cold. I forgot the awful wind. I just ran and let the feeling of being outside running wash over me. It's seriously such a good feeling... Especially after being stuck on the treadmill of terror for so long!! As much as I am not looking forward to the cold, I'm really looking forward to getting outside to run today. I just have to find some other running tights/pants. I have another pair ....Somewhere.

In addition to forgetting how unbearable the temperature and wind were yesterday, I also forgot a bandanna. I used to wear these on my head but usually don't outside (I feel like a thug or when I make it headband style it feels weird). I haven't even been wearing them inside much lately. They trap all that heat in my head and have started to annoy me when I run. Instead I use it to wipe sweat out of my eyes (since the bandanna isn't on my head to stop it).  Yesterday it would've been nice to have one. Not so much for sweat, because although I did sweat a little it wasn't much. I really could've used it for the tears and snot that I experienced. I kept trying to spit but I'm pretty sure some snot mixed with tears froze to my face at some point in time. Other than tears (from the wind hitting my face; not crying) and runny nose, physically I was alright. I did notice that I coughed a bit when I got home.... Nothing too bad but I definitely had a little congestion or something going on. At least it was a productive cough, and was short-lived. I'm thinking it had to do with breathing in cold air. Anyway, I survived with no major difficulties. 

It's not supposed to be terribly cold this weekend and, after yesterday, I'm looking forward to Polar Dash!! Funny how the weather forecast and knowing that it won't be as awful can change my attitude. Of course, I think yesterday's run had a lot to do with that. It's a pretty good feeling to overcome something that you dread, and end up being happy about it!

I was so anxious to test out my new shoes and get some cold weather running under my belt for Polar Dash that I.... Ran on a day when I wasn't scheduled to. In fact yesterday was supposed to be just TF and some biking.  Since today is a regular running day, I'm off to do that after I write this. I then have a light TF workout on the schedule (I think it's only 35 or 40 minutes!). Then I plan on cleaning a little and doing some reading in my personal trainer book.  I also plan on watching Pretty Little Liars (HUSH!!!) this evening. 

Off for another chilly run... I'm hoping that this one is more successful than yesterday (hopefully not as many little icy patches!).


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